The bluetooth connection is really fast and work very well with the app great gift for friends and family it’s perfect for running training, because they have app that can keep you on track. Wherever you go, even when you sleep also, the battery life is really amazed me. I could use it for five days straight, maybe more. I can also change the wall screen to my favorite. Pics love the design. I am using this product for over two weeks and it is still serving great. I have no complaint so far for the smartwatch. It works amazing, the battery life is great and it is fast charging. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for very long to use it again. It has also accurately tracked my daily day life. You can receive messages and calls as well. It is waterproof. Indeed, the price is cheap, but i must agree that it is a great product. It can also be a nice gift for friends, i dropped the watch from my hand a few times, but no crack or break the watch is light. Also, it wouldn’t feel like you are wearing something on your hand, it is a very convenient smartwatch. This smartwatch product is very advanced, it has a lot of feature options and it can be compared with a mobile phone. This watch is so versatile and easy to use. I am still learning my way around the up, but the directions were clear and easy to get me all set up paired and tracking my steps.

I am going to get lots of use out of this thing. I hate always looking at my phone for the time or whatever, but i can discretely check on my wrist almost forgot to mention the interchangeable, black and brown bands. I was so surprised that are super comfortable, no pinching or chafing for the price it’s pretty awesome. I ordered this watch for me and my hubby. When the watch arrived, we were excited to start using it Music. This watch is awesome. Battery life is great last for weeks love all the futures. The watch comes with my most favorite part. Is the waterproof im a teacher? I was my hand all day long, so i love that i don’t have to worry about getting it wet. If you’re looking for a good watch that’s for healthy lifestyle visit it. I bought this with the mentality of getting what i need. Most watches are not necessarily part of fitness, but this watch has attracted more attention because it has better characteristics and aesthetic feeling than other watches. I have checked. I was yelled at when i was working because i took out my mobile phone to look at the time, so it should be easier to accept now. Music, im still trying to figure it out, but it seems like it is pretty good smartwatch that will get daily uses. I, like all the health features that measures various health conditions like heartbeat and oxygen. It has step goals and sleep hours.

I haven’t had too much experience with it yet, but ill have to learn as i go. The instruction seems a little hard to understand, but when you get to play with it and understand the features, it is a lot easier to figure out. I wish there was a tutorial video or something though it is a very good device that could help you with your daily routines. I love the watch. Battery life is very good.