What are we talking about today today, we’re going to be talking about smart watches and it’s all about the style. Now, personally, i do like smart watches, i think they’re phenomenal. They made my life a lot easier now, i’m, a traditionalist. You know i, like my panerai’s uh, my nardens. You know pateks things like that. I love all mechanical watches, but smart watches do have a place in this world and this makes my life a lot easier when i’m at work. I typically work in a loud environment and i can’t hear my phone ring at times. I can’t feel it vibrate, and these have come in handy for me, but now the only thing is what i didn’t like is that you know the design has grown on me, but like this one, this is my first smart watch and i’m a samsung fan. If anybody knows out there, but this one looks too much like a toy now don’t get me wrong. It does what i needed to do, but i didn’t like wearing it to work, because you know i dress casual. When i go to work business casual and to me it just felt out of place sort of like an apple watch. I’M, not knocking apple watches, because you know they make an excellent product, but when they come out with all these different new designs, i think they should like increase the style and make it look a little more presentable for business.

You know you have the low end like this. This is like something you wear with when you go to the gym, the workout or you know, you’re going business casual now. I would not wear any of these with a suit, but needless to say, you can have two different looks and i would prefer if they were to go with that because, like i said this just looks too much like a toy. I know you know it’s a smart watch when i first got it. I was okay with it, but after wearing it a while and trying to wear it with casual clothes, it’s like nah. This is unacceptable, but bam look what they did with the newer versions. Now this looks more like a traditional watch. I am very comfortable wearing this. Now you know with a button down shirt, a pair of chinos, khakis jeans and a pair of shoes. This, for me, was more like okay, i’m going to the gym. I got a little track suit on. I got some athletic sneakers on and i felt more comfortable. So if you guys out there samsung apple, you want to get more people to buy your watches it’s. Needless to say, even like i said in a previous video, i wish they wouldn’t call these watches because they’re technically, not they do so much more. I think it’s a pda, a personal database. I can answer my phone calls. I can take text messages, receive text messages.

I get my information updates through this, maybe weather or ebay or whatever it might be. I think it’s more of a pda, but this is the style that i think that can get a traditionalist that likes nicer, watches the omegas of the world. You know the breitlings of the world say hey, you know what i might give this a try, because you’re going from that toy aspect to a watch that truly looks like a traditional watch. So this one is my new pickup. This is my first one. This one shall be retired, i’m, gon na sell it, and you know offset some of the costs for the new ones. But now i feel more comfortable wearing this out in public, with some business, casual, look or even jeans and sneakers, and a t shirt than with this one once again, it’s your man’s style con, and it is all about the style check. That out looks like a traditional watch. I can get behind this one uh, if you like the content, give me a thumbs up uh if you have any questions or comments as usual, leave them down below.