I brought this smartwatch during big billions day, sale at 200 rupees. It looks very good on my hand and looks premium. It is a nice watch with google warehouse. It has ammo screen, display 45 millimeters 512 megabytes ram, 4gb storage and qualcomm snapdragon well, 2100. It has gps, inbuilt and heart rate sensors. It is also a water resistance up to 30 meters. It works with android as well as ios during first setting up the watch. It is too laggy, but after everything done it’s smooth about the battery, it gives only a day only if you don’t use wi fi much, but battery is quite good. The build quality is quite good. It has wi fi, nfc and bluetooth. It has microphone for google voice, but no speaker, so you can talk but can receives call notification. You can download many watch faces and apps from the google play store: Music, uh, Music, Music, Music. It has tilt to wake up the screen pouch to wake up and keep screen on feature and many more features. The heart rate monitor is quite accurate. Please like and subscribe my channel.