Now smart watches they’ve been a bit of a tricky proposition. Do you really need smart watches in your life, or are they simply mere editions that fulfill your gadget dreams? The galaxy watch 3 on this note answers a number of crucial questions. It is a premium smartwatch which directly rivals the apple watch, which means that for android users, this might just be one of the best smart watches that you can buy. But is it really does it fulfill all the fitness purposes that’s? What we’re gon na find out before we begin about other things? Let’S talk about the price, the samsung galaxy watch 3 variant, which we have here, which is its flagship variant in the mystique black shade with black leather bands, costs ‘ 490. at around the 40 000 price point. It is definitely not cheap or inexpensive by any means, which means that it has a lot to prove. On that note, samsung has attempted to keep the watch design simplistic and traditional per se, which would likely suit well with most people who do not want a jazzy. Looking fitness band strapped to their wrist when they attend a party or go to work, the galaxy watch 3 is quite thick, but that thickness adds to the heft of the watch and doesn’t make it overtly bulky, which means that the watch is light enough for you To wear at all times where, during exercises, the sleep quality monitor and the sleep duration monitor of the galaxy watch 3 is super accurate and that is pretty impressive.

However, wearing it to sleep is going to be a bit tedious, because the overall bulk of the watch will mean that it will keep getting in your way from time to time and it’s, not the most comfortable to wear during sleep. Now, when it comes to the smartwatch features of the galaxy watch 3, you can get most notifications from your phone relay to the watch. For instance, you get phone call notifications which get related to your watch after delay. Of about a second, the good part is that the microphone on the galaxy watch 3 is pretty powerful, so you can make calls on the fly and listen pretty clearly, and the other side also listens to you pretty clearly, especially when you’re driving – and this comes pretty Handy for whatsapp notifications, you get the notification and you can reply to a message also from that notification. As long as you don’t have biometric protection on whatsapp turned on. You do get the microsoft outlook, email app, which is going to be good if your workplace uses that, apart from that, most notifications are just that which is mirrored from your smartphone. The galaxy watch 3 now offers comparable fitness tracking capabilities to the apple watch, which means that it now gets an spo2 sensor which measures blood oxygen and it obviously has a heart rate sensor, which you can set to always tracking, which is going to eat up your Battery but it can measure your stress and heart rate levels from time to time on, overall terms, the fitness features are pretty decent, you can set a workout mode and the watch will automatically detect when or where you start or stop working out.

It is a pretty nifty feature, but it’s, not something that is so intuitive that it will automatically detect when you go for a run. On this note, the galaxy watch 3 actually serves as a pretty decent fitness tracker, and its fitness tracking abilities, along with its health tracking abilities, makes the watch stand out, especially given that it costs a pretty hefty price. The only real disappointing thing about the galaxy watch 3 is that it runs on tizen and not google’s, wear os, which means that you get lesser native app support on the watch. If only the watch can add essential apps like gmail, whatsapp and other frequently used services. The galaxy watch 3’s utility quotient is going to increase by a massive margin. Battery life is fairly decent too, and a full day’s usage is not going to be out of the question. You can, of course, set it to battery saving mode. If you decide that the battery is going down too far and you’re gon na be out for longer without getting access to a power source, on that note, even then a full day’s usage should not be out of the question. It can actually surpass a full day if you use it cautiously, without the always on display turned on, and on that note, the galaxy watch 3 matches the expectations that you’d have from smart watches today on overall terms, the samsung galaxy watch 3 is a pretty interesting Proposition it offers you a good suite of services, including calls and messages which are related to your smartphone.

The galaxy ware app does give you a decent amount of control, in terms of which notifications you want on your phone and its fitness tracking capabilities. Well, they might not be the very best in terms of their accuracy, but in terms of detecting your runs and walks and giving you regular updates to remain fit. It does serve the purpose pretty well on overall terms. The galaxy watch 3 is expensive and at 40 000 it is definitely not an essential gadget, but for android users despite the limitations of the tizen ecosystem.