Well, you come to the right place. I will provide my honest opinion and give you an answer at the end of the video, but before going all the way back and look for the answer, i suggest you watch the entire video and listen to the pros and cons of the watch. Hopefully i can provide you a reason to get this watch if you haven’t watched my unboxing of the watch and my initial review check out my video in the link in the description, so without further ado, why don’t we get started eh as a disclaimer. This video is not paid by some berno or sponsored by anyone i’m doing this, because i want to give everyone a view of what twenty dollars can buy and if it it’s worth it to try something that is not brand name well to begin, i wore this Watch for several weeks to see, if it’s up to par with what we call smart watches after wearing the watch for several weeks. I believe i can provide a strong argument about getting the watch i’m going to put the pros and cons on the subject. So i can give you a good comparison before i go there. Please take a second of your time to click the subscribe button. It is totally free and who wouldn’t like free stuff. While you add it click on the bell to help you save money and make informed decision remember to watch this video in its entirety.

Let’S start with the price one of the best thing about the watch. Is it won’t break the bank? If the watch doesn’t work, you only lose 20 or 30 dollars depending on the market, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet, unlike if you bought an iwatch and find out that it doesn’t fit. You then you’re out of three hundred dollars. The bad thing about the watch is, it is cheap. Yes, it is a pro icon with it being cheap, it has to cut a lot of corners. Unlike the 300 smartwatch. This watch is missing. Quite a lot of features, for example, the watch does not have nfc chip, so you cannot make mobile payment. The watch also does not have large battery, but it has less features, so the battery can last up to two days. The watch does not have big memory, but for its use it is enough. The screen is tft, so it is not as sharp but then again, it’s, really not that bad as well, and the packaging is bland to keep the class down. The watch has an amazing look. The watch is light and it’s likely made from aluminum. The watch face is large and i love the band that came with it, because it’s soft and easily fit anyone’s wrist. The negative thing is, it does look like a toy, but once you get used to it, it’s fine. In fact, even my family seems to like the watch.

Let’S talk about the features of the watch. The watch has basic functions for a 20 dollar watch. You can tell time and use a sport tracking mode. What is surprising is it has heart rate sensor and the blood pressure monitor. It can also read some messages. The negative side is, it is limited what the app can provide. For example, the notification is controlled through the app and there is very limited app that can use the notifications. So if you have other apps that you want to use and send notifications to, you are out of luck. Other things such as there is no calendar. The other thing that i find lacking is there is no music control. It would be good to be able to control your music while you’re jogging, but it’s, just not there. Finally, the watch faces they are limited by what the app can provide and the options are very, very limited. Now let’s switch to the user interface, the user interface is basic and not any different. From those premium. Smart watches, you can use a touch screen to control the watch and use the swipe up and down to do different things. It is actually quite impressive. The worst thing about the watch is uh. The flick to turn on the watch is temperamental and inaccurate. Sometimes a light rays of hand would work, and sometimes i have to flick my wrist very, very hard and it works. Sometimes it doesn’t one of the appealing thing about the smart watch is it has a spot tracker on the watch.

It does do several basic sport. Tracker i was able to test the walking and running, but the rest cannot be tested for my use. That is enough. The bad thing is the measurements are not entirely accurate while doing the running tests. I know this that it is missing at least probably a fifth of the steps i took also. The counter takes at least 20 seconds to update, for example, when i took 20 steps and then when i raised my watch, i noticed that the watch has a delay in updating this step counter, but it does work. I love the fact that the watch has multiple sensors for its price. The watch has sleep, sensors, heart rate, monitor and also blood pressure monitor. I don’t think you can find anything that costs 20 to 30 dollars and can perform all these functions unless you go for the premium watches from apple or samsung. Now the negative thing is not all the sensors are entirely accurate, uh the sleep sensor, for example, not enough, not accurate. In my tests, the heart rate monitor shows some fluctuations in my tests. So not why maybe it was not sticking to my wrist to take accurate measurement and i don’t have a way to test the blood pressure sensor, but on average the readings are closed. So it it they’re acceptable. So the main question is: do i recommend buying the watch? A watch is something to tell time a smart watch has just additional features, but nasa possibly replace your phone.

I will never buy something like i watch and have all the features that i would never use. I had a samsung watch galaxy watch 2 before and i found that it was overkill and i hardly use any of the features, a 20 watch that can tell time and have some great features. I definitely recommend this. You can get this watch and wear it daily and without worrying about scratching or breaking it. It does all the basic perfectly and then it provides you more. However, if you want a smart watch that can do everything and still cost less, then this watch is not for you. It won’t be able to do all the things that iwatch can do, but personally i don’t think it should and again, because this is a watch. The watch is nicely built and quite comfortable to wear. It has bright screen and can the battery can last up to two days? It has some important features that only three hundred dollars can provide. The best part is, it is extremely cheap and affordable, so which features do you like most? Let me know in the comments. Hopefully this is informative, if you think so, remember click on the like button and that is also free. Until then, i will catch you next time in my next video.