com today, we're taking the five top flagship, Android standalone, SmartWatch phones and we're gon na we're, going to do the left right, brain integration and try to give you some facts, but mostly Give you the the feel for these different watches. They are all awesome. Watches I've tried to line them up by front camera placement left top right other than that we're just gon na dive in and take a look at them. A few things up front I'm. Not putting bands on them, I got all my bands, all mixed up and I'm, not going to evaluate a based on. Is this a better band than that because they're all replaceable it's a non issue? Secondly, I'm: not gon na really go into battery life. On these I'm, going to tell you battery capacity and that's, subject to interpretation of, but in terms of actual battery life, I've got some of those in some of the different videos it's just too hard to do all across the board right now, let's dive in on The far left hand side with a front facing camera to the left and a forward facing camera that looks out the only one with the second camera going. This way is the car is the Chronos blade Genesis here? It is well lit up let's talk about it. It'S got about 700 and 30 milliamps our battery in it, which is on the low side, but it has some good things going for it like a transflective screen, which means outdoors it'll reflect the light and be actually brighter than any of the other watches it's.

The only one like that it means you can run the brightness at the lowest level and extend battery life out longer, because of that usually the battery life is the hardest thing on a battery. So you've got a front facing camera for selfies and again a forward facing camera out this way, so it'll work on the left arm or the right arm and be pointed forward. Those are the two really good things going for this forward facing camera and the transflective or reflective screen other than that the genesis comes in with a 320 by 320 screen and it's. One point: five four inches, which is close to the smallest one in here, will show you all the sizes in a moment that's the genesis. Now we get into these other ones that have forward facing cameras at the top. This big boy is the brand new s08. We turn that puppy on and you can see, it's got the forward facing camera and a microphone right there and the side camera. It goes this way, not from the top. All of the rest of these, the other camera, the landscape view type camera, is off to the left full screen. This is also the largest screen of all of them. The f08 comes in at one point: six: nine inches it's 450 by 450 Rev revolt of revolutions. No resolutions and it's a TFT display you can see you can see it really clearly to the edge on either side but in bright light.

It'S gon na wash out when you have high contrast, white against black, like this particular watch, face or a digital one and you're in the bright sunlight, and you cover and shield the screen. You can read the time, but you're gon na have a hard time like looking at your trajectory on a Google map or something like that. What else about it? It'S it's, coming with a thirteen hundred and sixty milli amp hour battery that's, the biggest one of the lot and honestly we'll compare these thicknesses later it's about they're all about the same thickness. But you see how this one kind of tapers down a little bit and this one is like fat to the edge and, of course, it's a bigger fatter watch overall, because of that larger screen. So much larger watch much larger battery, much larger screen than the Genesis. Actually than any of the other ones here as well – that's the s08, so Genesis for transflective screen for facing camera this one, the s08 larger waterproof I didn't touch on that thing. This is the only one of the group that I would comfortably say yep. You can probably dunk this in water we're doing that in one of the review. Videos of the way it's sealed have been put together awesome for waterproof capability. Now we go to the tiniest one of the lot right next to the biggest one. You can really see the difference here in the in the size of the screens.

Can'T you. This is the Thor 5 and it's got forward facing camera at the top and a side tiny little side camera over here by the way I'm. Not talking about camera resolutions, those are all in the videos separately and they are different, they're, typically, no bigger than five megapixels on all of them. The camera modules at the largest size, but the images are 8 megapixels for the 5 megapixel cameras and that's, because they do a thing called up interpolation. They make the image size larger by doing something fancy with the pixels so that you can display it like at a larger size and print it out and all that kind of stuff. But the true actual resolution is 5 megapixels. Some of the forward ones are also 5. Some are lower, in fact, I think on the Thor 5 Pro. No, I don't have that one. This is the LEM 12 coming up. It'S got the lowest resolution forward facing camera of all, but we digress anyway. Here we go and talking about the screen for the Thor 5, we got 5 454 by 454 pixels it's claimed and 1.3 9 inch. Amoled discreet, AMOLED is ones where each pixel is lit up individually and because of that it's a low power. If you have a lot of black in your screen, because there's no backlight each pixels illuminated, so you can put on those long term type of always on display options, amoled watches any of them and extend the battery life and also haven't, always on watch it's.

A third party application, but this particular one also has a mode that you can go into. That gives you an always on screen, it's a dual processor, once the only one of the lot like this and it's the last of a dying breed of many of them. We had that were the same size as this 1.3 9 inches from 2019 ish. 2018. 2019. The bed, the bad thing about that. Is it really drains the battery you get about five hours, maybe six hours of life out of this. If you use that feature, which is really really sad, but it has it it's, the only one that has the always time are always on display when it times out of this and by the way, these are all set to really long on right now, which is For the video, but if you have it typically set to 15 seconds or something when this screen goes out, it would light up a different wouldn't want to see that look at the full review. It'S all done there. Next we come over here. Wow, look at the build quality on this puppy and Who am I looking at? This is the LEM 12. I know my children by eyesight forward facing side facing cameras and carbon fiber. Looking back really exquisite watch design, you see the four big screws here, that's. What you use to open the whole back, which runs all the way around here, and it just for a moment, wants you to contrast that back with this one, where we don't have any screws, we got some tiny little recessed holes right here that I don't know.

May or may not go down into really tiny screws and it's sealed right around the edge there and well just a this is this is the one that they really put focus on waterproofing. This has a sim cover that has a screw on it, and probably a gasket inside of here. This is coming close to something that might be waterproof, but the fact that this extends all the way out into these these tips, where you hook the band on, makes it well a lot more susceptible to potential water intrusion. Ip67 is a speck that's supposed to allow you to take up these things underwater for up to a meter, for I don't know 30 minutes, but China has really really loosey goosey with that to where I p67 just basically means splash proof, it'll probably survive splashing, but Not much else this one goes ip68 and it says actually to a higher standard five atm, which means you could take it down. Underwater 50 meters, that's 150 feet gang for 48 hours, yeah, big, big difference, these other ones, not really splash proof is about the best. You can get both of these. You see if they have a little snap in SIM, covers in fact the same back design, basically on these and that's, not really good for water intrusion, even sweat can get in here. So if you have a watch like this, make sure you put tape over here, okay, if you're, not gon na use the sim at all or if you put one in there and leave it there as soon as you put it in put some waterproof tape over The SIM covers, if they just snap in and out okay, if they screw in solid, like that or are Wow really sub, really done like this, you know no need to tape.

It they're, probably gon na – be good this one. I tape anyway that one though, that that's yeah really good design on this one. Finally, we get to the COS pet prime okay, but before we did that did I cover everything on the LEM 12, I got the oh nine hundred milli amp hour battery in this one, so it's lower the Thor five battery that comes in at 545 milliamp hour. That'S, probably why it's such a short life when you're in that always time mode 545, milliamp, 900 milli amp, this one was what 730. Then we got up to this. He Mungo guy at thirteen sixty and the prime, is twelve sixty. So this was the first really large battery play, and then this one is even larger and you can see from the size of these that yeah. This has got a whole lot more internal area. Then this one does, which is way way more than this one. You can see how that's just gon na have to be a tiny battery in there to get all the other electronics, alright we're outside right now and I'm. Gon na give you an overview of what these guys look like in filtered sunlight, it's in and out of clouds. Right now, and I can barely see the camera screen so I'm on the Genesis. I want to show you that if i unlock it with the first touch and slide down there's what it looks like for that screen now here is the s 0 8 and you can see the sun's getting a little brighter there.

I slid it down that's what everything looks like gosh. Can you see that trying to get the reflections not to hit okay there's a Genesis, the s 0 8? Here we are on the Thor 5 Pro right slide down from that that's. What we look like here, good it's, going in and out of clouds, so you get a little feel for both ways: here's a high contrast screen on all of these I've tried to do the LEM. 4. I'M. Sorry LEM, 12, here's. What the screen looks like when you pull it down and then here's another white against black screen on the COS pet Prime and that's. What it's green looks like here so there's a perspective in filtered sunlight now, I've got some good shade going of what they all look like notice, they're, all full bright I'm, going to take the Genesis down to full dim medium brightness you're on the screen there yeah Yeah and in full brightness – and you can't tell any change at all in the backlighting, so I actually can run this one all the way down like that. If I wanted to that's the benefit of the transfected screen. The last thing I want to show you is to come over here into Fitness. That now is a black and white screen of the normally colorful outdoor run. If I do that here, as this, the light gets dimmer now makes it actually better. Overall, on the s08, are you seeing it? Do you see the outdoor bike button? Okay? Here we go on the Thor five row: fitness okay – there – it is on here here we got those three going and now the LEM 12 and finally, the cost.

Fet prime okay got good filtered Sun. Now this would be a nice overcast, a lightly overcast, and I have no idea what you're seeing. I cannot even see really the my camera screen, but from looking at them. I can definitely tell you: the genesis is much brighter. As the Sun gets brighter, it gets more transflective the s08 marginal compared to the Thor five bro. The Thor five Pro is easier to read: it's a little brighter I'm, mainly looking at the white figure here versus the bicyclists there let's see if I take it back to outdoor run there there's the same thing. You see the color picture behind here. Barely the two people standing there, can you see that figure there's the white person there's the one right in the beginning again and I can see the color picture somewhat. Can you see both of those on the Thor five Pro so best is Genesis. Second, Thor five bro, these guys same thing: you can barely make out the color picture in the back, but you can pretty well tell at least where the outdoor run button is on these three they're pretty much the same. Whatever screen we got going on here. Alright, now we're getting some bright Sun. I know. If I talk long enough, you get it one more time through the Thor five. Sorry, the Genesis transflective screen the s0 80ft, the Thor five bro I don't know don't – have a ball memorized, the the Lymphoma am 12 and you know I'm gon na see these in my sleep and finally, the cost pet prime, and if I get in here I'm In the shade there it is in the bright Sun one two, three four five does that guy satisfy your outdoor curiosity.

It should now as a comparison baseline. So you can see how the brightness actually is indoors. I haven't changed the thing it just came in from the sunshine check these out. Definitely the brightest one full brightness on all of these now is the Thor five Pro followed by. Oh no don't be I'm on me Bay, Oh No they're, all starting to dim it's been long enough. I got to touch the screens. I feel like the guy with the plates on TV twirling and keeping him going. Okay, brightest. This definitely Thor 5 bro, followed by cos Pet Prime and Genesis, are, are tied. It looks like a little bit more color rendition here, a little bit on the blueish side here. This is definitely white, full color really almost too bright for the camera. These two guys the s08 and the LEM 12 identical I'd say pretty much until you look straight on on their prime. The prime is slightly brighter than these two. All of these have the same color tone. It looks like these two are different and that's. Definitely the best for indoors and it's second best to outdoors and Genesis, of course, is best outdoors, but that's only talking about the brightness of the screens outside. You still have everything else to consider on comparing these watches. This is a big watch. This is a heavy watch. It'S got my camera app on it too right now getting ready for the full review.

This one is is very comparable. So if you wanted to come they're too large watches the prime is coming in at one point: six inch screen the s08 one point: six nine inch, almost 1.7, still the biggest screen. You got the front facing camera here and the side facing camera here, so they've combined the two cameras on one side on this one here there at the top I'm gon na talk a second I'm jumping all over. I know that, but when you're wearing this, if you're wearing it on the left, hand, side and you're moving around and doing face conferencing, you know or doing a video log or something and you're touching your screen having the camera at the top or, on the left Hand side is the ideal location if you're wearing it on your left arm. Okay, because you're gon na be touching the screen here. The drawback I see if this one was the placement of that front camera where, if you want to do anything, you're gon na be putting your finger between your face and the camera and it's gon na be annoying to whoever you're talking with so bad placement. Practically the worst placement, the really worst placement, I think, was the le m7. That was on the bottom and not only was it on the bottom. It wasn't pointed forward. It was angled under your hmm. I guess it was a and a mistake. I'Ll call it a mistake, that's the best I could say, but that was out there too.

I won't call it a flagship it's a bit older. These are the current ones in top of the line for each of these manufacturers, so the prime 1260 milliamp hour battery 400 by 400 resolution 1.6 inch IPS screen the LEM 12 by the way same screen exactly 400 by 400 1.6 inch, IPS. Okay. What else there you have it uh I'm, my metal loss for words. I really like this one, if I were gon na choose I'd, be sitting here going. What am I gon na do with my watch? If I want to, if I want to make sure that it's okay to get wet, then I would go with this one. If I want a really big watch easy to see with my fading Senor eyes. Oh, I would say that my my advancement right, we just don't, say which millennial then a with a big screen is a great great idea when you put it on now without a band, I can show it to you like this you're gon na find. That thing is big and because it hangs off, I've got a medium average guys adult arm, and you can see with the bands on it well you'll see in the video I have the Vans it's gon na be big on the arm. It is just no way around it now you could tighten it up really good and and that's okay, but it's gon na be really really large. These guys this is gon na be kind of on the large size too, but not as large, but it's really thick.

These watches, with huge batteries in them there's no way around it there's only one battery technology they're all using they're, just sizing the batteries differently. So if you want something, that's really long, life you're gon na pay for it by overall size and weight. So these two great for battery, probably and very thick you're, getting a little bit thinner, not much you're coming down in size here and then you're down to a tiny little thing. If you've got thin wrists female or a child adult teenager, then this is a good size watch for you to wear it. Won'T look too overly large, but it's got its limitations. We'Ve already talked about so there you go kind of a quick comparison of all of these I'm gon na put the buying link for each of them in the show notes down below and the link to the actual detailed reviews of each one of them. I know you have hundreds of more questions about them and I only got to a few points. There'S different types of charging connectors some have docks. Some have wires, but overall build quality. You can kind of see just by looking at them how they, how they fare with each other and against each other. You got microphones and speakers all different places on these this one I like speakers on the side and it actually comes out and reflects off your arm and back up again and it's. Really nice and loud other ones are in different places.

This one – and this one have the speaker on the bottom, underneath the lip here keeps it away from getting water in it potentially same with this one. The sound comes out from below. So, if you put it up to your ear, your arm is facing your ear. If you're having trouble hearing a call, it makes it a convenient place to put it right on your ear, those guys you see how you could just go on and on forever with these shoe, I don't even see that okay, the speaker here on the prime below The cameras – hmm right near the body could get water in there. I don't know I don't have anybody's had trouble with that by the way we're talking about waterproofing. This has got a really large back here, it's screwed on here, but that metal could get warped. A little bit so I would definitely tape it over to protect it. This was the one with the screw on it, that's pretty good. This is better than that for waterproofing cuz it's, a smaller area. These two are the worst of all for water intrusion through the back, and then this one, of course, being totally waterproof, is a phenomenal new, complete new design type, all right, I'm gon na stop. Now, while we're ahead, I don't know if we're ahead or not, but there you go the family of stand alone, meaning you have to put a sim card in them to make them work as a phone.

So you use standalone SmartWatch phone that's how they're described they're a standalone phone that doubles as a SmartWatch. None of these guys tether to your actual phone for receiving phone calls. Okay, that technology went out in android 5.1, so the newer flagship watches. None of them can bluetooth tether to your phone for phone calls, so don't misinterpret that you'll need to go to Android. Wear like the um. Oh, I don't know the tick watch or the go to Google. I mean Google, a Samsung for the Galaxy watch. If you want that kind of tethering, none of these guys have NFC chips in them. That'S not in this possibility, so you're not going to be doing touchless transactions in a covet world again that the Tyson watches with Samsung pay the Apple watch with Apple pay. Google pay on the where OS type watches you can get that kind of feature, but for Android watches if you're sold on this kind of technology. These are the ones you're. Looking at bezel nice bright, reflective flat surface going across it. Oh, you saw face unlock that's in all of these things to using the front facing camera. The firmware now is set up so that you can unlock your watch automatically using your face. Lots of other features here's another shiny, bezel one, but it's curved and raised a little bit just depends the appearance that you'd, like here's, one that's actually got numbers and things around. It looks more like a watch.

This has got this extended shiny, bezel overlay. On top of a matte black finish here very much similar, the prime and the s0 eight and the Genesis is over here with its flat round bezel and camera on the side. This is the only one tapered but shiny and they're all shiny, except that one with the now alright, alright I'm done I've taken up enough of your time. Thanks for watching guys, we really do appreciate your subscription and your help with giving us likes on these videos and again check the show notes down below for links to the individual videos and actually I'll just put the links to the videos, because, if you're interested in Buying them use the link in the video because those I keep updated with coupons and things like that, so we'll, just direct you to the the full reviews of each of these watches and from there. If you're interested, please use the links. We provide you because that gives us credit for the watches and helps keep the next wave of flagship watches coming in for you to take a look at on our channel again, smart watch ticks comm.