It is a panerai, the pam00329 or the pam 329, as they also call it. So let me take it out of the box. This is the box, and this is complete box papers. Everything so i don’t have a whole lot of room to open it right there, but what i’ll do is take it out here and then i’ll bring out the smaller box. There we go, so this is beautiful. Now i had another panerai on the channel not long ago at chronograph and they just come in beautiful boxes guys. They really do look at this, so i don’t even know if i have enough room to set it down, because i am very limited on space right here. So maybe we could do it just like that, so there she is wow beautiful. So this is the uh 44 millimeter luminor 1950 and the pam 329 reference number uh means that it’s on a bracelet, okay, so very cool, and this is well that’s. A high high end, bracelet very nice, so there’s the dial and um it’s that sandwich it’s a black sandwich style dial it’s got great, loom, so we’re gon na get into all that right now or in just a moment. So we are 44 millimeters from side to side, it’s a 44 millimeter watch so i’m, not sure exactly. I got the caliper here. Let’S see what the tip to tip is, so our tip to tip is coming in at 53.

3 and then let’s see. We are coming in from side to side. If you, if you count that crown guard that’s 51.6 and then 47 there, so they call it a 44 millimeter, i don’t see where it’s really the 44 millimeter and you know measuring it that way. Um. Maybe this way possibly yeah. Maybe if you measure it in a certain area, we got 44. So this is a big watch. Um, our thickness is coming in at 17.9 and it is a domed sapphire, crystal yeah, so almost 18 millimeters there. So this is a big watch, but you know what guys it is. A panerai and panerai’s are big, watches um, but very beautiful though as well. So this one is an automatic um it’s, a gmt uh produced since 2009, i’m, not sure if they’re still in production um but, like i said 24 or 44 millimeter case 24, millimeter, lugs, 300 meter, water resistant, so it’s a true. I mean you can go diving with this for sure um black dial sandwich dial, and then you have your date there. At the three o’clock um it’s running the p9001 movement automatic movement with gmt function, 28 800 vibrations per hour. It’S got a three day power reserve. So it’s 72 hours, 29 joule movement, so beautiful movement! If you look at this movement there in the back – oh my god, it’s just wonderful! Look at that: caliber p, thou p! 9001, just amazing wow! So you have a really nice now also there’s a couple things on this movement and i will show you but look.

It has a power reserve right there, so it’s all in the black right now. Do you see it that little power reserves in the black when that wears down more you’ll, see the red show so right now, it’s fully wound a very nice balance. There it’s a balanced, not a balance bridge, but very nice movement. You can see some of the workings there and what was it 24 jewel so decorated nicely. I mean it’s, not it’s, decorated, about like what a rolex would be. You know similar to that um i mean it’s, not too fancy, but it is. It is nice. Looking um there’s, the back there wow so it’s got this bulbous case kind of sticks out here very nice, supposedly they’re very comfortable. I will throw it on my wrist in just a moment, but i just wanted you guys to to really get a good look at it completely brushed all throughout, and then you have that polished bezel there, so very nice and then let’s pull that out and let’s Hack it now, if you notice how i just hacked it very cool feature, the second hand will right away zero out now, watch let’s close it again, we’ll, let it run for a minute or for a second or so and you’ll see i’ll. Try it again. It’S it’s a cool feature, so if you just picked up the watch or or let’s say you want to hack it, and you want to you know sync it all you got to do is just pull this out boom.

Look at that isn’t that cool i’m getting a lot of reflection here so i’m, not sure if there’s much ar cody, maybe a little bit underneath, maybe not at all any but um that’s, a beautiful dial, very nice black dial you got the loom is under the Dial so that’s why it’s called a sandwich style panerai at the six luminor gmt at the top l swiss made l so let’s run it again or actually let’s get it let’s, pull it out, just one notch. If i could do it without do it gently here there we go yeah, so there’s your your hour hand, you can move this change the date you just saw how it changed goes again, so it kind of functions just like the um rolex uh gmt master. So i like that that’s very cool it’s, a nice movement – it really is very nice movement, see so close that let’s put it on the wrist real quick on my seven and a half inch wrist. Put the sub down. Let’S, see put him over here. Okay, so i’m, not sure yeah it’s not going to be sized to me there. It is on the wrist, so seven and a half inch wrist, yes, where’s, very proud, there’s down the barrel shot looks good though i mean i could probably pull this off. Not too thick i mean at 18 millimeters, it seems thick, but you know if you look at that, domed crystal crystal there.

That gives it a lot of height as well and that’s a beautiful bracelet, very nice bracelet let’s, see here in fact um here’s, the bracelet. A little bit you guys can see that, and this is for sale on cw watch shops website. I will have a link in the description below you. Guys can check them out great place to purchase luxury watches so um very nice. They have a lot of vintage stuff as well. That is just beautiful. So you guys you can check all that out. I’Ll put it in the description, but just a beautiful watch, it’s really nice. What more can you say? It’S, a panerai, let’s, um, let’s, loom it up let’s, do a loom, shot. Okay, i should have amazing, loom let’s. Do the sub too i’ll put them both up. You guys can see them. Both. Okay, let’s kill the lights, all right, wow, yeah, that’s, a torch. That is a torch, and here it is next to the sub. Very nice rolex and panerai share a lot of history, guys so look into that as well. If you don’t already know about that very beautiful, so lots of loom guys let’s put it on the time. Grapper, just for the hell of it, let’s see how well it’s doing, and you know i’m not exactly sure, on adjusting all the angles of it and everything but let’s turn it on let’s. Just see where it’s at i don’t know. If you guys can see that.

Well, i’ll uh, i’ll kind of tell you where it’s at right now um our beat error is very low. It’S at point. One amplitude is 255 and uh: 28, 800 vibrations, uh per vibrations per hour, of course, and then negative one second right now so that’s regulated very tight. So in some positions, it’ll probably gain so this movement is running very well, so that’s that’s, good, it’s, very nice. So the prices and details everything’s gon na be on their website, so you guys go check that out. Thank you so much for watching. Please like and subscribe guys, and i will see you in the next one. Thank you.