Yes, it is a smartwatch despite its physical appearance like smartphone, a mass fitx is a brand name by huami, a company well known for wearables and earbuds. This latest futuristic looking device was crowdfunded in indiegogo and managed to gather about nearly 2 million from 12 000 people. It is not yet released in the market and, yes, i was one of the crowd funder of this piece of technology for 150 and that price is for those whose early bird customer, that is the price during the crowd funding and now it is 329 us dollar. So i was so lucky i waited for this for about six months and i thought i will not receive it anymore, so i was actually thinking, oh to refund my money, because i am losing hope yesterday. I did not expect that this will come. Yes, yes, who is it okay? Please come in okay! Oh yes! Yes! Yes, yes! So what’s inside the box inside the package is a circular box with with the x wrapped around what appears to be a charging charging stand, which is nice, but it is tremendously bulky and in this stand, is a smaller magnetic charger that can be detached. It has 2.07 inch amoled screen bent over 92 degrees that nicely fit like hugging in the arms. I noticed that since it is an amoled display, the contrast and the saturation level is so great. The brightness is at 400 nits similar, if not more than the full brightness of those smartphones nowadays sharp and bright into 336 ppi.

It has no physical button, but has two pressure sensitive sensor on this on both sides comes with not so regular wristband. I got it black, but there is a choice to some color for your likings, but for now there is only black and white. The weight is 36 grams and the thickness of maybe around 0.7 or 0.8 centimeters, Music, Music, Music Music. I must feed eggs. Maybe has everything you might need from smartwatch like music control, a few esports app that can be tracked and recorded weather updates, double gps, messaging and notifications, and i am hearing also that there will be uh apps in the future for wireless remote photography. So thank you. So much and please, if there will be an upgrade for that, i hope that it will come soon. There is also a heart rate sensor, spo2 sensor, stress, detection sensor and according to amazfit, it could track heart related issues, if not now, maybe maybe in the near future. Yes, maybe in the near future, firmware upgrade. I really hope, and if that happens, i think we have the winner of both of all smart watches, so you can throw away the smart watches. You are wearing right now, hello, so, according to amazfit, this has a battery life of seven days. I cannot confirm if that is true. I will let you know in the comments below when i use it for seven days, so stay tuned. So do i like it, hey google, do you like it? I need to think about that.

I i like it and i love it – the design, the construction, the the feeling, it is definitely well rounded good, looking device with so many promises, and i i think this is much i can say for now. I have no complaint yet, as i have not yet used it that much so do you think that you will like this device? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget, to subscribe in this channel in my channel and give this video a thumbs up.