This headphone has a new design most of people. They would love to call it beans, but i don’t really mind this is the samsung, warranty and user manual. So we put everything on the side, and this is the item itself. We put it here and this is the box and the box. Just if you want to read it here, you can read everything that is in here, and it comes also with cable and two silicon sizes. This is a small one and the large one is on the item itself i’m. Trying to keep this video short because i don’t want to bore you, and this is the item itself. It comes with a wrapping like so just to keep it uh short and safe in the transit, and this is the item itself. This is the mystic blue that you know. I opted for this color because everyone was, you know, showing you the black or white or the mystic bronze or whatever you can call it. So we just go over it very quickly and we talk about the pros and cons of this. This is the headphone itself. I just put it back in there and i show you the box. The box has a light in front that’s when you shut it, it shows you that led shows you. The amount of battery that is remaining in here and it has three stages – is green, orange and red, which indicates to charge your uh box, and this is the usb type c cable that i showed you in there for charging, and they are saying you know five Minutes of charging it gives you one hour of usage and in total and the item itself it has six hours of charging there and then this box itself.

It has 21 hours and if you are using the active noise, cancelling is going to be reduced by some hours. That is not very significant. I never run out of battery on this because i never listened to anything more than you know, two or three hours at the most anyhow uh and the design of this. I especially opted for this uh color for this video. I have to tell you that this item is a fingerprint, magnet and uh somehow is very slippery and it just drops out of your hand if you are not careful but is not going to drop out of your ears. The reason that i opted for this is because it’s not going to go to my ear canals that’s, why you know i thought. Maybe this is better design for my usage, and this in the center is just a sensor that, when you are taking it out of your ear, is just stop and pause and play the sun, the songs or videos whatever that you are watching, and these tips are Silicon – and you know this is the right one when you are putting it in there in your ear. This part is going towards your ear canals and this one is against the inner part of your ear cartilage, and it somehow offers you a little bit of grip and a little bit of inner force, and here is the touch, control and so on. It has three microphones uh, it is really good design.

Let me just first talk about pros and then we are going to the cons. The pros is, the sound is absolutely good and the low and the high is good, and it this one has a um, as i mentioned before, it has active noise, cancelling and active noise. Cancelling is not really effective, but samsung says is just blocking out. 97 percent of uh lower frequencies, but i i didn’t get that really and if you uh tell you want to test it and turn off and on the active noise cancelling it plays a chime that is absolutely uh baffles you as to you, don’t realize you know. What’S happened because, in you want a when you stop it, you all deactivate the active noise cancelling you want to everywhere to be quiet to see the difference, but with that loud chime, you cannot, you know, recognize the changes between on and off anyhow um when you Are putting it in there is in here it shows you the charge of these two and this uh outside it shows you the charge of the um carry case anyhow now let’s go to the cons. The cons first of all, is the external noises that is coming to you from outside and everyone sitting. Next to you is listening to your song because it has a sound leakage in there. That is really bad um. I am totally against you know someone else. Listening to what i am listening and and but there are some sort of tips cover there are some covers – that is, silicon covers that is covering all of this area, and then it offers you a little bit more of isolation and the leakage of the sound, and I have ordered four of them four different colors just to demonstrate to you, but they are not here.

I guess in my next video i’m going to demonstrate those very shortly and i’m going to tell you that if they are effective or not so i thought it’s going to help with the active noise cancelling. But this sound leakage because of this base, duct. That is over here. I don’t think that is going to help with that at all, and then the next complaint is about the bluetooth wrench. When i am going to the next room, the bluetooth just cuts off no matter what and even sometimes happens when i am in the same room, because there are so loads of other stuff. That is, you know, operates on bluetooth. Maybe is some sort of distraction to its bluetooth and the bluetooth antennas. They are up here and then the touchpad is a little bit of uh lava because you just have to touch exactly here, and that is one of the microphones and when you are touching that is, you have to touch firmly in order to just be really sure That you know whatever command that you are giving, it is going to be uh rejected and then you know uh it has. The touchpad also has the direct link wired. You know long press to spotify and you can also modify that by you know: volume up and volume down and you know noise cancelling off and on. But you know noise cancelling. I don’t really mind about that. But volume up and down for me is better than the noise cancelling and then the app itself, because is somehow um, is in an app a wearable app on samsung.

It doesn’t have direct. You know, um play and pause and rewind and fast forward in the app. I think if samsung is listening, that is a very good thing to have those controls there and then the equalizer is not really good the equalizer, it has six type of types of equalizer, but you don’t have any customizable equalizer. That is another thing for samsung. To remember anti active noise canceling is not effective, and you know, as i talked about it before, and then the chimes that it plays for every touch or every uh thing that you are doing with this is too loud. Really, if we had a little bit of control over the sound and level of the volume of the chime, it would be good and then something that those with a small ears should remember. This. One is not very good for very small years because they samsung had designed this to one size fits all. Because of that. I don’t think your a small ear would be very happy with this and the other thing to just to i’m talking to samsung, and you guys, you know the wings that it has is just uh, small and large, and if we have a little bit of more Option, small, medium, large and extra large that would be fantastic. As you may know, this one is at the experimental stages, maybe in the next generation of this uh um bots live. We are going to have all of these because samsung, i think they are listening to us and they are trying to accommodate our needs in order to sell more of their items.

Anyhow that’s. What really all of the cons – and i show you the app i make the app running and then we talk more. This is the app uh as soon as you open uh, your carry case and charger for your bot’s lives. Uh it’s, just um directly, you know, does some sort of animation and it’s asking you to just connect or not and then as soon as you connect, it shows you the battery of the case and the bot battery of each earbuds and then immediately underneath is the Active noise canceling that i most of the time i keep it off and at off, and then some people are saying if, when it’s on the sound quality of the bots are much better anyhow. That remains to be seen because, as i mentioned before, it’s playing a loud chime and you can’t recognize any changes. Anyhow, this video is getting too long, i’m going quickly through all of this and the equalizer that we don’t have the customizable equalizer. But we have six type of equalizer when the best of them is dynamic, bar and normal, and there are six types for each individual and then touch control when you are going to touch control it’s, just showing you each a demonstration of uh what is happening if You touch once or twice once, as i mentioned, display and pause twice. Is the next song and answer the call and hang up and then three times is a next song.

A preview song and the long touch is the volume up or turned the noise cancelling on and off and a spotify, and then it this one reads all of your notifications: you can go there and ask which app is going to attempt to read it to you And you can turn it on and off and it’s it’s just nice that you can and turn the touch control off and on in case of accidental touches. And then you have the big three there and then i don’t know seamless con. You know connection, and then there is a this lab sort of beta settings that is a game mode and then relief pressure with ambient sound. This is another option that we are having. I guess is gon na get better and if you lose one of these bots you you have an option here that it says find my earbuds that is going to play a chime, and i demonstrate you, the chime. If you can listen here, i just get closer here and you ask it to play a starter. Chime and litter by little is getting louder and louder until you stop it. But when it’s inside the box is not going to play any sort of sound and then – and there is just this, general data is just resetting everything and the the rest is software update and tips, and you know about the item itself, so that would be it. I i’m not going to play any songs because i don’t have any sort of uh.

You know technical uh, um appliances for giving you the best quality that i’m hearing, but trust me. The sound of this is very good in comparison that yeah i am listening to sony xm4 this one. The quality is legitimate and i totally because of the new design, the comforts wearing it and all of that uh i’m gon na recommend this 50 percent, but next generation, i am sure, is going to be much better anyhow. This video is getting too long. I hope you enjoyed this video until my next video uh wait for the tips, the silicon tips that they are coming so uh, you know, keep a lookout for my next video and then we are going to talk more.