You can get it in four different colors uh, pink gold, black and red and they’ve actually sent me a gold version now, i’m, pretty sure with the pink band as well. So we’ll see how it is when we unbox and review it, and also in the title, we will actually do a uh teardown on the list screener because there’s something that these didn’t do when they sent me this new 78 plus out so you’ll find out later In the video, but just before i start make sure you follow me on one of these social media that’s always called sneak peeks on what to expect on all souls and, as always, people make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified, so let’s take a look at the box, pretty basic to be honest, use, mp8, plus uh you get a sticker which color you’ve opted for uh. You also have the picture of the watch here, but that’s. Definitely a fake because i’ll show you what it looks like when we actually open it up box is a little bit better because i’ve had this in my collection and i never knew i had it so here it is so, as you can tell we’ve got a Rose gold color, uh watch: this is a little bit thick as well. It’S got one speaker, but just before we take a look at the watch, let’s see what else we get inside the box.

So we have some pink watch bands. Well, this one pink watch band and you also get a manual which is in english and chinese, and also a charging usb charger for your smart watch so that’s about it. Let’S move that aside and let’s take a look at this smartwatch. This is what you wanted to see, so this has a 1.5 inch display. It’S got big bezels at the bottom and at the top, is the battery is 200 mah. Now, if you want to know what’s inside, let me just tell you well before the video in the beginning of the video what i mentioned was when they actually sent me this out. They forgot to take this plastic sticker off here. Well, this sticker, so you can actually stick the screen down. They forgot to do that, so it just opened it up straight away. So if you wanted to know what’s inside of the u78 smartwatch here, you go and let’s see if it can actually get you a close up of the chip, so that is the chip set right there, as you can see that’s what they are using. Let me know if you want to see a full uh teardown of me actually taking off the screen to see what’s inside underneath this circuit. But if you want to see that, let me know if not i’m, just going to take this sticker off and then seal. It down, but it still works, hopefully so.

Take a look at the small watch it’s the same design as the series: 4 plus meaning series, 4 series, 5 and series 6 with the crown and the mic cutout in the middle and the power button at the bottom and pretty basic. To be honest, same as the they don’t have the button here to take off the band it’s just sliding slide out. You have the same uh sensors at the back, just a little bit different, but the charging mechanism a little bit differently charge it with these two golden tips right here. So it actually says here: heart rate, health, bracelet temperature monitor made in china, as is everything else. So that’s what i said on the back: the screen keeps coming off, but i’m not going to stick it down just as yet so. You’Ve got two speakers here: one’s a fake one’s, a real one and yeah that’s about it. The only thing i don’t like is too thick. This watch two too thick, so let’s put on the uh watch bands. This fit really tight into the places and if you want to take them back off, you just literally slide them back off. So this is what it looks like definitely looks the same as the originals until you start using it. So let’s switch this on and i’ll show you what i mean so pushing in the power button. You get a vibration and a little bit of a startup tone, and here we have it, as you can see, with the big bezel at the bottom, so the crown does work i’m, not going to like it has 10 watch faces as well.

I’M. Pretty sure, if you’re connected to a phone we may be able to add more watch faces, but it does have 10 watch faces um. If you swipe it to the left um, you will actually get a list view of the apps and you can still scroll down with your crown as well swipe it to the right. You get your music player and go back to swipe it down. You’Ve got your shortcuts, which is your brightness let’s, put the brightness all the way up. Take that down. You’Ve also got your loud, your battery percentage, your bluetooth, is on and off and information. So here is the information about the smartwatch, 278 plus version 1.6 july. Unless july, the 14th 2020 – that was, i think, when it was manufactured and you’ve, got a few other information. If you understand that right there, so that is the version and the smartwatch of this phone. Well, we’ve got uh scrolling down nothing else, so that is the shortcuts. When you scroll down scrolling up well let’s uh, if you scroll up it goes to your notifications, which are your messages. So if you want to use the uh smart view, you push the crown in and there we go. You’Ve got all the apps right there you can zoom in and zoom out. It is a little bit stiff when it comes to using the crown but it’s good, because a few other smart watches actually used before.

If you just touch it, it’ll just start working. So this one’s it’s it’s, okay, i like it. The way it is you’ve got that nice click when you scroll the crown and it works perfectly as well. So that is the answer you can use your fingers as well. It is twitch screen tft, but sometimes you’ve got to make sure you do it properly because, like for example, let’s go into settings, you go that it works there, bluetooth, audio clock, alarm reset and about, and if you’re doing it again well, if you’re doing it from A little well this side of you, you can just click any of the app right there. So this watch, you can actually connect it to your phone uh via a qr code. When you download the app as well, it does have the health apps, which is your heart rate, your blood, oxygen and whatsoever like. Let me just show you so if you swap it you’ve got a thermometer. You call logs, you can actually make call the receive call from this also receive notifications from your messages, your whatsapp and everything, your dialer, your phone book settings, reset alarm, calculator, clock, stopwatch messages, weather brightness, sports, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, sleep, bluetooth, music, siri, pedometer and Find your smart watch so what we’re going to do i’m just going to put this onto my wrist and then we’ll see? Well, actually, let me just straight as the watch is off let’s see what heart rate it gives us um.

So let’s see what heart rate it gives us if the smart watch is off of the wrist, if it does give us a reading that’s to be honest, okay, so quick jump on i’ve actually been waiting for a minute for a reading and it’s, not actually giving A reading, so a few people have said: sometimes they don’t give reading when this sensor is not hitting nothing so when it does hit something it will give it a reading, so i’ve actually put it onto the box, so it wasn’t giving a reading when it’s, not The sensor is not hitting anything so let’s go back and let’s. Try again when the sensor is on the box, let’s see if it gives a reading then, and if that doesn’t work, then what i’m going to do is put it onto my wrist and see if that works as well, because i’ve tried it without the sensor without Putting anything on and there we have it – we’ve got a reading on the box, which is 53 uh, 53 beats per minute, so that goes to show these sensors once they are hitting something it will give you a reading as well. So, if that’s, giving a reading of 51 to 52 let’s see what this gives it, if we reset it right here, i just want to show you to make sure if you want to purchase one of these. If you want to know if the heart rate and all the other health apps really actually work, so there’s no point it on to my wrist, because you would know it would give a reading once the uh once these sensors are actually are twitching, something which we Just got a reading right there of 81 beats per minute.

If we swipe it, let’s uh go back into heart rate and there we have it. That is the reading. We got when it’s on the other box as well 51 on the this box and 81 on this box, so the health apps don’t work as good as well. If you want to purchase this, you can get it from aliexpress or alibaba wherever you want yeah. Actually, with this watch face, it shows you the 81 heart rate right there, so let’s let’s just try another one, just to make sure uh. If you go back into thermometer, let’s try thermometer and let’s uh measure the thermometer, hello. It says low right there, so that’s the thermometer let’s go into. What else can we do blood pressure, so let’s measure blood pressure, and this is the last one i’m gon na. Do because you would know that it shouldn’t be giving a reading if the watch is on the box, so you would know that the only gives a reading once the uh sensors on the back of this watch are actually touching something. So, as you would know, this box is the blood pressure is showing 117 over 77, which means this box has a reading. So now, what i’m going to do is i’m, just going to connect this to my phone to show you what it’s, like uh we’ll, try and make a call as well and connect it to the app and show you if you can change your watch faces as Well and see what else we can do from the app if you want to download the app all you got to do is go into your menu.

If it’s working on here let’s go into your menu and if you click the app button, it gives you a qr code and it comes up with this v band. This is the app that you need to download. So let me just double click. It do face id and there we have it easy as that. So where is the app going to be all right, it’s here, so v bunch let’s go into there. Would you like to find a connect to your devices locally don’t allow and there we have it. So that’s the app right there. What we need to do is add a device uh. Would you like to use your bluetooth? Yes, connect the accessories? Yes, let’s. Just do that here we have it. We’Ve got u78 plus let’s press the au pair. That u78 would like to send you notifications, yes, pairing uh would like to send you notifications display, will discuss a lot everything health apps. Now we don’t want to allow that, because i don’t need to get mixed up with my uh cv6 original watch. So here we have it: you’ve got your week by lifting hand. Your body temperature is our heart rate, sensor 24 hour system. Looking for device here are the settings that you can actually use dial selector custom dial you get analog, which will click analog? Does that change anything no show date? Does it change anything custom background? No it’s not actually changing anything, so you can actually choose the dials, and these are the same ones that you can actually get on the uh on the smartwatch as well.

So you can’t actually use your custom dial, because when you do it, it doesn’t work. As you can see right there, so that’s no good message reminder you can actually choose which ones you get your notifications from by putting on and off alarm clock remote camera, all the settings and we’ve already seen that body temperature and firmware update as well and all Of your readings will actually come onto this main screen right here, so you can see when we’ve got 81 beats per minute with the box it’s showing on the app blood pressure monitor with the same box, so 117 is showing on the up oxygen sensor. 99. No idea how which blood oxygen that’s actually saying, but that is about it so now you’re, probably thinking um the calls. How do you make calls with these well it’s, pretty much basic to be honest, let’s make a quick phone call and uh see if actually wait. So four five zero on the smart watch and it goes straight on to the phone as well. You can choose so i’ve got one pound left on this phone. Let’S sew it up. I don’t know how to put volume up so, as you can see when you press the crown, it actually goes off from there. So you can actually take phone calls from here and you can also receive phone calls with your notifications and also your messages as well. So let’s go let’s, see if we can actually make a message on this phone before i finish it off so let’s go into the messages, no messages.

I don’t think you can actually make a message from here i’m. Just sending a message from my other phone let’s see if we get a notification on this one, so it’s actually come up on my phone right there, but not, and if you swipe it down, i’ll swipe it up and swipe it up, not actually working. Now, when you want it to work, it doesn’t work. So you got no messages, but if we did have a message, because if you can see the notification is there, but it doesn’t come up on the phone. So, notifications, no idea why let’s try and make a phone call from my other phone and see if we can actually uh if we get a notification up on here so let’s see so, as you can see, you do get notification that your phone is ringing. Let’S press press it from there and, as you can see here, it’s answered so that’s good. At least you can do that, but you don’t get no notification when you receive a message and yeah that’s about it. So let me just switch this off because, as you’ve seen it with the front of the screen coming off let’s see if the back comes off, that’s it powering down. This might not be or might not even go well and, as you can see right there, there is the battery, so the battery is stuck to the back part of the uh. Well, you can see the sensor bit so that’ll actually stick on and i think we’ve taken off.

One of these, so don’t worry i’ll, try and fix it myself, but that was it people that was the u78 smartwatch teardown and unboxing and review. If you want to see any other videos, do let me know in the comment section below we’ll: try and fix it i’ll. Let you know on my social media if i fix it so make sure you stay tuned for that, because it’s only just this one that’ll actually come off so i’ll be able to fix that.