Weird so here’s the ui you’re going to get swipe up, get all your gubbins there’s! Nothing there. As soon as you go to the last page, there’s, nothing there anyway, it has cool message, picture contacts, um calls, um, find phones, bluetooth, file, devices, settings alarm 11, probably the day, maybe calculator, maybe the microphone recorder, maybe the camera, maybe the bluetooth, maybe another bluetooth thing. Maybe music, maybe yeah that’s audio profile, running sleeping dubai, ding, um, booty notification and a qr code, which i don’t know why it’s here and then me: bt, music, internet explorer, facebook, what’s that and twitter. Why would you want all these features on this watch and here’s? The funny thing about it, if you turn it turn it around. Instead, it says smartwatch yeah. If my camera would focus my phone would focus. I thought huawei’s were good for making taking videos to my camera anyway. It’S a smart watch, but you come down here and it says: hold on um dude, possible multimedia box. Why is it called a portable multimedia box if it’s a smartwatch anyway, you’ve got your gubbins here, you’ve got even more on the side. I thought before this would have button with the camera you press the button and the camera isn’t. Actually that great i mean okay, if you can tell but yeah it says, memory card required and i haven’t seem to get got that yet, and the boot screen is just like has the same sound as every other smart watch.

I love it it’s, so good in this weird way, and the charm finishes the boot even finishes before the boot charm, so i’m. Thinking that you know maybe it’s actually um on permanently without you even knowing youtube. Okay, it’s a bunch of notifications coming in that my review of the x6 portable media box. Smartwatch watchmaker see you guys later with the new with the next with the next video, hopefully, where i’m – probably not going to be using my camera, it’s, probably gon na – be on here, because i’d rather use this than record my camera, because my laptop actually has screen Recorder support and this one, my phone just doesn’t – use it well. Mobizen can go over the um storage empty limit, but i just don’t like it. So i like to use this anyway. That was my review with the x6 smartwatch.