No wonder that you want to jump aboard the bandwagon today. We’Ll talk about the top 5 budget, smart watches in 2020, for more information on the products i’ve included, links in the description box down below which are updated for the best prices like the video and don’t. Forget to subscribe now, let’s get started. Budget smart watches are cheap if they have a price tag of around 100. However, there are people who wouldn’t consider that as cheap, if you recognize smart watches as slightly better looking, fitness, trackers and don’t want to spend so much money on them. You might want to take a look at amaze fits bip. Our pick for the best ultra cheap spot. In essence, this smart watch is just slightly cheaper, slightly less versatile and slightly weaker than an average budget model. It still looks pretty cool and it’s available in onyx, black cinnabar, red and white cloud, color. Styles. Surprisingly enough, the amaze fits bip sports 30 day battery life span, which is nearly half a day more than average. Moreover, it is capable of recharging in approximately two and a half hours, which means that you’ll be able to use it every day and every night, without a single hint of a problem. It rocks an optical hr, monitor a built in gps system, as well as several typical tracking parameters such as burnt calories, quality of sleep and total distance traveled. It also shows time which is pretty basic and self explanatory you’ll, get to use four different sport modes.

Outdoor running, walking, treadmill and cycling the track parameters and feedback shifts as you use different modes. The main drawback of the bip smartwatch is that it does not excel in any particular sphere of performance. Its display is relatively small, which consequently means that the tracking parameters are absolutely tiny, it’s, swim proof, but not waterproof. It looks pretty decent but it’s, not beautiful per se. However, this is also one of the cheapest smart watches that actually has some actual benefits to offer. If you think that budget watches look plain and dull, you are probably right. However, exceptions exist in pretty much every sphere and field, including smart watches and fitness trackers. No one would ever be able to guess that fossil sport is an entry level, smart watch but that’s exactly what it is. People who want to look smart, elegant and just a tad more stylish should take fossil sports smartwatch into consideration. It looks absolutely stunning unique and exquisite, and one of the best things about it is that it comes at a very approachable price. You’Ll get to choose between 5 different color style options, including dark red navy, blue smoke and black smoke, and blue and spruce green aesthetics. Aside, this is a decently versatile watch too it sports a fully functional heart rate, monitor an untethered gps system on board music controls, as well as the option to store music on the watch itself. Specs wise this smart tracker features 4 gigabytes of ram memory and qualcomm snapdragon 3100 cpu, which means that it is roughly equal to most budget gaming tablets and smartphones.

We really love the fact that this smartwatch features a 24 hour battery life span. Moreover, you can always enter the low power mode to slightly lower its power consumption by lowering the brightness level. This way, you’ll end up with up to two additional days of battery life what’s more. This smart watch also features a swim proof, construction and customizable social dials and interchangeable watch bands, even if we were to completely ignore the fact that it looks amazing and exclusive. This is still a very versatile and well rounded fitness tracker. At the end of the day, this is a budget low cost entry level smartwatch. So the sheer fact that its sports looks and performs great should be more than enough for most people. Quality, fitness, trackers and smart watches are generally found scattered across the boutique price. Point category, but there are dozens of hidden gems within the budget section of the market as well. If you’re looking to get the most value for your money, while searching for a budget smart watch, we recommend that you start with ticwatch e2. Essentially, this is a highly comfortable, very stylish and decently priced smartwatch that sports a ton of features, high quality fitness trackers typically do it’s got a built in gps system. A fully functional heart rate, monitor a waterproof casing and wireless connectivity. First and foremost, the aesthetic component of this watch is truly amazing, it’s a sports watch in terms of design, even though its functionalities resemble fitness trackers more.

What we really liked about it is that you’ll be able to pick from three different color style options, including shadow midnight and white, regardless of which style you opt for know that all three of them come supplied with the exact same features, specs and functionalities. This smart watch is rated 5 atm waterproof, which means that it will remain fully functional and retain all of its operational features until submerged 50 meters deep underwater. This makes it an ideal companion for beach parties swimming and even some casual scuba diving. We also like the built in heart rate monitor, namely only budget and certain moderately priced models, feature a highly accurate and fully functional heart rate. Monitor and apparently the ticwatch se2 is an exception from that unwritten rule, although it might not be as precise, it’s substantially more accurate than hr monitors. Other budget smart watches come supplied with. The only thing that we didn’t, particularly like about the se2 is the fact that it’s not terribly versatile. Essentially, this smart watch features a modest selection of fitness tracking features, which basically means that it’s great. If you’re, looking for a simple plain and straightforward smartwatch overall, it does feature a battery level indicator shows time and counts. Your steps, which should be good enough for a start, you’ll, be able to substantially enhance its versatility and well roundedness. If you connect it with the ticwatch app that can be downloaded directly from the google store, garmin is one of the biggest names in the fitness tracker industry and, if you’re looking for a smartwatch that boasts versatility, aesthetics and durability at an approachable price tag, then look No further than 4runner 35.

, basically garmin’s, 4runner 35 is an excellent choice for active people such as joggers runners, gym and fitness enthusiasts, but it’s also ideal for people who want to get in shape or maybe lose some weight too. The first notable feature of garmin’s 4runner 35 is its design. It rocks a plane band with a metal clip and a relatively big and round display with curved edges. What’S really cool about it is that you’ll get to pick from four different colors, including white frost, blue limelight and black. The display is always black and all of the color styles complement it aesthetically. Just like most high quality fitness watches, garmin’s 4runner 35 features a built in gps system. It is automatically used by the forerunner software and app to track down how far you’ve walked. How fast you are running, how much calories, you’ve burnt and obviously how fast your heart is racing, speaking of which this also means that garmin’s, 4runner 35 features a highly accurate heart rate. Monitor the estimated results are not 100 precise, but you’ll always get a very close approximation of your current heart rate that you can use to pace your tempo, be it for training or for casual walks. Garmin’S forerunner 35 tracks your activity, progress for as long as you are wiring the watch. It measures steps traveled and burnt calories, but it also provides the much needed feedback from garmin connect, which gives you a clear overview of your stats in comparison to average and recommended stats for people of your age, height and physical condition.

This is precisely what separates garmin’s fort runner from other smart watches and fitness trackers you’ll get free tips and fitness lessons, as opposed to being left to your own devices. Many people over exert themselves or underperform when they initially start making training schedules. So the fact that garmin extends their helping hand goes a long way. Frankly, speaking, budget, fitness, trackers and smart watches are not generally anything. Special. Most models are just plain: they lack some of the most basic tracking features and functions, and they usually are all the same. Fitbits versa. Light is a direct opposite of this definition. Just like most high quality smartwatch models, the fitbit versa light is available in several color styles, including charcoal with silver aluminum lilac, with silver aluminum, marina, blue, with marina, blue aluminum mulberry, with mulberry aluminum and white, with silver aluminum. The same materials were used for the construction of each style, they’re only different aesthetically. What makes fitbit’s versa light one of the best and most valuable smart watches on the market. Is the user friendly and highly intuitive display it’s sized perfectly and it features selectable tracking features, including heart rate, monitor distance, traveled and calories burnt? All you need to do is simply click on the heart shoe or the flame icon to switch between the tracking modes. Another great thing about it is that the tracking functionalities are operational while you’re wearing the watch at the same time, fitbit’s versalite tracks these parameters, even while you are sleeping one of the best things about this smart tracker is that it differentiates male and female biology.

The tracking parameters are slightly different for women, as you’ll also be able to get feedback on your periods and cycles. Moreover, you’ll also have access to more than 15 exercise modes which you can use by downloading the app from the google store. This is a fully wireless fitness watch that allows you to use nearly all of the functionalities of your phone, including calls calendars, sms messages and alerts from active applications. Basically, if you are new to fitness, trackers and smart watches and are unwilling to pay a fortune on a step tracker, we highly recommend that you check out the versalite smartwatch it’s, not the cheapest budget smartwatch, but it’s. Definitely the best. Looking and most versatile model. You can find for the money thanks for watching and that’s all for now.