So today i’ve got my hands on the latest zep z smartwatch. So this is a brand new smart fitness watch giving you comprehensive digital health management. So heart rate sensor, blood, oxygen, stress, monitor automatic sleep, monitoring, 5 atm water resistance and with up to 30 days of battery life, and lots lots more now on the front, you are looking at a 1.’ inch amoled display with a screen resolution of 454 by 454 And this watch does support and always on display which you can switch on from settings and i’ll. Give you a quick look at the always on display. Now you do have a nano tech coating on the front which will give you a degree of scratch resistance. Now the watch itself is nearly completely made from titanium alloy, so the watch case, the watch bezels the buttons the buckle. They are all made from titanium and finished in this wonderful silver, color and you’re. Getting this very nice classic, look with time markings going all the way around so yeah a very attractive, looking watch so very smooth and comfortable on your wrist. Now watch dimensions. You are looking at 45.9 millimeters in diameter with a 10.7 millimeter thickness and it weighs 50.8 grams with the straps on now. You’Ve got genuine leather, straps finished in brown, and the straps are removable and replaceable with your own 22 millimeter band, and this is how the watch looks on my wrist. Nice large display loving the titanium finish, giving a very nice classic look with the time markings beautiful design, i have to say very comfortable on the wrist doesn’t feel heavy at all.

Even though you’ve got that large 1.’ inch display and, of course, it’s. A beautiful amoled display so very nice to look at and in case you’re wondering my wrist. Circumference is 7 inches, and this actually feels nice and light on my wrist. Now on the side of the watch, we have three buttons now. The first one is a customizable health button, it’s a solid touch button, so it works by touch it’s, not mechanical. The health button can be customized to either open heart rate, sensor, spo2 or stress, monitor. At the moment this feature looks inactive, but i believe a firmware update is coming soon to activate that health button. Now the second button is for power and home and the crown can actually twist and be used for navigation. So as you’re scrolling every time you turn the crown you’re going to feel haptic vibration on your wrist and and it does work really nice and smooth. They absolutely nailed it with the middle crown button. Now. The third button is also customizable by default. It will open your workout, so you press it it’ll, take you to your workouts, but you can change that option from settings to open most system apps. Furthermore, this watch does connect to your smartphone via bluetooth 5.0, and you also have built in gps and glonass, but there is no built in wi fi and all the data is synced from your phone to your watch and vice versa, using just bluetooth.

Now, unfortunately, this smartwatch does not support bluetooth phone calls and there is no loudspeaker built into the watch. So you do have a microphone built in, but no loud speaker at the bottom of the watch. You will find your heart rate, sensors and charger pins and i’ll quickly. Show you the charger it’s right here, it’s a magnetic usb charger and i haven’t even taken it out of the packet it’s, literally a magnetic charger with a usb port. Stick your watch on top and it takes around two and a half hours to fully charge that 340 milliamp hour battery. But the watch will give you a battery life which will last up to 15 days depending on your usage. But there is also a power saving watch, only mode that can last up to 30 days. Basically, all features are off, except your date time battery information and a basic step counter. Now the watch itself is running a basic custom os, which is very easy to use and navigate. The touch screen is super responsive and the watch can track all your daily fitness activities. It is a complete sports companion, with multiple sensors built in with features that include step counter calories, distance 24 hour, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, you’ve got 5 atm water resistance and you do have 12 sports modes built in with automatic sleep, tracking and lots more And i’ll quickly skim through the 12 workouts to show you what you can expect and that does include swimming, so you can count your swimming strokes and so on so forth.

Now all your activities can be viewed from the smartphone via the zep app. So every time you open up the smartphone app, it will automatically sync all the health data from your watch directly to the phone. Now you can see my current step counter 300 and it tells me my target just underneath that still need 1 700 steps to reach the goal. So i’ve set my goal: nice and easy 2 000 steps a day. So you also see your calories and last night’s total sleep. Then you’ve got your heart rate, spo2 sleep score and so on so forth. Now, if we just tap on sleep first of all, i just want to show you that i went to sleep yesterday at just before 1am, and i woke up quite early too. You can see 406 a.m, that’s two hours and 37 minutes of sleep, and it gave me a sleep score of 49 points and breathing quality. Deep sleep proportion. It definitely gives you detailed stats of your sleep, and it gives you advice as well. So fell asleep too late. Sleep time is too short and you wake up easily don’t strain yourself, etc and it’s, giving you a lot of advice on how to improve that sleep level. You’Ve got an all day, heart rate sensor. So as long as you’ve got the watch on your wrist it’s, going to continuously check your heart rate and give you reports based on that so that’s your health at a glance all on one page, nice and easy that’s, exactly how i like it, then you’ve got Enjoy which is basically some tips on how to use some of the various features now under profile? You can set your goals, notifications and play around with various settings for the smartwatch itself.

Furthermore, this watch does have a 580m water resistance rating, which means you can use this watch in the shower or in the swimming pool. The watch can also track your swimming activities with distance calories, times, strokes, etc. Another amazing feature is offline voice control, so without any internet you can control many functions of this watch, such as setting alarms starting workouts, controlling your music opening apps, and lots lots more so i’m going to quickly show you the voice commands in action. Open heart rate sensor there you go look at that brightness up brightness down enable dnd, so that’s do not disturb active. No notification will bother. You now now. Look how convenient this is. Um. Imagine you want to start a workout start, walking pause, workout end workout. Now you just think about the possibilities, think how convenient that is you’re out and about, and you don’t even want to touch your watch. You don’t want to touch your phone. You can use your voice to start a workout, that’s very, very convenient. Now there are around 58 different voice commands you can do with the offline voice, control and amazon. Alexa is also going to be available on this watch very soon via ota update and that will bring us an online voice assistant. So we’ve got to wait and see. Wait for that firmware, update to drop, and i can’t wait to actually test out alexa for myself, but as it stands, the offline voice control is brilliant, all right, so let’s quickly check out the watch features and the watch faces, etc.

So here is one of the default watch faces it’s a very nice digital watch with lots of complications on there. If you want to change, keep the center press, you will feel some haptic feedback and then you’ll be able to change between a whole bunch of built in watch faces and i’ll. Now give you a few examples of the selection of watch faces available on this watch. Music, now, along with your built in watch, faces, you can also download lots of watch faces from the smartphone, app and there’s. Something i do want to show you again about the watch faces. Is some of these are editable, so at the bottom you will see a blue edit icon when it’s editable. It means you can edit that watch face, so you can have it set exactly how you want so choose your complication. You can tap on any one of these and you can change them around. So those were all your watch faces now. Let’S check out the watch features if you swipe down from the top you’ve got your quick toggles for brightness, do not disturb always on lock screen battery saver and even a torch swiping to the right or to the left will give you access to your health tiles. Now these tiles are basically shortcuts and i’ll go through them with you, you’ve got your pai, your health rings, heart rate sensor, your local weather and a music remote control. Now there is no dedicated internal storage for music.

You can’t transfer your mp3s directly to the watch, but what this really does is act like a remote control for the music that’s, already playing on your smartphone, so no built in speakers. You can’t listen to music on the actual watch. Now, if we swipe up you’ve got your notifications now notifications phone calls emails, social media. Everything gets pushed directly to the watch, so they are read only messages you can’t reply to them. You can only read them so that’s, your notifications. Now, if you press the middle button, it will bring up all your apps and i’ll quickly. Go through them. You’Ve got activity goal, pai, heart rate, workout activities, stress, spo2, weather, music, alarm events, widgets and settings. I’Ll show you what widgets are so you’ve got a compass, a barometric altimeter, a timer countdown and fine mobile i’ll quickly. Show you the compass in action, so that’s your compass and if we go back your barometric altimeter, showing your air pressure on the left and the actual altitude on the right. And you can see it’s trying to obtain gps from the top and your coordinates at the bottom. Quick, look at the settings, so watch faces display and brightness, so you can manually, adjust it and this screen does get very bright or you can just hit automatic and let the watch decide what brightness it should be and the always on display can be scheduled. Timed or you can just have it on always like i have always on display, does look very nice on this watch.

I have to say: you’ve got user preferences, so this is where you can customize the buttons so press the lower button, which is this one here, it’s set on workout, but you can change it to any of these apps. So maybe you want a compass every time you press the bottom button. You can set it so customizable bottom button, so you’ve got your quick access, app health key. So when this feature becomes active, you’ll be able to choose any of these three for the health key. All right so now for a quick screen on hand raised test. I have the galaxy watch three on my right hand and the zep z on the left. So here we go one two three go. That was exactly the same speed galaxy watch. Three is one of the fastest screen on hand raises i’ve experienced and the zepc seems to be on par let’s. Do it again, one two three here we go exactly the same speed it’s, not even worth trying it for the third time yeah. I just want to do a quick side by side with the galaxy watch three just to show you how they compare size wise, both very premium. Similarly priced smart watches um, the zep zed actually feels a little bit lighter, considering it’s made from titanium and you get that durability. So yeah. That was just a very quick side by side to show you how they both fare and really to just compare the size of both watches so we’re going to do a quick heart rate test, and i am going to compare it to a medical grade sensor.

This is the o2 ring heart rate sensor and blood oxygen monitor. So you can see my blood oxygen has been calculated, 97 point blood, oxygen and 73 beats per minute, heart rate and, of course, it’s in real time. So that’s going to constantly be changing so we’re going to compare this medical grade product to this smart watch. Now no smart watch is really medical grade, but this test or comparison will give us an idea of the accuracy so let’s open up the heart rate sensor. First of all, and you can see it’s measuring on the ring – we have 72 beats per minute, let’s see what we get on. The watch. 67 beats per minute on the watch and we’ve got 72 beats per minute on the ring, and you can see that’s now changed to 73 versus 72, 75 versus 73.. So i have to say that we’re actually 77 versus 77, now so quite a decent heart rate sensor and, as you guys saw quite close to medical grade standards, now let’s test out the blood oxygen and see if we can get equal accuracy. So i have to keep my hand flat on the table for this one, so 98, spo2 and 95 on the ring so ring is of course, medical grade. That is what you can expect in terms of accuracy for the spo2 levels. So there you have it guys that was the amazing zep z classic smartwatch. Now i love what zepp is doing right now on the smartwatch scene.

The zepp software is great. You have lots of features great usability and it’s very responsive. Now the watch is no doubt premium in quality, and that is what you’re paying for so all titanium body is great lightweight and durable. I’Ve been wearing this watch for a few days and there is not a single scratch so very well designed and durable. Smart watch now, 580 and water resistance is great and it’s a must have in this day and age. Now, amoled display is bright and beautiful and sharp looks great in all conditions. Auto brightness handles it. Well, too, the battery life is great, so far and 14 to 15 days looks accurate, based on a few workouts every week. Now a few things are missing and a few things are coming soon. So we have no auto sports tracking, no third party app store and no bluetooth phone calls. There is no internal storage for music either and no loudspeaker, so you can’t listen to music directly on the watch. Now features that are coming soon is the alexa voice, control and the top health button. Both features will become active with a firmware update, so definitely looking forward to testing the new features and updating you guys into your course. The offline voice assistant is simply the best. I love this feature. I did test this in my previous video with the amazefit gtr 2 and i think zepp is really on to something it’s. Definitely one of my favorite features in a smartwatch of 2020.

, so that’s saying something offline voice, control people. So if you want accurate health tracking, great battery life and an absolutely beautifully designed classic timepiece, then zepsy is the one to consider. Although this type of quality does come at a price 349, us dollars is quite high, considering the drawbacks so do. Let me know your thoughts. What you think of this watch is this something that you want to get your hands on. Let me know in the comments. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, you know what to do. Thank you so much for watching, and i hope you all have a brilliant day.