This is unboxing tv and ive, been wearing the vivomove sport for a week to see what its like Music as more hybrid smartwatches, adopt some kind of screen technology design, edges away from watch and becomes more smartwatch like garmin impressively treads. The fine line between providing just the right amount of beneficial technology without straying into full smartwatch territory with the vivomove sport with the screen off youd, never know one was there at all the black dial which is covered in tiny ridges. When you look closely shows no evidence of a screen at all the physical batten hands sweep around the dial, just like a regular watch until you either raise your wrist or tap the glass. When the screen in the lower half of the dial lights up, you may have noticed there arent any buttons on the simple case and are wondering how you control the watch. Well, the glass is touch sensitive, so you tap and swipe through the menu to select features. Its accurate and reliable – and i like the way the hands move out of the way when you start interacting with the screen. The oled is in itself bright, but its low resolution just 72 by 154 pixels and the blurriness. This introduces spoils. Look this aside, the vivomove sport is minimalist and well designed its very light at 34 grams with the strap and the 40 millimeter case should suit most wrist sizes, ive worn it day and nights for more than a week, and it has been very comfortable.

The case is made from a fiber reinforced polymer, so it looks and feels like a textured plastic while its strengthened glass over the dial, its a hybrid smartwatch. So it connects to your phone using the garmin connect app, which is available for android and ios. It shows your notifications, it tracks your activity, theres a heart rate and blood oxygen sensor on the back. It tracks your sleep stress and has a manual water intake, logging feature theres, menstrual cycle and pregnancy, tracking and safety features, including an emergency contact. Alert. Garmin connect provides masses of data, but doesnt really provide much in the way of motivation or on or advice on how to improve. There are challenges you can join or create, which goes some way to fixing this problem. The watch has reliably showed my notifications, although the small screen does limit them somewhat, plus theres, assisted gps when connected to your phone theres, no nfc or mobile payments, though, and theres no support for siri or google assistant, which you do find on some of the competing Devices ive been using the vivomove sport ahead of release and ive found. The workout tracking data does differ from my apple watch series 7, usually returning a higher heart rate and therefore a higher calorie burn theres, usually a small amount of difference between devices and obviously neither of these are medical grade. But the vivomove sport was about 10 beats per minute higher than the apple watch on a consistent basis.

A software update may come after release to tweak this should garmin itself find accuracy problems. Finally, theres the battery ive worn the watch to track a few workouts ive tracked all my sleep and had continuous heart rate tracking active as well, and its lasted five days before needing a recharge which is in line with garmins expectations. Music, Music. I really like the vivomove sport, its discreet, on your wrist due to the minimalist, simple design and that hidden screen giving off fashion watch vibes and when you call it into action all of garmins activity. Tracking expertise is there for the casual exerciser and the more serious sports person alike, its light and comfortable its easy to use and its reasonably priced 117 dollars. If youve been looking at a fitbit versa, 3, but couldnt get past the design or one of fossils.