I bought this because it came in a metal, strap and stamped well, another version, let’s, say standard, but there you go use it for about a week. It receives calls, it has bluetooth, it has notifications, but you have to use an app in order for it to work um. You know it’s, not an apple watch, but for the price it is very good value. I mean the strap is really good. Quality it’s really comfortable to wear. This is a bit hit and miss the heart rate and everything else you can change. The clock faces like that. The one i’ve been using all week is the very simple one, which is that one uh, because the heart rate, isn’t continuous you have to actually go in, get to record the blood pressure. Also, you have to actually get it to record it um, and sometimes it doesn’t work so, but to tell the time and to give notifications and to make make and receive calls is actually quite good. I was really surprised at the sound quality, so the sound actually comes out from a speaker at the back. I think, through this gap here the mic is maybe around there. It’S got a nice stainless steel or some kind of composite material, maybe aluminium or something else. Magnesium alloy i’m, not sure um casing is really nicely made, except the screen’s a bit funny. It was working better um the charge holds up for about i’d say about two days um.

If you make about three or four three or four say about three hours of calls, um and then you’ll find you’ll have to charge it again. It’S got a really nice feel to it. It looks exactly like an apple watch, so if you want an apple watch in a budget or for of under 40 pounds, this is your best bet now what’s happened today was, i noticed. The screen was kind of just moving on its own, which really put me off, but luckily i also ordered um the willful one, which this only had five reviews, but they were all five star, whereas this has something like 4 000 reviews. So a lot of people have purchased this on amazon and open the box and it’s the box itself. It’S kind of better quality in itself, look that’s, actually embossed raised and that’s similar kind of print, but it’s not raised things like that. This one pulls off this one comes with a spare black strap. I think at the back, so i think i’m just going to return that depending i’ve got a good feeling about this watch, but i really like this strap, so i might so i’ve done. I’Ve purchased a 20 millimeter strap quick release, quick release, work like this, so this has got a quick release and you just pull back this little thing and they just pop out like that, and then you pull it back in put them back in and it yeah Let’S have a quick release: it’s really easy that’s.

The first time i’ve actually used a quick release, strap. So all right, let’s try this one out so willful one year warranty. Another thing, sorry before i move on to that, i forgot to say this charges in a little so there’s two pins. I think the center to our data and the other two are positive, negative eclipse in there and then that problem i have with that is because voigu and this company that do this is not very it’s, not as popular i’m, not sure if you can get a Spare charger so when this kind of the connection breaks your hair you’ll either have to repair it yourself or you’ll, have to hunt one of these down. So it would make this watch pretty much redundant, so i’m, not sure about this one. Whereas with this, you can get the charger for this for about seven pounds, a spare cable and this one isn’t a kind of a clipping one like like the voiku one, the willful one is, i think, magnetic so just yeah it’s got two neodymium magnets, really strong Ones there small but strong and say, and two pins for charging, so let’s let’s try that out so that’s the cable charging cable. I ordered the silver one. They give me a silicon or silicone. However, you want to say um straps and they are also quick release. As you can see there, sorry, as you can see there, so the quick release, the reason why i got the silver one is because if i get the metal straps, the 20 mil metal straps – and i think hopefully this is 20 mil – it looks like it is – That this bezel here will be silver, so it will match otherwise it’ll look a bit silly now straight away.

If i peel this little protection thing off, i’ll undo the buckle, maybe that will help don’t do that and then let’s get rid of that now. This is heavy and really quality made. I have to say this is really light and plasticky in comparison. Ah so i’m, really a little bit gutted so far that this or the screen is like moving around on its own um. All right, let’s do a proper review on this i’m gon na there’s a function button press to return to home screen. Probably please charge to activate the watch before you use it. Okay, so i’ll just put this on pause and charge it up that just clips in really nicely um let’s try and charge it while on camera for a bit and then i’ll pause. It let’s see what that looks like. I think, i’m disappoint: Music, big vibration there. So it’s a lot stronger, the vibration than this one, but the thing i’m worried about is this is metal. Sorry, this part is metal here, that’s really strong. This bezel is plastic. The screen is much better quality, i have to say brighter colors, um or more saturated colors. The brightness is about the same. The only issue i have with this watch, or the main issue i have with this watch, is that the screen starts moving around by itself. I’M, not sure what that’s about so i think i’m going to use this watch for a couple of days just to give it a fair kind of um, so it’s kind of got the same thing.

Sport i’m sure. If that means anything, let’s click, it run, walk bike and hike. The menu looks better, but it just feels so plasticky. The only white reason why i like this better is because it it’s just more popular, so it might have more super more support in the app um. This one has five alarms. I thought i’d mention that i’m, not sure how many this one has let’s try it out. You can’t even set any alarms from from the from the watch, whereas on this one you can you don’t need to do it via the app. You can do it straight from the watch, the software. So if i’m not very impressed, maybe there’s an update, i’ll. Try that i heard you can update i’m, not impressed so far, so you can’t really do a lot i’m trying clicking that nothing relax. What does that even mean? It says? Please calm down. Okay inhale! I was kind of just one of those gimmicky thing give me things: okay, let’s get that here is that so you’ve got. Oh, you scroll down music controller, which is this has got a timer setting sports record it’s very basic. I mean this has got far more to it. Pedometer running history record power saving, but you can’t update the firmware on this. Not as far as i know, please, let me know if you can sleep got music it’s got it’s, got all it’s got phone book messages.

Notifications, it will give you’ll, show the messages from facebook and twitter and all that stuff. So if i actually like this much better, i might actually end up keeping that um it’s just the charger. Why can’t? They just do the amalgamation of the features of this and this so it’s. Like half and half i mean it is plastic, but i mean i’ve had a plastic watch before it. Didn’T break it well, it’s, just the casio watches they’re, pretty good um. Okay, i’m gon na try and update this and then i’ll. Try again the only advantages over this one and the voigu are that this one has a better screen in terms of color saturation, but not far off this one. The watch faces are better on this um. Given that there are so many users that have bought this and reviewed this it’s quite disappointing, the very fit pro was very bad 3.3 rating on apps on the play store. Whereas this has far more features you can make and receive calls you can delete text. You can read text, you can see notifications, you can’t do that on this one, you can see blood pressure on this one you can’t on that one. I know this is probably not that accurate, but it gives you a rough idea. This shows vo2 so the oxygen. This one doesn’t again accuracy may be questionable, but that does nowhere near as much and it feels flimsy and light, whereas this is solid and it’s heavy um, so i’m, keeping that and i’m giving this back um very disappointing from wheel.

Full. Only good other good thing about this was the charger design very nice um, but this has ten alarms. This has five. If they, if voigu, would please do a firmer update with more watch faces more space for alarms and a more stable screen that doesn’t keep scrolling sideways. That makes that a fantastic watch. So if you’re watching this, please take note and a continuous heart rate may be an option at least um. You know so i’m giving that back and i’m keeping the void q it’s the same price so that’s my uh i’d. Give that probably, if you’re comparing then i’d, give it say that three and a half four out of four out of five yeah and i’d, give that a two and a half out of five quite disappointing that overrated i’ll go i’ll go with that, go with the Voice what a nice strap as well very nice flexible strap, definitely go with that one over that, so that’s getting returned.