Today i got a special video going on for you as i’ve, been using the ticwatch pro 3gbs here for a couple weeks or so, and i would like to say thank you to the folks over at moby for sending this out for a review. For me. As you know, i keep it real with you guys and all opinions are of my own and in no way having them sent this to me. Does that affect my review of this or not let’s dig deep into this let’s. Look at my watch face here. This is called blues. As you see, i have the steps, what oxygen level, battery percentage, time, weather and it’s change this it’s as simple as pressing and holding to get to all these different watch faces. You can add them on the watch itself or go into the app and add them let’s get into a couple of my favorite apps you to use so. First off we have tick oxygen, which has been coming in really handy as i’ve been dealing with being sick and needing to check my oxygen level and make sure that that’s, okay, next we’ll go over and the same thing kick pulse here. You see it measures my heart rate and you can see it shows throughout the day and gives the information as far as fat burn warm up resting heart rate, how long that’s been and if you have any abnormal heart rate as well as i like that.

I can send messages from my phone here telegram. I have the play store, set up, make phone calls track my exercise, my health breathing um hearing. So as far as if noises are too loud, take a memo, you don’t know your basic calculator, your alarm stopwatch. Timer. All the other functions there keep no maps all these things, some of them i’ve installed. The kick ones in the google fit are installed by default and there was a quick overview as far as the interface of the watch and as you can see, the gestures to move back and forth between things and swipe up to get to your notifications down. To get to the settings and some of the apps that i use and have installed so let’s talk a little bit about what i do like and don’t like. What i do like is how quick it is with that snapdragon 4100 processor in there and the one gig of ram the app selection is decent. I like that. You get things like oxygen levels and heart rate tracking and all that which is similar things to what you see on the apple watch series six that’s quite a bit more expensive as this retails for 299.99 and the apple watch you know varies from ‘9 to upwards. Depending on the materials and such of that nature and the watch band you choose so my boy also has a selection of watch bands and they were nice enough to send me a leather one out that are right: around 20 to 30 dollars, depending on the materials And things like that, they have a couple on their own website and then there are other websites that carry them and i will try to link those down below as well also there’s a link down there.

So if you want to purchase this for five percent off – and i do get a small commission on that it’s – my referral link that can help me out it doesn’t cost. You anything saves you a little bit of money. They have a sale coming up this week for thanksgiving and black friday, so make sure to check the page out for that and battery life has been great, has been giving me about three and a half four days. They quote 72 hours. I get a little bit better and that is with notifications turned on the 24 hour, heart rate, tracking and blood oxygen check and step tracking. I only think i turned off was nfc, as my bank does not participate with google pay so leaving that on doesn’t really benefit me any um. I have it using bluetooth and then, if i get out of range of bluetooth, it connects to wi fi. So, with everything turned on with it’s set to auto switch, when i rotate my wrist to go to sleep and rotate it to wake up there and the use of the secondary display, which you’ll see here, what that is, it has been a beautiful experience and i Highly recommend it especially for the price, the fact that it works with any smartphone you’ll have out there. You don’t have to worry about. Oh, it only works well with samsung or lg or apple or whatever. It works well with different smartphones, as opposed to some of those other smart watches that might work better if you have their particular brand smartphone to go along with it.