. Now. The reason why i wanted to pitch both devices here head to head is because both smartwatches are actually very great devices and they’re available today and of course, they do provide some really cool features and looks really nice as well. So first up let’s talk a bit about that price tag, so the oppo watch comes in at about 1 300 ringgit here in malaysia and of course, pricing will differ based on where you’re at whereas the galaxy watch 3 here is actually 1 800 ringgit about 500 Ringgit more than the oppo watch, so naturally, if you just talk about price alone, the opel watch here is very attractive because of that very pretty affordable price point. All right. Next up, let’s talk a bit about that design because obviously the design, the design language here are just very different on one hand on the oppo watch, we have this square kind of face, whereas on the galaxy watch here we have the traditional round face all right. Let’S talk a bit about the opel watch first, because we have this in hand so notice that we do have these curved edges on the sides, and that is really a joy to use because notice how i just glide across here. It is just so fluid and buttery smooth uh it’s, just so quick. So i really love and appreciate these curved edges on the sides here. Apart from that, it is totally black, it looks really sleek very modern and of course we do have these sports bands here, which is pretty comfortable as well.

The only thing is that it is a bit tricky to put on and it is a bit loose when it’s on your wrist, but otherwise i would say that it is a very nice design. I like this minimalist totally fully black approach here on the oppo watch notice that the watch face here, i’ve chosen it’s also downloaded from the app store which looks really cool as well. We have a couple of watch faces here. You can see. More of these watch faces in my full review, which i have on my channel, but we have a very nice list of watch faders here. All that looks really really nice on the oppo watch all right. So let me just choose that back. First, all right! So, moving on to the galaxy watch three here, what we have here really is a more a traditional approach, so we have this a circular face here. That, of course looks just like any other traditional watch. It is very nice as well as we have these uh very nice leather straps, matched to the overall outlook, which gives you a very kind of classy kind of feel. I also especially like this watch face that that samsung has created for the samsung watch, and it just looks very, very nice here so notice that if i put both side by side, we also have two buttons on each watch right here. One is a shortcut key one goes to the activities and, of course, you can of course modify the buttons to make it function and to how you would want it to be all right so side by side.

This is how it looks like we have a more modern approach on the oppo watch and the more traditional approach on this galaxy watch tree all right. So moving on to the next difference, which is one of the main key points here and that is what’s running in the devices itself, so starting off with the oppo watch. We have this running on wear os and it is very familiar because, whereas you’re probably familiar with it by now, you have this. If you just slide to the to just the left from your home screen, you get into your little tiles here, which shows you your widgets here, and it is very easy to use again very smooth here and i like how we can see a lot of information Directly on the screen itself, so of course this is my sleep last night, for example, i slept for a couple of hours here. Let me just tap that and see in more detail, so this is how it works here on this watch. If you just hit this menu button, you go into your list of apps, which of course, once again is very smooth. Look at the speed of these guys. I mean it is very fluid and very fast on the opel watch here. So, once again, this is where os moving on to the samsung galaxy watch three. This is running on the tizen os, so slightly different here when you go into your menus.

This is how it looks like your widgets looks like this, and the good news here is that, unlike the opel watch, you can actually have more widgets here, so you can see more information more shortcuts. Actually, i really like the fact that you also have this dial here that you can spin around to actually go through the widgets on the pages, but at the end of the day i tend to actually just swipe it, because it is just so much more easier. All right so heading into the main menu apps. We do have a couple of apps lined up like this. You can have it in this round circular shape or in the tile method, but this really depends on your preference. So this is basically how a tizen os looks like, and it is also pretty nice, but i would say, in terms of familiarity, of course, wear os is very much more familiar to me all right. Moving on to the next point, let’s talk about the activities it tracks, so both devices here are actually able to track a couple of activities and they’re, actually pretty similar. If you just go into this uh into this activity, list right here notice that they both cover very basic stuff. So on the oppo watch, we have the standard fitness running outdoor, walking, cycling and swimming. So this is the three main categories that it tracks. Your runs your walks, of course, your cycling, sorry, four and your swimming, so the same goes for the uh for this galaxy watch three as well.

We have our running, walking, cycling and there’s a couple more swimming as well. But if you go into detail – and there is actually more workouts here – that you can track so there are this kind of arm, curls and arm extensions, and all that. So if you just talk about the sheer amount of number of activities that you can track, the galaxy watch three here actually tracks a couple of more activities. But if you just talk about the opel watch, it is also able to track those very basic activities and it does come with those five minute kind of exercise classes in the in the device itself, which i think is also pretty useful. If you just hit here. The five minute workouts from oppo we have this uh like, for example in the morning workouts, and it actually shows you a little video right here on how to do it all right. So it’s actually trying to teach me right now, but yeah. This is how it works on the oppo watch, all right. So moving on to the next point, let’s talk about that health, uh tracking stuff. So, for example, we also have your stress tracking on this device, both also tracks, your heart rate, your sleeps, but one thing that the galaxy watch tree here does more than the opel watch is actually your blood oxygen levels. So we have this spo2 tracking. In the galaxy watch 3 right here, which is missing on the oppo watch, but to be fair and the accuracy of it is not really the most accurate.

So you shouldn’t really trust on your watch here to gain those uh spo2 readings uh. It is just for reference only because i noticed that the the reading still a bit inconsistent, so i can’t say whether this is really a very uh. How should i put it a very reference, something that you can reference or not, but it’s, just something that you have on the galaxy watch, three, all right. So moving on to notifications on both devices, of course, both devices have mics and speakers. So you can take your calls and reply to messages on both watches here very helpful there. But in terms of how the notifications look like it is a bit different. So for the oppo watch, you just slide up from the main menu from the home screen. Actually – and you can see your notifications on like this, whereas on the galaxy watch you just scroll towards the left, this is all your notifications, so i would say that both watches do a pretty great job um. It is very neat and tidy on the opal watch. Right here, whereas on the galaxy watch, you actually see one by one like this, but i think it’s also pretty good, because it is on a very large screen. You can see a lot of details here, so it really is up to you here, which you prefer for me. I would say that i prefer the the tidy layout on the on the oppo watch, because this is how you see it on your smartphone as well.

All right, so last but not least, let’s talk about the battery life, so the open watch here can last about one and a half days on one single charge, whereas the galaxy watch three here does a bit better. It does about two and a half days to three days on one single charge, so you’re getting an additional dave on the galaxy watch three right here in terms of battery life. For me i would say that another key factor here is in the chargers itself. So let me just bring that up very quickly for you, so we have the charges here and the galaxy watch one charges on this little puck right here, whereas the oppo watch charges on this little tray right here, all right, so we do have fast charging going On with the oppo watch uh, it charges to full uh zero to a hundred percent in about slightly more than an hour very, very fast, whereas on the galaxy watch tree it takes about more than two hours, i think almost close to three hours. Maybe two and a half hours to actually charge from zero to a hundred, so it is very slow charging on the galaxy watch three and once i got used to the fast charging on the opel watch, i just felt that the charging on the galaxy watch is Just too slow so definitely very happy to have that fast. Charging going on with the opel watch uh definitely very cool that, even though the battery life is slightly lesser than the galaxy watch, three all right guys, i think that’s pretty much it for this comparison.

At the end of the day, both watches here are actually very, very good devices. If you’re looking for a more modern approach, you love this curved display here and the look of this oppo watch. Of course, you should just go for the oppo watch, because it is also much cheaper depending on your budget, but if you have a different budget and you’re looking for that more traditional approach and more activities to track, maybe you should go for the samsung galaxy watch Here, to me, simplicity is what i’m looking for right now, so i’ll probably go with the opel watch right here, but of course this is not to dismiss the galaxy watch 3 as a great contender as well. Alright, guys that’s it for this video.