The watch will monitor the performance and movements of your child. The watch has gprs real time. Locating tracking and monitoring functions with this device. Parents can keep track of their kids location, give them a phone or video call and even send messages. Equally, the child can make calls or send a voice message to the preset numbers by a touch of a button. Kids can count their steps for the day and learn about keeping an active and healthy lifestyle. The t5w is easily controlled via the free phone app, which is available both on app store and google play. This kids smart watch is a fantastic device that teaches kids about smartwatch technology, as well as giving peace of mind to parents when their kids are out and about in the world key features 4g network. This smartwatch supports 4g networks, which applies to all mainstream sim and mobile network operators sim card. This watch only supports nano sim cards, electronic fence alarm. You can set a safe area with the electronic geo fencing function. If the wearer goes outside this area, the device will automatically raise an alarm with the phone application remote voice monitoring the device has the function to hear the sounds around the smartwatch wearer. With this function. It will allow you to hear what is happening around the watch. Wearer, gps location, tracker, precise tracking, with the gps per pounds, wi fi functions a smartwatch which provides another level of safety for kids with the real time location tracking check the position at any time anywhere where parents have the ability to track the location via the ios Or android app sos function, long press the sos button for three seconds.

The watch will automatically send the current location to the sos contact list and the watch will continually dial the sos number list until the phone gets through successfully video calls. The watch supports video calls, which means family members and parents can call members at any time anywhere with the watches built in camera. It also gives the ability to take videos and photos with the watch call and voice message. The watch supports up to 30 family phone numbers. The simple user interface of the watch makes for a fast and easy call experience with other family members pedometer. The watch can record steps whenever and wherever viewing current walking distance and calories consumptions remote control camera. The watch can control mobile phones camera to take photos from anywhere to save the trouble from self timer social function. Kids, who wear the same watch can get social connected and add friends. By touching other watches prohibit to use three time periods can be set, and the watch blocks all calls and other sounds during the time period. Thermometer, open thermometer interface and the watch will check your current temperature rom, whilst also keeping a history record. Heart rate monitor records. Your heart rate, accurately from the wrist with no straps required blood pressure, open the blood pressure interface and the watch will measure your current blood pressure. Some other functions, math games, camera calendar notifications, phone book, alarm, recording low power alert. Album theme switch this smartwatch compatible with all android and ios smartphones on the market with bluetooth connectivity, wearable devices monitors human activities through electronic sensors and they are at the consumer, electronics level it’s normal for data deviation, so the user should treat health data objectively.

Please ensure local area network is compatible with the network frequency compatibility listed in the product specifications. It is recommended to check with your carrier provider before purchasing this item. The smartwatch comes with a one year, manufacturer’s warrant guys. I hope you liked my video. If you really liked this video, please subscribe to the channel and like and share the video.