Bringing to you a product review of the wahoo fitness element, rival, endurance watch. Now this multi sport watch is purpose built for high performance athletes. Some of the key selling features are going to be touchless transitions and multi sport, handover, touchless transition, let’s, say you’ve, just swam. This watch is going to know when you’ve gone from swimming to your t1 it’s, going to give you a prompt, letting you know that it’s going to happen and it’s going to give you the opportunity to revert back if it’s a mistake by chance, let’s say: you’ve Got ta run in for a second loop of the swim, so touchless transition. Then you get to your bike it. The watch is gon na know. It’S gon na know, you’re on your bike and it’s gon na go straight into that. So you’re not gon na have to be hitting buttons accidentally hitting buttons or wondering if you’re on the right sport, so that’s fantastic, imagine going through a race just wearing your watch hitting start when you start hitting stop when you stop and never having to think about It again, i think, that’s a win. The bottom line is wahoo have spent a lot of time working on. How do we make transitions in the sport of triathlon, with data collection, much easier, we’re, going to jump into a demo on touchless transitions and in the handover aspect of it too? But let’s focus on some of the other aspects.

This watch it looks like a high end, timepiece that you would wear in a meeting. It has a ceramic bezel gorilla glass as well, so this glass is going to be very tough optical heart rate sensor watch bands you can take on and off very easily charging system is going to be very simple to use as well and then what wahoo kind Of focuses on most simplicity, they have perfect view, which means you just push a button and it’s going to change. The view add more features to what you’re looking at on the screen until it starts over and perfect view is just going to give you what you want when you need it nothing else. Everything is controllable through the app, which means you don’t have to go through tons of menus to really make a change. Your app is going to be the easiest way for you to make any direct change within this watch. You’Re not going to have music capability and you won’t be able to have any sort of credit card storage, but what you do have is opportunity to seamlessly transmit all your data to your phone, which goes to any number of training platforms, so data auto uploads. Your notifications are going to come to this watch if you want them to. As far as battery life goes, i’ve been using this whole watch day after day for swimming biking and running for about a week, and i just had to recharge it.

So you’ll get about a week’s worth of activity. You’Ll have that for about four weeks before you need to recharge, you can run the gps on this full battery 24 hours worth of battery life uh 14 days, roughly as a smart watch, so i’ve been really impressed with not only the look, the feel the the Buttons just feel like soft pillows when you push them it’s, very luxurious connectivity, wise and using this in real life during training. This is probably one of the easiest watches that i’ve had to pair with a companion, app and then also pairing sensors. Also, very, very easy. You can use bluetooth or ant plus sensors on this and the backlight function when it was dark. It has ambient light mode which, when it’s dark it’s, going to turn on that light. So you can see it at all times. So, a lot of little smart things that endurance athletes really focus on wahoo has already gone out and taken care of. Finally, what i like to also do is use this as like a remote control for my wahoo kicker as a companion to adjust your kicker control. It’S also a valid tool, so when it comes in the box, you’re just going to get this watch the charging system, and if you want to really take things to the next level and get some running dynamics as well, you can use the tickrx, which is going To allow you to have chest heart rate, strap, you know, optical heart rate is what it is.

These days, every manufacturer is going to claim to be the best, but i still think wahoo is right up there. I haven’t seen any really big problems, all right, so real, quick, a down and dirty look at multi sport handover. I have my rival set for triathlon. I have my element bolt set for multi sport, so i’m gon na come out here. Press start on the swim, see if we can get a little bit of a fake swim go when i’m swimming you can tell. My hands are moving in a swim motion head back to the bike, see if we can trick it now now. It’S detected that i’m. In t1, you can see there t1 i’m going to go over to my bike. Now we can see here. This has already detected it now i’m going to grab the bike. There we go now. You can see it’s detected i’m on the bike. Okay, we’re off the bike, we’re racking the bike bike has been racked. Look at that now, though, my watch even reacted to that transition again transition again and now we start our run so multi sport, handover that’s as easy as it is.