So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified, anyways let’s get straight into it. Take a look at the box. Quite nice. To be honest, you’ve got a few watch faces on the front and also the watch picture in the middle uh. We have t 500 plus on the side. We’Ve also got in a blue color as well. It comes in a few different colors. I did purchase this from ali express, so if you want to check out check, um, aliexpress out and type in t500, plus or alibaba, you can purchase it from both of the websites, so it’s a serious six smartwatch clone a t500 plus on the other side as Well, let’s take a look at the back you’ve got. A few information include smartwatch band charger, cable and user manual. Not all capabilities are available in all areas. I don’t know why he always says that every other smartwatch i’ve got it always says this. Smartwatch is not a medical device, battery life charge cycles and display life vary by use, and settings smartwatch may need to be serviced or replaced by authorized service provider, and they always spell provided wrong. A few trademarks and made in china are these everything else. So that is what is what’s on the box. Let’S take a look at what we have inside. This is a different style of manuals. As you can see here, it comes in all these colors smartwatch display. Never sleeps we’ll, see about that.

I don’t think this is gon na always on display, but i might be wrong. You never know so here is what the manuals look like in english, as you can see right there and take a look at the back. You’Ve got that language as well, so that is the manuals. Here is what else we get inside the box, but just before we take a look at the watch band and the watch got blue color. Rather, you also got a wireless charging pad, which also has a two pin charger as well. So that is what we get inside the box here is the watch band, as you can see right here. Definitely, cheap! Look at that. The color is coming off with a see through one i don’t know if you can see it properly. Look at that, but anyways forget that we need to check out this watch right here, which is the t500. Let me just move all these aside, so here we have it: um it’s, a blue color, as you can see, with the blue body as well, so it matches like a navy blue color, as you can see right there. So let’s take a look at the body. First uh, it doesn’t have a power button. It’S only got a mic, a micro towel and also the crown uh we’ll see if the crown works later in the video. Taking a look at the back. You’Ve got the two pin charger right here.

It says case 10n xx well, x, glass, ecg, 4.0, bluetooth, watch, 6 generation, millimeter, aluminium it’s got no buttons to take out the watch band, so it’s just sliding and slide out. It has also has two uh speaker: cutouts one is fake, one is real i’ll. Let you guess which one is real and fake and yeah that is about it, but i do like this color. This is like the pacific blue color. If i’m, not it’s like a navy blue anyway, but yeah let’s power, this on so you’ve got to use everything with the crown let’s just hold it in, and hopefully it should power on you’ve got a tone and it’s straight up. We’Ve got the watch open running. So, as you can see here, let’s see if the crown works, no, it doesn’t it’s, not changing. The watch faces let’s push the crown in push the crown in takes it on and off, as you can see right there, but yeah let’s get straight into it. Swiping it down doesn’t, do anything swiping it up. You’Ve got your shortcuts blue tools. This is for your menu. You’Ve got three different multi menu, styles, baby breaths, uh list changes and nine pallets let’s check baby breath first uh. So how do we go into menu? Oh, so you have to press in the middle uh well anywhere on the screen and it will go into menu, so baby breath menu is the smart style one so let’s swipe it back up, see what else we got list change so once we swipe anywhere on The screen the menu will come up and, as you see this is the list change so let’s go into the next one, which is nine palace and let’s uh press it here and, as you can see, you’ve got nine pallets right there, so that we’re gon na Change that back to listview, because i actually like list view right there.

So what else we got on the shortcuts you’ve got your brightness, which will put all the wheels. So it can actually show you better uh. You got your silent mode and loud mode torch, which doesn’t do anything, and also your bluetooth um, which is not connectable, which we connect that’s, the bluetooth which will connect later in the video, so we’ll switch bluetooth off at the moment. That is to switch your bluetooth on and off, to connect it to your phone. That is about it’s crown does not work, definitely does not work so let’s swipe it down going back in the menu swipe it to the right. It’S also got the split screen as well, which is good, so whatever app you’ve clicked on it will actually go at the at the bottom of the screen. Here also gives you the time and date, and also the weather once you’ve connected it to the to your phone, and all these are connected. You’Ll get the right, um information, so let’s swipe it to the left and, as you can see here, that will actually change it. The uh watch faces and there’s only so let’s count count how much what faces last i’ve got one two three, four: five: six. Only six watch faces so we’ll check uh later in the video once we connect it to our app to see if we can actually uh download, more watch faces or put a customized watch face on.

So when you actually click it go straight into the menu. So let’s take a look at the menu so idle display that just goes back to your uh watch. Face no idea. Why alarm? You know what alarm is messaging uh that’s. Obviously, when you connect it to your phone, the back swipe does work, which is really good. Uh call logs, obviously, when you connect it to your phone let’s, go into settings, bluetooth, settings power off visibility, device name, as you can see, it’s t500 plus uh. You got your clock. You can actually sync it to the phone once you sync it to the phone. It will automatically change for you sound you can actually do it ring only vibrate or mute it same again with volume as well. Your multimedia, your notifications, we’ll see what notifications we can actually get on this phone display, your brightness and your 60 second screen time out. International that goes to auto sync, and you can just change it to whatever you want. It also has a password which will change it to uh we’ll, put four zeros there we go and so let’s take it off and see if it works and there we go straight away, so it is password, uh protected, which is really really good. Do it again, but yeah there we go let’s take that off, because i don’t want to keep messing about with putting the password on and off so that’s, really good um reset you can reset it and about this, gives you information about it t500 plus device, and It just gives you the version and the release time when it was made.

So that is what we get in settings: let’s go to dialer that’s uh, once you’re connected to your phone, also with facebook, remote capture when you’re connected to the phone bluetooth, music same again, bluetooth, you can switch it on and off. As you can see right there, remote noise fire that’s when you connect it to your phone calendar, is a new style, it’s all style, uh calculator, siri, what’s, obviously connected to your phone you’ll, be able to press the button and work siri from that way. Find my device that’s uh, just let’s, show you you have to pair it with your phone. First quick response starts just to download the app and to wear the app you need to download wake up. Gesture is off so you can actually put that on and off. It’S up to you, we’ll see if you can do that in the app as well multi style that, just if you want to change your menu styles, blood pressure, pedometer sleep monitor let’s go into heart rate let’s. We always want to check this so i’m, not actually putting onto a object. As you can see here, you’ve got the lights flashing at the back and let’s see if it gives us a reading while it’s not on an object. If it does, then you definitely know it’s a fake, as you can see right here, it’s, given the reading it’s just flickering between 70 to 95, as you can see right there and it’s just measured the air at 95 heart rate, so that goes to show with All these series – 6 clones – you never get the accurate uh health reading so, if you’re buying it just for that, just buy an original that’s.

In my opinion, so sport let’s see what sports you got. Outdoor running spot walking go hiking indoor running support, record um blood oxygen drink that can actually give you a reminder when to drink. Some water it’s also got one game on it, which is galaxy wars, which, i think is really good. So if you’re bored, you can kill some time on this game, and this is one of my favorite game as well check that out so that’s really good go back on it and let’s go back. Galaxy was, and also here we have three social media apps, which is really really good. You got ta connect it to your phone and all the notifications will come to these three apps as well, so that is about it for the phone. What we’ll need to do now is connect this to my smart, smart phone see what features we can do on the app as well and see what notifications we can get from our phone to the to this smart watch right. This watch actually is similar to the color of this iphone x and, if you probably think it looks like an iphone 12 pro, no it’s, not i actually did a conversion where i converted my iphone x into the iphone 12 pro. So if you haven’t seen that make sure you check that out, my previous video i’ll leave the link in the description box below, if you want to check it out, but look at that.

This is an iphone x, believe it or not, so let’s go and uh open up this phone let’s see what we need to use, which is this one right here m2, where make sure your bluetooth is on and my bluetooth on right here we go same again With this watch make sure your bluetooth is on which we have right there and, as you can see, you got the bluetooth logo right there. So what we need to do is go into device. Where is device data movement mine connected a device right here, so it’s searching for device? Now with these smartwatches, you always have to connect them twice once in the app which we have right here, as you can see, we’ve got the t500. You have to move that. I don’t know if you have to move it. So, as you can see, you got two 500 but yeah. You have to also go into settings and make sure you connect it from there to uh. Allow all the features for the phone calls and notifications, and everything like that. So, as you can see here, we’ve connected it to our phone, so let’s go into settings and go into bluetooth and, as you can see, one of it’s already connected you’ve got to connect. The the second one, so you get all the notifications and everything on your smartwatch so that, as that is the app right there well we’ve connected them. Both let’s see what else we get inside of the app.

So here we go uh find equipment, as you can see here. This will find my watch watch has been found straight away. Wicked dial management. So here is the watch faces let’s press edit uh. You can actually select your own as you can see right there. That’S here you can, you can put custom watch faces on and also put the text whatever you like and put whatever content you want on it as well, which is really good, but you can’t actually download the other watch faces, as you can see right there. So it’s only only custom ones unless we have it a bit further on so setup, as you can see here raised your hand for brightness is toggled off um and let’s just switch it on let’s see if we have the delay, as you can see, it’s a Little bit delayed, but we do have rays to wake and we’ll just toggle it off don’t wan na keep messing about with that. So you’ve got language settings. You can change the language from here. Sleep monitoring wearing method, left hand or right hand, synchronize system time, as i told you earlier before, we can actually synchronize it. It’S 10, 20 and it’s gone 10 20 to the watch, restore factory settings, remote control, selfie automatic heart rate and 24 hour, clock i’m. Pretty sure that is that so bluetooth 3.0 about as you can see current version, so that is what you can actually do.

Uh you can put your own information about yourself in the watch as well, so that’s the feature that you can actually do now. You can actually do everything from the app where you can walk you. Do your sport mode and everything the exercise. All the information will actually sink straight to your smartphone as well. Uh from your epitome take your steps, your calories, your burnt and stuff like that, and also your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen. The fake readings will sync straight to your smartphone, so there we have the m2 up now, you’re, probably thinking what uh notification do we get with this phone, so let’s see if and we’re going into whatsapp and, as you can see here, the notifications. So what i’m going to do now is i’m actually going to send a message from my other phone to this phone on whatsapp to show you the notifications, as you can see right here so i’m, actually sending one right now. We’Ve got the message on the on the phone and a little bit time later. We’Ve got the message on the smartwatch, but it actually says sms from all sorts let’s view it it’s loading. As you can see, it is a bit slow, so let’s go into what’s up that’s the what’s up because that’s, where i sent it from, but i actually press um. I said hi but it’s not actually showing the message for some reason: let’s swipe it to the left right, no notifications, so that’s a bit weird because i actually said hi but anyways enough of that.

What we’re gon na do now is make a phone call or actually let’s, send a text message from my other phone and we’ll see what happens when it comes to the text. Messages see if that’s a little bit different, so we’ll go back there. Hopefully, we should get a message there. There we go, you’ve got your uh notification tone and, as it says here from all sorts, he actually reads out the message here subscribe to all source and actually says it right there. So that’s that’s all right now. What we need to do is make a phone call i’m. Actually ringing let’s see if the number comes up uh on the phone and as you can see, the number does come up. The name doesn’t come up on the smartwatch and you’ve got the tone right there as well so that’s the notification. So you can actually get notifications from different smart watches, or i mean from different apps onto the call and you’ve got a notification saying all sorts missed. Call it shows you the name there, but it doesn’t show you the name when it’s actually calling, so that is it people that is the t500 plus uh. In my opinion, i actually like this watch. The only bad thing i don’t like about it is the crown doesn’t work. You’Ve got no on and off button right there, but overall it’s got games password split screen and it is really really good. I’M.

Not gon na lie. I like this watch. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.