If you’re looking for a new fitness tracker or a smartwatch, then these two should definitely be on your radar. If you’re watching. I appreciate you give a like and subscribe while you’re here. So what should you choose? Let’S take a Music look Music before we really dive in. I have to put up the disclaimer that i received both of these smart watches through amazon’s vine reviewer program, while i’m. Only required to write a review for amazon’s page. I thought this video could provide helpful information and help you decide between these two smart watches. Maybe your old fitbit has bit the dust or you’re just ready for something new, the versa, 3 and the sense do their best to combine top notch fitness tracking, as well as some smartwatch capabilities. The biggest draws here compared to the older fitbits are the built in gps and the eda and the stress sensors on the sense i come from using three or four smart watches over the years, and these two are definitely up there as some of the best. Even though they aren’t the cheapest, the versa 3 comes in at 299.99, canadian and the cents at 429.99. Canadian, when it comes to build quality, both watches feel awesome. They do a really good job of feeling lightweight, but also feeling premium. At the same time, the versa 3 has an aluminum body and the sense has one that’s stainless steel. To be honest, the difference is hardly noticeable unless you’re holding the two watches side by side.

The sense comes in at 200 grams and the versa 3 is slightly lighter at 110 grams and while on paper, that seems like it’s, almost double, unless you’re really holding them side by side, you’re not going to notice the difference overall. Both watches feel very nice, but are a bit larger if you’re coming from a previous versa, smart watch, they come with a high quality silicon band that once again does a really good job of feeling light, but also not feeling cheap they’re much lighter than some other Chunkier smart watches that i’ve used in the past, but they’re still a bit of a puck on your wrist. I would say i have about medium sized wrists and it doesn’t feel too big. If you don’t mind a big watch face, then it’s gon na feel. Okay, the screen is plenty bright and very impressive and it’s. One of my favorite features about these two watches an oled screen and gets plenty bright, even just on the normal setting. As for battery life, i’ve had a good experience so far with both of these smart watches. Both of them come out of the box with a six day battery life, which is pretty impressive compared to some other watches, i’ve used in the past. And if you turn on always on display, which i do, which i would recommend just for a little bit of extra style in there, the smartwatch goes down from six days to about three to three and a half days.

So what you’re, probably here for, is the fitness tracking and like previous fitbits, this is top of the line, whether you’re looking for working information, 24, 7, heart rate tracking your sleep, the app has pretty much everything that you could be looking for. You’Re also able to track your food and your water intake if that’s your thing: i’m, not the biggest home workout kind of person, but i did do a couple with these to test them out and they did a great job tracking. My calories burned my pace. My heart rate and even gave me a little notification as my heart rate, climbed into the different fat burning zones. These watches both have a built in gps, which is an upgrade over previous smart watches, and that helps you leave your phone at home when you’re going for a walk or going for a run to help track your distance, the route that you take and your pace, The sense also has an eda sensor which tracks your stress level. Some of these stats are locked behind fitbit’s premium subscription, which is 9.99 a month, canadian, and this is a bit steep for what i’m looking for to get out of this smartwatch. But it might be up your alley. For example, the majority of the stress management tools on the sense are locked behind the premium subscription. They do come with a six month, free trial out of the box, so you can give it a go and see if it’s your thing, both the sense and the versa 3 do a good job, handling smart watch capabilities and do a great job.

Sending notifications consistently. The user interface is fast and responsive, giving you control to do what you want to do when you want to without much waiting or input lag when responding to messages and notifications, as this has a large screen, i would have liked for fitbit to take a little Bit more of advantage of it, for example, for right now, you can only respond to a text message via your voice, an emoji or a quick response. I’Ve used smart watches in the past that have enabled you to use a swipe keyboard, and while this swipe keyboard option isn’t perfect, it does do a better job taking advantage of the size of the screen. I would also like to be able to access my whole conversation for my messages on my wrist and not just see the most recent notification. Also, something to note is that, if you’re looking to get notifications from social media or other apps, it takes a pretty deep dive into the settings on the app itself to make sure you get all the notifications that you’re looking for when it comes to customizing your Fitbit there’s lots of color options depending on the watch face that you choose and fitbit has a large store to find and purchase watch faces. While there are tons of watch face options on the fitbit store, many are not free and you don’t know the price of them until you actually go in and select the watch face and preview it.

This makes for a frustrating experience when you’re looking for a cool, but also free watch, face there’s, also, no way to sort the free watch faces other than just selecting the free category. For example, if you’re looking for a digital or a themed watch face it only sorts by free, you can’t, search further or filter down in there, there’s, also a bunch of promised upcoming features for these smart watches. Both watches have a speaker and microphone on board, which means in theory, you should be able to answer and respond to phone calls right from your risk. Google assistant is also promised to be coming to these watches in the near future and with google’s recent acquisition of fitbit. It will be interesting to see what changes, if any, that they make to these smart watches there’s. Also, an upcoming ecg app on the sense which help track irregular heartbeats, but unfortunately that’s only coming to the united states. While you shouldn’t be selling points for you and i would never recommend to buy something based on future upgrades. It is a good sign that they are upgrading the user experience for both of these watches alright, so both of these are fantastic options, as fitness, trackers and as smart watches, but which one’s right for you and is it worth upgrading part of this response is easy And the other gets a little bit more complicated if you’re, comparing these two individually go with the versa, 3 and don’t.

Even look back in my opinion, there’s simply not enough extra features on the sense that warrant a price that is a hundred and thirty dollars. More than the versa, three, the sense does have stress, sensors and a stainless steel case, but other than that. The two smart watches are very similar. If you’re not planning on paying for fitbit premium, then the versa 3 would be my recommendation every single time. If you’re upgrading from a previous fitbit watch, it gets a little bit murkier, but it really depends on what your needs are going to be in a watch. If the gps is a big deal for you, because you don’t like bringing your phone with you on a run or on a walk, then the versa 3 might be a big upgrade for you other than that. A versa. 2 on sale might be better suited for you, i’m big about value, and personally i would choose the versa 2 on a decent sale or the versa 3, if you are really liking that edition of the gps sensor, while the sense is an awesome, smart watch as Well, it just doesn’t, do it for me in comparison when you’re looking at the price versus the versa 3. fitbit’s amazon page has a neat chart that helps you compare all of their recent smart watches and it can help give you a little bit more perspective and Make the choice that’s best for you all right, so that’s our look at the sense and the versa? 3 fitbit’s, two newest smart watches.

If you have a question about any of these features or either of these smart watches or there’s, something that i left out, leave a comment down below and i’ll be sure to reply. Toss me a like, while you’re here hit, that subscribe button down below for more content and thanks.