I am a regular user of the let’s fit products and i usually end up giving a four star rating to their products, because there is always the room to do more. The id215g is another similar product which odds upgrades but then loses out in certain aspects. I hope i don’t think so. In addition, the screen brightness is less in comparison to the 205 model, but for those who are super keen on the gps, functionality and the larger dial can go for this. Another great ad is the swimming functionality summary eighty dollars for swimming compatible and a gps enabled dev exclamation mark the battery usage seems phenomenal, especially if you aren’t using gps, 24 7. 15 days, and the battery is at 41 starting point being 90 that’s, almost a 2x Performance to the numbers indicated in the description, the folks complaining about the app this syncs with google fit now. So if you are an android user, just enable sync with google fit and first steps will get auto updated every time you sync and the gadget can record all of those a blessing for those who use advanced health tracking apps for those who use strava. This is compatible with that too, while the 205. I if now definitely recommend this. For anyone who has eighty dollars to spend worth the buy cheers it is a multifunctional watch used to see the heartbeat oxygen informs you of the weather. Has its portable charger has gps? I left it on for days and it’s still going strong with a full battery it’s very accurate.

In counting the miles you walk as it’s, counting steps and distance Music. It has a heart rate, monitor and o2 sensor. It even tells you how many calories you’ve burned. The time is set automatically and cherries even weather forecasting included. It has the option to notify you that your phone is ringing and receive text messages worth. The price point has a lot of features. I wasn’t expecting sleek design quality materials works with an app on your phone that you download for free Music. I will start off with my one negative on this watch. As you can see from the photos, the display is not quite as vibrant as the photos on the listing. If you can live with that, keep reading, my wife uses fitbit products, but i’ve never been able to justify spending over two hundred dollars for a smartwatch. This one comes in at the right price for its features. It tracks steps heartbeat and sleep the big three further. It has the weather on it, which is a big big bonus feature. I never knew how often they’d use it until i had it. The band is very comfortable and durable. Finally, the battery life is incredible. My wife charges her fitbit 2x a week, and this one goes almost two weeks without charging. My previous smart watch was about four days and it always seems to be running low when you don’t want it to. I love the sleep tracking feature as i work a rotating 12 hour work schedule, so it lets me see if i am getting behind on sleep and when i need to catch up.

It also helped me find out how much sleep i need to not feel tired, and i was surprised with the result. Overall. This is a great watch for someone looking to break into smart watches and see if you will use it enough to justify a higher end product someday. I am very impressed with this watch. I charged it for about two hours and it has been going strong for 11 day. It has so many features and is easy to set up. It is a gps pedometer tracks my run and i get email and text notifications. It also has weather alerts. The watch is waterproof also. It is accurate and and looks nice click link in description for more Music reviews.