Now not a whole lot has changed on the surface of this wearable, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts and it’s. Why? The ticwatch pro 3 can be considered one of the best where os smart watches, if not the best one right now, but is that really saying a whole lot? These days well, let’s find out? This is joshua fergara what’s going on everybody. Here are my thoughts on the ticwatch pro 3. actually i’m, making some tea right now. So why don’t? We just show off that capability. Real, quick, four minute timer mob voice latest flagship smart watch continues. The trends that made the first ticwatch pro a wear os hit. Obviously there is the secondary screen that stays pretty much on at all times, so that you can park the smarts and just enjoy having a watch it’s enclosed in a large frame. That might not be the most accessible one for certain users, for example, women might not gravitate to this decidedly black on black and large design, not to mention the size could prove tough to enjoy for anyone with smaller wrists, even i’m. Pushing the limits with this. On my wrists by the by i do have an old watch strap on here, replacing the half fall, leather and half silicone band that the pro 3 comes with. This is the richard tracy hammer band originally made for the pebble way back when it works well enough with the aesthetic of the tick watch.

Pro 3, though so i kept it on for some of you that might be interested in it. I went ahead and added a link to this watch band in the description and while you’re at it. Why don’t you go ahead and hit that like button? If you like, the look of my ticwatch pro 3 and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more content on wearables like this, the rest of the design aspects are what you would expect from a high end. Smartwatch. There are two large buttons on the right. One for navigation into the app drawer or back out to the home screens and then the bottom button for accessing a quick shortcut. Neither are navigational rotating dials, so all interactions with the software are done via the touchscreen on the other side is a grille for the speaker and then the undercarriage has the heart rate sensor that you can use while doing physical activities. The entire body of the ticwatch pro 3 is ip68 certified. So as long as you have a watch strap that can withstand the same elements, this watch can go in and out of the office or the gym, or even the pool or the hiking trail, where the built in altimeter and the gps will come in handy now. I will admit that the rare times that i have worked out lately have all been indoors, so i don’t have much to share about the outdoor activity friendly features i did mention pool earlier, though so i should further highlight for those of you that have asked in Previous smartwatch videos that this ticwatch pro 3 is indeed suitable for tracking your swimming activities.

There are very few surprises if at all on the design front, as the ticwatch pro 3 is simply the third iteration of an already established design, language, it’s, big, it’s, powerful and it’s, not shy about towing the line between black tie and bike. Rack! Oh and there you go t is ready, as was the case with previous ticwatch pro devices. The marquee feature is the returning dual display, aside from the 1.4 inch amoled display, which renders all of the smarts there is a low power display that can be left on. For the absolute watch, essentials telling the time and date as well as accessing just a couple of the other features like heart rate, monitoring and step tracking when in the essential mode. As with pretty much every smartwatch, i make sure to toggle certain settings for the best battery life possible. I turn off the race to wake. I don’t let it wake up when notifications do come in and it only turns on when i hit that main button, coupled with the better performance specs within the watch, easily handles my general usage for up to five days without needing a charge. That is a metric that nearly no other wear os device can boast and it’s only gotten better, as mobvoi hits version 3 of their pro wearable. Indeed, the story of the ticwatch pro 3 is less about any changes on the outside and more about the work. That was done within as the first smart watch widely available to sport, the wear 4100 processor, the pro 3, is a showcase of what wear os can actually do when it’s, given the right tools to succeed and with now one gigabyte of ram for all of the Apps that you may or may not use there’s definitely enough room for this software to shine and thus mavway are not shy about adding or even changing up the software suite with their own offerings, including a brand new look for the app drawer and apps that measure Blood oxygen levels and then, of course, their own suite of health applications which all funnel data to the paired smartphone app for those who really want to track every little part of their health and fitness.

The pro 3 provides many tools. You can monitor your stress even take a few meditative breaths and even measure the decibel levels of your environment, to protect your hearing and, of course, you can always track your workouts whenever you finally get away from the binge watching sessions, as always the benefit of having A wear os device is that you can use other applications where you see fit. I personally have always been a big fan of sleep as android as both my sleep tracker and smart alarm it’s through sleep as android, though, that i found one of my only real complaints with this watch. The haptics engine is literally one of the softest and worst i’ve ever felt. I can barely feel it for notifications. Much less rely on it to wake me up in the morning with sleep as android’s, silent, alarm, function, extra apps or not the rest of the wear. Os experience is largely unchanged. You can still get your notifications reply to messages using voice or an on screen keyboard customize. The look, even if the essential screen is what you’ll look at the most and get google assistant in yet another easy to access place, but it’s, not mob voice or even qualcomm’s fault. That, despite the great sum of the ticwatch pro 3’s parts, wear os is in dire need of attention. There are plenty of things that you can still do within the wear. Os ecosystem and manufacturers like mobvoid do their best to bolster it with their own app offerings, but i just can’t help but feel jilted when certain apps, i would love to have at the ready on my wrist just aren’t available.

Now i do hate to bring up the apple watch, but now that i’ve had that wearable experience, i have to mention certain applications like authy and simple fasting for tracking my daily fasts, which work beautifully on that platform, but are just non existent on wear os. Now i know it’s comparing apples to android oranges, but i have to mention it because the onus is on the app developers to adopt wear os, and you can consider this my plea to them to do so, so maybe there’s a cascading effect that could happen wire West finally has a better place to call home which could facilitate more powerful smart watches sporting, the 4100 processor, which could then increase wear os adoption rates, which then entices app developers to roll up their sleeves well here’s to hoping i’m looking forward to when that happens. But for now i still end up using the ticwatch pro 3, the same way that i would use any wear os smartwatch as a notification center. That, paradoxically, adds a bit of minimalism to my daily tech usage. The watch is there for when something comes in, because i then look at the notification and decide at that point. If i want to get the phone out and further engage other than that, i use it mostly for sleep tracking and for just on the go timers for things like washing hands and, like i showed earlier, making tea. It just so happens that the ticwatch pro 3 has the performance and the endurance to be a great watch that has the smarts just waiting, underneath that retro looking surface and for 299, the pro 3 simultaneously justifies its premium, but also asks you to hope that wear Os eventually lives up to the potential that mobvoi have presented here for more on smart watches and wearables, like the ticwatch pro 3, make sure you subscribe to my channel with all that said i’m going to call it on this one.

Thank you so much for watching. Take care of yourselves and each other and enjoy your tea.