. So just to give you a little background for the last few years, i’ve been using the huawei watch 2. i’ve really liked it. It’S done the job for me pretty well over the years, it’s actually lasted me through my last four smartphones. I bought this thing back when i had my nexus 6p, so it’s actually lasted me a long time and the reason i’ve waited so long to upgrade is because there haven’t been a whole lot of hardware. Advancements for wear os watches for quite some time. That has changed recently with the qualcomm 4100 chipset that they’re putting in the tick watch pro 3. so i’m, hoping that this will give me the performance gains that i’ve been looking for. So the other thing i’m really excited about with this watch. Besides the increased performance is this dual layer technology. So apparently it has a really bright, vibrant oled screen that you would see on a normal smartwatch, but it has like an overlay on the top of that. That is an led screen, that’s, apparently very low power consumption. That is also really easy to see in bright, sunlight and that’s the display that will be on the watch most of the time when you’re not actively using the watch it’s. The only watch manufacturer right now. Currently, using this technology so i’m curious to see how well it works and how well it does conserve battery life as soon as i’m done recording this video, the ticwatch pro 3 is going to go on my wrist and it is going to be my daily wearable For the foreseeable future, so sometime in the next few weeks, i will be dropping a full review of this watch.

So if you want to catch that make sure you subscribe to the channel sometime before the video is over, preferably now. Finally, you can pick up this watch right now for 300 bucks, either from my boy’s own website or off design and just for full disclosure on the zone. They told me this watch was going to take six to 11 days to get to me and they actually got it to me in four. So hopefully, if you do get it that way, you won’t have to wait too long, so let’s go ahead and crack this bad boy open. So before we actually get to this i’m glad, this box is actually pretty nice. Some of the review models uh the people open with this uh with this watch – were pretty basic, and my boy got a little bit of crap thrown their way uh over their packaging, so i’m glad to see they’ve stepped it up a little bit with the with The consumer model with the final model uh with this sleeve, so inside the box um, you see, we got the the ticwatch right here, um and then over here you’ve got the uh, the innards of the box with instructions customer care card, all the normal stuff that You would expect to see um it’s got the charge cable here and it is kind of a weird uh proprietary uh charging cable. This will clip on to the back of the watch.

Magnetically and it’s got obviously the standard usb connection. On the other side, no power, brick in the box, good grief, that’s really on there here is uh the watch itself, uh it’s big. It has a bigger screen. I think than my huawei watch too, which is nice uh that’ll be nice and easy to see. Um, the other thing i’m kind of struck by while i’m first looking at it is this watch band. So this is a rubber kind of um athletic band, and normally i do not like that. Uh on my on my huawei watch, two you can see right here. I have a nice leather band on this bad boy, so um normally. I don’t care for that. But i like the stitching this this this stitching on it and i can’t tell if it’s real stitching or, if it’s faux stitching either way. I think it’s actually real stitching in either case. It looks real and i actually like the look of that. I think this could be a nice way to get the durability of a rubber strap of a rubber band while getting the look of a leather one. So that’s pretty cool so skip ahead. I got the watch all set up with my phone, so, as you can see it does it has this really nice bright, uh oled screen here and when it shuts off. It goes to this led screen and if you like, you, lift your whisk, your wrist wrist lift your wrist to wake it up.

You can see it lights up and it’s. A pretty bright, led display so i’m really curious to um. Try this out on the daily and see what i think of it all right, so let’s just do a quick, uh speaker test here: real quick i’m gon na swipe over what’s, the weather like outside right now in maryland. Heights is 48 degrees and cloudy today, it’ll be cloudy with a forecasted high of 51 and a low of 45 and tomorrow, okay, two quick first impressions about that. The first thing is the speaker’s, not bad. I can definitely hear it easily, it’s, not the cleanest. Most wonderful sound in the world, but um it was fast let’s. Ask it something else and see if that goes just as quick sing me, a song okay, wow, that’s, actually really long, okay, so um yeah, definitely definitely more responsive than what i am used to so i’m really excited to uh. Try this out and share my full review with you here in uh in uh, two or three weeks it does come with all kinds of apps, just right out of the box, so you know take health. Your phone app take exercise, tick, pulse lots of health apps on here and i’ll be curious to see if i, if i use these or if i just wind up using google fit, which is what i used before on my old watch. Well, that does it for my unboxing and first impressions of the ticwatch pro 3.

. As i said before, come back here in two or three weeks, and i will give you my full review of this watch and let you know whether it’s a good purchase. As always.