This it doesnt do like anything special, just like a like a normal watch, but when i did a poll recently on like what do people wear in terms of smart watches, do you wear it or not? Then im looking at the latest results, then 31 people use it daily and then 56 of the people think its waste of time and 13 of the people think it is a good idea, but i dont know which one to get so usually smart, watches im rejecting Those review requests, but when fossil reached out, i said yes because im personally using a fossil watch, so i thought it would be interesting to see what is the new generation like? Is the smartwatch really like worth it? What does it improve like im gon na use? It daily and then see if its worth the time and if it actually gives me something like you know, what does it give me again? I want to know if this is any good, so on the box over here it says iphone and android compatible, which is interesting. I would have thought that, like android, watches are only android compatible and apple watches are only compatible with apple and so on. Okay, wow heres. The watch lets pull this off. Underneath we have some sensors. This is a silicon one i did say. If i could have the brown leather one, then that would be the best because then i could match it with my old watch, but obviously you can change them as you can see.

So here we have a sensor as well lots of sensors and other things. Then what else comes with the watch? Is this charger ring? We have two all contact points on both these sides, so that goes in. There lets fast forward a week and then see what the usage of this watch is actually being like Music, so welcome. I have been wearing this watch now for about a week. First of all lets talk about some of the key features in terms of the processor, its featuring the snapdragon wear 4100 plus processor, which is 30 faster than the last generation of fossil smartwatches. If youre wearing one of those which means just like snappier, you know loading times in terms of apps and longer battery life talking about battery life, you can expect just one day of you know: battery life, which is just usual when wearing smart watches. But what is impressive is that it can charge up to 80 percent of the battery in 30 minutes. So i found that, when im dropping off the kids in the school im having the charger in the car im, putting my watch to charge on the way there and then on the way back by the time im back home starting working. The watch is 100, which is very, very good, so just a tip for you, if youre wondering when to charge the watch, because if you want to track your sleep as well in the night which it can do, youre not charging the watch overnight.

So youre wondering: where can i charge the watch? I think like charging it in the car is a very cool tip. You can customize this watch in a lot of different ways, especially what the watch will look like. So you can put different faces on here and change the watch, what it would feel like, which is pretty cool, because you dont have to have different watches. You can have one watch, but it will change how it looks, which just is very cool and you know reduces waste and all sorts of things which i think is really cool. Another thing that i wasnt so sure about was the waterproof rating of this watch. You can actually take this watch 30 meters on the water, even if you go in like diving, 30 meters on the water, its completely fine. So in the shower, in your swimming or whenever you take this watch, you can be completely fine, its its completely waterproof, which is absolutely amazing, something you dont expect from a smartwatch, absolutely packing so much technology inside little thing, its awesome, its got a microphone speaker and Built in vibrators on this watch, so you can get a vibration when you get a notification or when you talk to google assistant, for example over here, you can hear it back. What shes saying and another key feature. I think which a lot of people like is the nfc built in. So if you want to pay for your shopping without taking your phone out, you can just use the watch boom pay for your groceries, absolutely fantastic feature and then now a lot of cool features that are found inside here.

That, i think, is very interesting for people to know as well. First of all, its packed full of, like you know, all sorts of fitness features all the way from step, counting all the way to like blood oxygen levels, but my favorite one was the sleep tracking, especially now having the new baby. I can see how bad im sleeping and how actually bad quality of a sleep that is in the night time, which is very cool. So, if youre doing a lot of fitness or sport, this has got all the bells and whistles built in there. The watch has 22 millimeter straps over here, so you can change them to different ones, that fossil provides theres, also different, color of the actual like metal for men. If you dont, like the black version, there is different versions available as well as for women. If you want to buy this, for a wife for example, or something like that there is like rose gold version and like rose gold and black, i think so ill leave some links in the description below. If you want to check them out. I want to give some credit to this silicone strap because i was used to wearing you know this leather strap on my old analog fossil watch and that leather strap got quite like scratchy in the end and it wasnt as comfortable as this silicone strap. I thought this is not going to be as comfortable, but im really surprised how comfy this is and ive been wearing it literally like a week straight without taking it off now, only one charging ive been taking it off its been absolutely fantastic.

So lets talk about some of the things that i personally really like about the watch and some of the concerns i had and then how the watch proved me wrong. First of all, coming from an analog watch, i wondered if this is gon na be more of a hassle of all sorts of like smart things and like is it really gon na help? My efficiency my day to day you know like work and life? Is it actually gon na help me or is it more of a nuisance or just like a cool feature that you can add, but doesnt really give you any? You know help to your day to day life. Honestly, i was really surprised how much efficiency this watch gives me when getting notifications. I dont have to take my phone out from the pocket. I can just see okay, its not important or its important. What i can do is just press on reply and just voice speech. The text i can say what the reply is: press send and i dont even have to take my phone out, which is so much faster, so much quicker and saves. You know time. Another thing i wasnt so sure about is: does it feel like natural? You know when youre moving from analog to digital, you know smartwatch. Does it actually feel like a normal watch and it does it feels like a normal watch in every single way you put it on you, use it exactly the same way.

It feels the same way its the same height, its got the same buttons. Everything is is exactly just like normal, so if youre coming from an analog watch, this is just feels completely normal. Another cool thing is when the watch dies or when the battery runs out. You can still see what time it is. So when you press, you know any of the buttons in there, it wakes up the watch and you can see the time so its not completely useless when it runs out of battery it just still tells you the time, but it just kind of cuts. All the smart features often, but i want to underline it again how awesome the speech to text feature is it makes replying to messages or quick stuff, so much easier and so much faster, and it works really really well so weve got google assistant built in here When holding on this button and alexa, i think is coming in here as well, which is just awesome that depends which you know assistant you use, you can use them in here. Im super excited about the alexa feature because a lot of my you know office things are alexa control, for example, alexa turn the wall lights red. So if i could do that on my watch, that would be really cool. So overall, im super impressed with what it gives you if youre running a very busy life. Youve got a lot of notifications and things like that.

This is really going to save you a lot of time, especially if you get used to some of the other features and customize it to yourself. This really really helps. The only downside that i can see in terms of moving from analog to digital is the watch. Charging thing because the watch needs charging every single day. It is another thing to charge, but if you buy an extra charger you can leave one in the cab and charge it in the car another one in the office, for example, and then you just have it there or somewhere, where you know you know youre gon Na take your watch down, but the charging issue isnt so bad because it changes so fast and like lasts so long thanks fossil for sending me this and letting me check this out. If you want to pick this out for the men or women or different colors im going to leave the links in the description below, especially now in the holiday season, especially in the black friday, i can see that there might be some deals on. I already peaked – and i saw some deals on this, so if you want to get a deal on this check out the links in the description below so i want to know what you guys thinking. Let me know in the comment section below as always likes.