Be updating my review once my daughter uses it more Music. The color is not bright enough, but children like it. They are not willing to take it off. The function is quite complete Music. This is a great first smart watch for a preteen or youth, the good one, easy to set up to responsive touch, screen and three simple interface: Music, the bad one phone connection spotty. At times, two camera is grainy 3 color of watch not as shown in original picture. I e blue is much darker. Almost black versus cobalt, blue shown on amazon and 4 needs a sim card overall good purchase for forty dollars and will serve its purpose for your youth before upgrading them to a premium option like an apple watch or samsung smartwatch. My little girl really loves her new watch. She can communicate with us and play games. We can keep track of her location anytime, easy to charge with the included, cable and really easy to set up, and my mobile carrier was happy to show me how to install the sim card. I was looking for affordable, smart watches, for my daughter, and i chose this watch. I am happy with it and my daughter love it. It has a lot of fun functions. It has math games, build in camera in it and very beautiful watch for girl see. I have seen online some other watches, but they don’t look that great and been poor in quality, both design and features and, most importantly in this watch touch screen is amazingly responsive call, slash contact, games, color of it and it’s waterproof.

When my daughter saw this smart watch, she loved it, especially for the color, but as a mother, i liked the benefits Music. It is easy to use. It is waterproof also in case of emergency. If the children press a button for three seconds automatically call the numbers program to call this smartwatch is amazing. My kid likes this watch very much Music. I, like the idea of this watch kinda, like the mini version of i watch, i mean isn’t it great that you can contact, slash, call your kiddos and locate them in case there is an emergency. The touch screen is easy. To use. Setup was quick and easy. It is comfortable to wear and looks really great. This is nice watch for kids. I bought this for my daughter and she likes it very well. The digital screen has rich screen, colors and durable. It is easy to use, and i like gps function as it’s easy to track kids location. It requires 2g, sim and call quality is good, good purchase, Music. The first thing about this is that it can be used with or without a sim card for the best results. However, you should use a sim card. It is recommend to use t mobile. I have t mobile, so it worked well. For me, the watch essentially runs on a small sim card. If needed, it can run without it, but you do not get certain features like the tracking and phone call.

You can pre program numbers into this to call them directly. They cannot make calls to other numbers, and it is essentially a lifeline to you. It does come with the tool to pop the sim card slot out, which is a nice feature. The design of the watch is pretty fun. It has a few games on the watch. Nothing extremely fancy: it is essentially just basic math games and such Music. It will keep them relatively entertained for at least 30 minutes at a time, although i am sure the games could get old for them. Real, quick.