It’S, not one but two. Two new sin: bono watches yep haven’t heard from sin: bono for a while wow it’s already on. I think i just shook it away. We’Re gon na show you the same: beautiful s80. Wake up wake up in uh, two different colors yeah that’s. What we got we’ve got a little manual in here: we’ve got the watch module itself and look at this bands and chargers. So this, oh, oh, okay, i’ll tell you about some of you guys want to buy like right away. Well, here you go. This is from the sin. Bono, ali express official store and the price range is because of the different kind of bands and looks that you can get, but it ranges from about 25 to a little over 30 dollars depending the s80 it’s. A basic sports fitness tracker a little bit of health stuff in it, ip68 it’s a nice overall thin, very nice thin watch here’s the information on it. As you can see, it’ll do the heart rate and blood pressure again: they’re, not calibrated it’s, not medical equipment, but just for your basic information. You’Ve got sleep detection with this one multi sport capability, sedentary reminders, drink water, take medicine. All those kind of reminders. You’Ve got different languages supported in the watch and in the tethering app that goes with it. As far as specs go a little bit of memory, doesn’t need a whole lot: there’s, no gps, there’s, no sim card or tf card it’s, a basic um, attractive, dressy kind of watch.

So what do we got? We’Ve got this one in silver and it is on already look at that. Really nice beautiful diameter screen charging port looks like we got plastic over the back. You want to take off for the heart rate sensor and it charges with a little magnetic coupled two pin charger that not strong enough to hold the watch. No, no! So just be careful when you put it on at night, if you set it down it doesn’t like fall off partly or make sure it’s on there good and solid, and this one comes with a set of green bands, put those on and then the other one Which is here press and hold to turn it on you see, the bezel has got the numbers around the outside bezel and then the inside is the watch part that fills the whole. What rest of it there as well charger is going to be the same, and the bands are black on this one. As far as what it’s got on board let’s, take a look when i slide down. I’Ve got the qr code that you use for tethering to the app. Then i’ve got a thing where you can change the theme, which is basically the different watch faces that you have access to there. We go that’s a nice one. These are coming up full look at that. Okay looks like we’ve got two installed on here. Let’S. Take that one for a change you have do not disturb you’ve got the bluetooth that you can set up for tethering and then you’ve got your overall brightness, which i want to bring that puppy all the way up and show you what it looks like super bright.

Nice very nice, okay timing out on us. What else have we got bluetooth status power status come over this way, you’ve got your step. Count. Information last night’s sleep time, blood pressure that it’s taking on a sensor on the back heart rate, same kind of thing and you’re back to your watch face swiping up. We get kind of into the app drawer where you’ve got state, which is again what we already saw there heart rate and blood pressure, those same screens a new one. Now for sport, where you can select running walking, looks like climbing riding football and basketball and when you enter one of these you’re getting time heart rate and steps from the pedometer, so we don’t have like. I said gps on board it’s, a very simple. How do we do this press and hold and takes us out of that very simple um? Oh you have swimming on here too ping pong badminton quite a few different things. So definitely if it’s got swimming, then it’s going to be waterproof right. Last night’s, sleep time messages uh stopwatches in here in a countdown timer, and then your overall settings in the watch, which include the theme, which is your watch, face again right all right, let’s come back to this. One shows you that bright green and got to get back down into settings again because i messed with it your bright screen. All of these are the ones we saw when we swipe down.

Oh timed me out, come back here, okay, settings system, all right, not much. We got reboot and reset about. The watch tells us what we’re looking at the s80, the version number and stuff like that and uh shut down to power the device off. So basically, a simple easy to use fitness sports watch settings was the last thing in the app drawer. All your controls are right here and you’ve got pages that go around to these different elements. Just to show you let’s go ahead and get a heart rate and we’ll see what the digits look like on here and about how long it takes since we’re already done with the review. You got a nice flashing icon again, you can just uh adjust the brightness. Really nicely and i’m doing it off of my finger all right, it’s a little white digit up here, i would have preferred to see a larger digit uh display, but it’s still it’s it just vibrated it’s white against black. So it should be easy to see outdoors and then blood pressure is the same. So last thing i’m going to do is put them together and show them to you on there. You go okay, nice band, nice screen, nice watch. Everything looks great. We got the manual too. I forgot to mention that let’s walk through the english manual to show you how you basically go about tethering with the fit app and we’ve had a couple of reviews of the f fit apps i’m going to have a link in the show notes for you to Download that app as well as to go over to those other reviews, if you want to learn a bit more about the app itself but that’s the one that’s used by this watch and there’s the manual.

The other side, is all chinese. Now, of course, not only do you have the bands that come with the one that you um purchase, but straps co. We did a review with those guys have a variety of bands as well, so you could pick up another band separately if you want to from the actual band that comes with the watch, if you’re into a different kind of fashion, and there you go with the Same thing with a brown band now as well so lots of possibilities and of course the black with the black band, looks really really elegant, very very nice all right. So we are looking at the sin. Bono, s80 that’s, the one you can pick it up directly from their official store at aliexpress check. The show notes for the link to get you over there and uh.