The battery should last 10 to 14 days. I love that i don’t have to dig my phone out of my coat in the cold winter days. I can just look at a text message on my watch or i can see who’s calling me and if i don’t want to take the call, i can just ignore it. An excellent choice for the price comfortable to wear easy to set up and connect with my iphone. I love how comfortable this watch is. The functionality is very intuitive and the design is very stylish i’d highly recommend this one. This watch has been absolutely great for me. I was looking for a smart watch for many reasons, but struggled so much to find something to fit a small risk that wasn’t 100 or more. This watch fits the bill for what i need and i’ve been so happy with it. So far, the only glitch seems to be that the sleep tracking will operate even when i don’t wear it to bed. It doesn’t bother me. However, i also love that you can customize the front screen through the mobile app overall i’m really impressed. I was able to get this watch for such a great price and would wholeheartedly recommend this watch. Has a nice large customizable display the watch doesn’t feel cheap, either the app syncs instantly and shows so much info. This has helped my health so much. My key reason for a five star review is the battery life it’ll.

Last seven, to ten days at least, i was using an apple watch first gen that i had to charge every night, so i wasn’t able to track my sleeping this one lasts forever and when i do need to charge it, it only takes an hour or two To fully charge, i need to keep a close watch on my blood pressure, but i really don’t like wearing a traditional monitor. This watch was a good compromise. It looks like a typical watch fitness device, but it has a lot of extra features. We’Re now tracking. My steps, blood pressure, heart rate and location, it has a nice big screen and bright numbers, so it’s easy to read too. If you’re. Looking for great, i watch to track your vital signs like heartbeat spo2 and bp measurement with steps counting sleep and calories tracking plus you can take picture social media and music with affordable price. There was no way i’m going to pay apple watch. This one is doing great than apple watch. The black smartwatch is a fabulous product, it is cool. I have wore it for two days and my friend asked me where i bought it: the good price with good quality. I like it so much and it works so well with my iphone. The old smartwatch was broken before so i wanted to buy a new one when i saw this product when i bought it, the price and features were very attractive and i immediately placed an order.

I received it very quickly. It looks particularly good on my hand, and it also has a full range of functions. It also has a variety of languages for connecting to mobile phones. At present, i still like it very much, and the price is good great motivation. I love getting my steps and seeing how many miles i walk each day, the american heart association says to try for 10 000 steps. Since i have a busy life, i try for eight 000, which is almost three five miles even on rainy days. The watch reminds me to get up and walk around the house. I may not get all my steps in but it’s more than i would have gotten. If i just sat on the sofa. The reason i gave the watch a four is because at night, if i’m watching tv, sometimes it starts tracking my sleep before i’m, really in bed, also for some reason. One day it just changed to 24 hour time and wiped out my steps. It was an easy fix, just reset on my phone, but still a little vexing to lose count at one time other than that you can’t beat the value as i’m using the watch for walking and counting steps. I don’t need anything more fancy and am very satisfied. This watch is really helpful for me. I like how it had so many functions, and i also like how you can receive messages and calls. I like very much great watch bought for our son, because he does a lot of sports and needed to track his progress.

Perfect, he loves it and it didn’t break the bank. Also nice to see who’s, texting and calling easy to link to phone would purchase again.