Like a watch. It lets you track the distance. You walk, run, swim or cycle, as well as the number of calories you burn and take in fitbits, also monitor your heart rate and sleep quality and double as a digital timepiece, but with so many models to choose from it’s. Not always easy to figure out which one is best in this video we’re breaking down the best three fitbit trackers on the market this year, based on price performance features and situations they’ll be used in we’ll, be taking a look at fitbits in every price range. So, whether you’re looking for a budget fitbit or a premium model with all the bells and whistles we’ll have an option for you. So, if you’re interested in finding out, which fitbit will be best for you, stay tuned, as always all the links to find the best prices on all the products mentioned in this, video will be in the description below so for the most up to date. Information along with updated prices, be sure to check out the description the products mentioned in this video are in no exact order, so be sure to stay tuned till the end, so you don’t miss anything. Now we have the fitbit inspire our choice for best budget fitbit. The fitbit inspire is a slim, stylish and waterproof activity tracker that goes for about a hundred dollars. If you’re on a budget, the inspire delivers good performance and has numerous accessories to change up the look all at a price that won’t kill your budget.

The inspire is a fitness tracker for everyday use that helps you build healthy habits. This encouraging companion motivates you to reach your weight and fitness goals while helping you enjoy the journey with calorie burn tracking goal celebrations, sleep tracking guidance and reminders to move a curved oled display dominates the top of the inspire and the text is crisp and the display Delivers ample brightness, even when outside the touchscreen, is responsive too and there’s a single button on the left for waking up and putting the screen to sleep as well as returning to the main screen and accessing settings. The inspire comes with a silicone, strap and has a spring pin system that allows you to easily switch straps to suit your style all day. Activity and sleep tracking are on board and the inspire has the fitbit smart track feature for automatic exercise. Recognition too, activity tracking includes steps taken, calories, burned, distance, traveled and active minutes, while sleep tracking includes time awake time of sleep and time restless. Battery performance is also excellent, offering an average five days without needing to top up charging takes place via special magnetic dock. For those new to fitbit setup is super easy and you’ll get to grips with the app in no time data is shown in the main dashboard section of the app and tapping on each metric will allow you to delve a little deeper into the details. The low price point on the fitbit inspire is extremely attractive and makes it ideal if you’re on a budget and is also perfect if you’re just getting started on fitness tracking we’ll start by taking a look at the fitbit versa.

2. Our choice for best overall fitbit at about 200, the fitbit versa 2 – is significantly cheaper than the apple watch, while still offering many of the same features and is the best overall model in the fitbit line. The versa 2 is lightweight, and the tapered design hides the bulk of the watch well, making it very comfortable to wear. Even while sleeping the lcd panel has been swapped out for an oled screen, which you’ll find as bright, colorful and easy to see both indoors and out, the oled panel also enables the new always on display feature which lets you always see the time or your workout Progress, the versa 2 has excellent battery life, delivering 5 days of uptime on average and about half that, if you enable the always on display feature still 2 3 days between charges is excellent battery life for a feature rich fitness tracker and for fitness tracking. The versa 2’s features are one of the best and most comprehensive you’ll find on any smart watch. Not only can you start an exercise routine by selecting an option from the exercise app, but the versa 2 can also record activities automatically. You can customize the workout screen to have the metrics. You want to see displayed front and center, such as heart rate steps, calories, burned or floors climbed, for example, if you’re curious about what happens during the night, sleep tracking is where the versa 2 shines see. How long you’re awake for your light and deep sleep, durations restlessness and rem sleep? The versa 2 also breaks down your heart rate.

How restless you were percentage of rem, deep and light sleep? It even gives you a comparison of 30 days worth of data. If you want to see if your sleep pattern has improved or not, if fitbit is your choice in fitness trackers, the versa 2 is the best overall tracker they make and would be a great choice for both fitness tracking and as a watch last we’ll be taking A look at the fitbit versa light our choice for best value for dollar fitbit, if coughing up hundreds of dollars for a fitness tracker feels absurd to you, then, for about 140 dollars. The fitbit versa light presents an excellent balance between core features and price. The versa light features a full color 300 by 300 resolution, touch screen display and the only real visual difference between the versa light and the more expensive versa. 2 is its buttons. The versa 2 has three and the versa light. Has one it’s a simple change that actually improves on the versa light’s navigation? This single button has just three functions, turning the screen on turning it off when on the clock and going back on any other screen. But in order to give you a fitness tracker at a much lower price than the versa, 2 fitbit had to shave off a few features. This included the removal of the altimeter wi fi on screen, workouts onboard music and lap and calorie tracking, while swimming of the five. The altimeter on screen, workouts and enhanced swim tracking are only going to matter to hardcore athletes.

And while you might think that wi fi would be an issue, it is mainly used for music transfers and, since the versa light has no storage, the wi fi chip isn’t necessary and not a huge loss on all other fronts. The fitbit versa light is just as capable as the versa. 2.. You get the same 4 day battery life connected gps, customizable, exercise, modes and heart rate monitoring, as well as sleep female health and automatic activity tracking. If you’re in the market for a fitness tracker with a focus on value, fitbit’s versa, light should definitely be a consideration. At half the price of higher ended fitness trackers, the versalite nails, the core basics, offers fantastic fitness tracking and looks just as good, alright guys, that’s. All for now, if you enjoyed this video, please go ahead and leave a like if you’re new to the channel and you like the video, consider subscribing, we do our best to keep you up to date with the best products on the market right now. So if you want to stay current regarding the best gear, make sure to hit that subscribe, button be sure to check out the description for links to find the most up to date.