We are a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch, tix.com, reviewing everything about smartwatches and it's about time. Folks, it's about time. We talk about the elephant in the room, hey everything everywhere: everybody's got an elephant in their room somewhere and we've got one here in the past four and a half years. I have reviewed so many smartwatches, Android smartwatches like this one, all of them all of them. Having a little compartment with a little chip that goes in here called a sim that's lets these things operate as standalone. Smartwatch phones, that's right, that's, the elephant. Up until now, we really haven't helped you guys out on giving you sim cellular connectivity, as these things have matured from 2g to 3G and now 4G LTE capable you get your watch. But then what do you do add on a line to your phone plan for 20 bucks a month switch carriers from Verizon or Sprint over to t mobile or ATampT? Just so you can get GSM that's. The carry of these things use support. Well, all of those are possibilities but I'm going to show you something today. That'S really custom made for smart watches that might solve this whole elephant issue. You ready it's called speed, talk mobile and I'm, showing you the very end of this video that we're gon na back. You all the way around to see why you watched what you're watching right now. This is the order page for you to set up a smart watch plan with a SIM card.

That'Ll get you calling data and text messaging for 5, a month plus five dollars and sixty cents shipping to send you the SIM card for a startup cost 10.60. However, because you're watching here and because I've got a special code for you, mister tix MRT, IC KS, you can get free shipping, so you get 5 setup charge for 5 for your first month of use of the sim and no other costs whatsoever. That'S, where we're going now let's show you how we get there. This is a phone company, just like t mobile. Actually, it uses a t, mobile phone network and you basically set up a separate phone plan for your SmartWatch. You just simply choose a plan check to make sure that t mobile works in your area, all right, no good. If it's, not gon na work, bring your own device that's, your SmartWatch you're gon na order, the SIM card to be mailed to you. When you get the thing in the mail, you activate your plan, doesn't even start until you activate it, you insert the sim and you start using your phone, your watch as a phone right on your arm. These are the SmartWatch plans and this is why I'm really? Looking at this, these guys to be the best option because they focused on an a unique blend of traditional phone capabilities, calling texting and data, but also integrated with this new concept of IOT. You'Ve heard that right Internet of Things yeah.

Because of that, you don't need to carry a lot of overhead that you do traditionally like voicemail and call forwarding and call rejections and all these other services that you normally get on a traditional cellular phone plan. Keeping the cost down. Remember, we're talking a smart watch plan, so you can make and receive calls to a phone number on the watch, make and send text response to that phone number. If you choose and use the 4G LTE data for limited I'm going to say, limited because it's expensive to you, data on a watch but limited capabilities like navigation, if you needed to or checking emails or notifications of important things right, but not really watching youtube videos From your watch, when you get into this you'll see that you can set up plans that are cost different amounts, but it boils down to a simple formula: it's two cents. Let me tell you my two cents. My two cents is that two cents per minute for a phone call is really good and you can talk a long time on just two cents. Two cents per text message not bad at all. Either five dollars will take you a long way for two cents. At a time, two cents for a megabyte of data, that's gon na get a little expensive. You get about two hundred and fifty megabytes, okay on five dollars of data or 250 text messages or 250 minutes of calling, but you can mix it up any way.

You want it's just basic two cents across the board if you think you're gon na use more. This is exactly the same, still two cents a minute, not cheaper. Here it doubles. You know to ten dollar plan for five hundred five hundred and five hundred, but basically it's a way to get. You started with a SIM card in your watch for five bucks out of pocket to see if this is gon na work for you, if it works, and you don't use it all that often you're you hit the money. If you need a little bit more double it, if you use a lot, then you probably want to add a second line to your regular phone carrier and spend twenty bucks a month or something so that you can stream YouTube to your phone and not worry about Data overages – those are the basic plans when you get into this you'll find dig and go on up to the point where you can actually lay down a hundred bucks and get an annual plan right every month, five hundred five hundred and five hundred – and it just Simply renews you don't have to pay a penny more 100 out of pocket and you're done so choosing a plan is a thing to do, but my recommendation, if you want to play with this sim thing, is just jump in with the five dollar plan get back Here to that initial thing, not pay for shipping and your code, mister tics right in here to get free shipping and five dollars.

Now what you do have to do is you have to give a credit card to charge this 5.00 and you see you're, basically signing up for a renewal subscription, there's, no contract, but at the end of your period from when you activate a month later, it's gon Na reheat your credit card for five dollars for the next month and same thing for the next month. If you go over your five dollars and you can – and I have that to show you right here because here's my first month folks, this is my rate than my time and sure enough. By this time I was at eight dollars and sixty eight cents of my available five dollars. So what happened was I was automatically charged another five dollars and it paid for the difference and put a dollar thirty. Two in my mobile wallet. This is for overages, which carries forward later on toward the end of the month. Look I'd used ten dollars and 59 cents out of the five dollar original plan, so I was charged the original five dollars, another five dollars and then five dollars more – that covered the 59 cents and gave me that much money to carry over to the next month. Well, the next month just started there's that same overage and I've just used ten cents of my basic five dollar plan. So you're really not costing you any extraneous, and you get to use that fully because it it's it carries through months a month it's a month and once you use your plan up, then it starts to use out of those overages.

So what you get? Basically, when you sign up and have it shipped to you – is a smartwatch sim. Look at that Smart Watch with a picture and every it's really it's custom made for smart watches and who uses Smart Watch. Sims not Tizen with the galaxy that's got its own sim thingy installed, not the wear, OS ones. Tick watch which uses four that's got its something installed. It'S Android watches the same ones we keep reviewing here over and over again, so this sim is custom made with speed talk, GSM mobile to work inside our little watches. The instructions are inside it's, really simple when I plugged them in my watches and tested them out it lights up without having to mess with anything there's a way, and they describe it on their website that you can modify that thing called the APN APM it's a Pretty easy, it just set up a couple of name changes to the mobile net as all you got to do, and it gives you descriptions of how to do that and there's help and videos on the website and everything it's a way to go to solve the Ultimate elephant issue and get a SIM card service on the limited scale in your SmartWatch, simple, is putting the sim in and using it month to month, and once again, the last thing I'll leave it with is what I started out at the beginning. You go into the shopping, cart after you put in the five dollar SmartWatch plan.

You make sure you put in mr. tix and hit apply so you're shipping drops and free. You set up as you go through the pages and charge the 5 to your credit card and in doing that, you're setting it up for it to automatically be charged 5 each month until you cancel it so that you'll have your basic service from your phone. Now one of the cool things too – and this is why you may really want to do this – is no matter what plan you're using in your phone. You know you can call forward your phone to anywhere to your babysitter to your work to your office. If you wanted to so calls that come in to your home go to your office, you could call forward to the number that you're gon na be able to pick out for your watch. That'S right, so you're gon na go jogging. You slap this thing on. The last thing you do is go to your phone and set up call forwarding your phone to your watch and there you go now. You'Ve got that number share kind of concept working without having to spend all the big expense of a carrier setting it up for you, and you have your own separate number in here. So when you get back, you just simply undo the call forwarding your back to this thing, having its own number for calling and and receiving calls, you could keep that number private, give it to your friends and family for emergencies.

However, you want to work it. It could be your business line. Your phone is your personal line, or vice versa, but that call forwarding feature and cancel and call forwarding which all cellular plans. Basically, support is a real godsend for being able to separate yourself from your phone and go out and use the watch anywhere you want to for as little as five dollars a month with speed talk and the Smart Watch sim you've been watching. Smart watch ticks appreciate.