We’Re talking super mario and tag, one of the greatest watch, companies on the planet and one of the greatest most iconic game brands. On the planet, together for one watch and just 2, 000 of them and one of them’s here so look i mean when i think about tag i think about tag watches when i think about mario, i think about computer games, this classic little gaming watch here and Then great tag watches now i’ve spoken before about the tag connected. My favorite smart watch not because it’s the best smart watch because it’s my favorite, because it looks like a watch it’s a beautiful time piece. I mean that’s what you want from a watch if you’re a watch person if you’re a smart watch person, you just want notifications, fitness tracking, maybe cellular data, so that you can listen to your songs on the go without having your phone near you, you don’t, get All that, with the tag connected, what you get is a great smart watch and i’ve said that before and after months of using it, i still believe it. This tag connected is gorgeous, but when you take tag connected and you put mario with it so let’s take a look inside. This is not an official unboxing, because i’ve already unboxed this and set it up. But i want to show you the experience that you get when you spend three thousand one hundred dollars on something that there’s only two thousand of in the world don’t crack under pressure folks, critical advice from the good people at tag now i won’t lie.

I think if you go to a tag boutique, you don’t get this big box, because the couple of tags i’ve obtained through tag stores just have the small box. Whenever you buy them online, they come in these big boxes like this. I have no problem with that whatsoever because it’s it’s, a statement but let’s have a look at what’s different from a mario perspective, and it starts here with this first layer, so there’s a bunch of mario kind of outlines on this here. Normally, this is just black or red, but again mario everywhere, open it up and we’ve got a nice shiny, super mario logo, again more super mario everywhere and this little book about the super, mario collaboration and this. This is part of the limited nature of it it’s. This booklet, that outlines the tribute it talks about what it is and shows you some of the cool things you can expect from your super mario tag connected and then in here there’s two things let’s put those aside and have a specific look at each alright. So this is essentially what would normally be the retail box, so nicely comes apart. There again super mario branding all over it, in fact, literally all over it. So you can see here all around the box has that shiny super mario character in purple, green and black, on a matte black gray background and, of course, continuing the super mario limited edition branding absolutely everywhere across this inside your red travel case tag connected books.

These are not in any way branded super mario that’s, the red travel case that you can take with you when you travel your power adapter and whatever else is in here, of course, it’s a microfiber cloth for you to keep your watch clean so again, let’s keep The big stuff where it needs to be and look at what matters in here is the watch itself, usb c cable and the small charging disc that goes behind with the usb c to usb a connection for charging now in here, a second set of bands. Now these are a rubberized band with the same latch and loop you’ll find on the back of the watch. The difference here is: it comes with the leather watch. His leather wrist strap installed. I actually like the look of the leather wrist strap black on the outside red on the inside. This is a very extreme look to have a red wrist, strap in your everyday wearable, okay, so it’s a and watch people would know, particularly what this is called, but i’m going to call it pop and clasp. So it clicks together and then you can just pop out. The sides opens up, and this is very easily adjustable simply by pulling it open and up and then dragging it along the watch band to determine your particular fit. And then you clasp that on so let’s switch from the standard tag connected to the mario so i’m just going to tighten that a tiny bit more so again, open up the clasp pull a little bit of extra through not too much yeah, that’s, perfect, all right! So then we have ourselves.

A mario watch face all right, so there’s a few things to note here around the watch face on the bezel. There are mario iconic symbols along with the time spaces on the crown there’s a there’s, a super mario m, and then this is a little hint. These little red touches in the in the buttons it it’s, actually quite classic in in many senses, as a watch there’s. Nothing outlandish about it. I actually worried about that. When i first heard about the collaboration, i thought don’t go crazy here tag, because that i think that i don’t know isn’t great for the brand, but if you’re able to find a classic tag, look with the edition of mario you’re on a winner. So i think that’s what they’ve done here now. This is a digital watch, face very much a gameplay watch face it changes colors. If you need to or want to you basically got the time the date appears kind of like a score. The battery life appears as coins collected notifications appear in the top corner, so you’re getting a whole bunch of different indicators or complications. You might call them in a game like format. Very. Very cool watch face across to the other mario watch faces that come with it. This is a classic tag. Watch face that’s been again slightly changed on the tag connected. This is this is just nice bubbles floating around, but here on the mario it uses again some of the iconography from the mario game in that galaxy of floating icons.

There very very nice way to just simply approach it. Then you’ve got this true and genuine super mario watch face. I don’t see this as being the one that is mostly used. You get the super mario loading when you first switch to the to the watch face and then mario simply presents himself, and then you get uh. It goes back to an always on display here, which is just a big m, which might be a bit hard to see there but it’s. Just the big super mario m and the time is on the bottom, when you present to see the time on your watch. Mario appears he presents himself disappointingly, he he does the same pose every time i was thinking he might do. You know quarter past 12 different actual times with his hands, but no it’s, just showing you the time in a digital format and then mario presents in every case the exact same way, and then the other ones are a bit more classic. So these are different takes on the tag heuer connected watch faces that have been on the on the standard connected watch, but again with a little mario implication. So mario appears through one of the complications, um and that’s. You know all customizable again with your complications as you would normally do, and then the last one, probably my favorite, because at a glance it still gives you that full mario feel you’ve got the colors. The blue and the red mario is out there waving and then you’ve got your complications.

I’Ve got google pay and my agenda set up there. That is to be clear. I think that is the watch face to use, because every time you look at it, you’re reminded of mario at a glance it’s, not too childish in a sense for someone who’s wearing a tag and as you can see, the always on display is very simple. Classic. Nothing really much to be seen. There are some things about this that i haven’t even tested yet because i’ve only had it for a day, but essentially mario tracks, your activity and so you’ll get a different mario appearing through the day as you track your activity, the complication that is mario, can actually Kind of spur you on through your day, i don’t use the tag as a fitness watch. I use it now and then to track my walks and runs, but broadly, i just use it as a beautiful timepiece that’s. What it is. This is an outrageous thing to buy a little another mario there, by the way on the back of the watchband clasp i’ve, already heard from people. In fact, i’ve been a bit blown away by the reactions. Let me let me read some of the reactions i got today when i shared photos of this on social media, so lots of the classic love hearts and all that kind of thing. Some very, very happy people with the look of it um. But i think what was fascinating was the kind of i don’t know just the things people would say, as they kind of saw the watch um.

Let me find a couple here for you, nice time, keeper trevor tucker away for a rainy day now, that’s quite interesting to me because that’s my thought on this is, you know, put it away, it’s going to be worth something, but you know what far out what’s The point of owning something: if you’re not going to use it, wear it enjoy it. You know i have watches sitting around, but i i go to them my indie tag. I wear it whenever i’m watching indycar weird my cena tag, i watch at certain times of the year that you know the brazil race or when they’re at imola or around may the f1 tag is my classic go to non smartwatch. You know you’d. I want to wear them i want to. I want to use them, but i just don’t know that i could hold onto this like that. But i heard from someone today that – and i can’t find the message, but they said they bought three because they want to hold on to them for the investment value. Now that is, i respect that, but it’s a lot of money to spend, but if that’s the way you spend your investments go for it um. I don’t think he’d, mind me saying but um i know a prominent game shop owner in sydney desperately. I wanted to get hold of this, not just for his own risk, but for his own games, museum lots of beautiful gaming stuff.

Why not have the tag collaboration in there as well? Not my cup of tea but i’m sure they’ll be a hot commodity. Stephen fennick very concerned that tag might do a collaboration with star wars, because that’s going to cost him big time. This is a good one, from jason would be awesome if, when you’re in, when you’re two minutes out from a scheduled meeting, it played the stressful sped up mario brothers, one music, which is a good point, there’s, actually no sound at all. Coming from this, some people ask me whether or not when you opened up it. You know, oh mario, none of that that’s awesome if mario needed more cred that’s it and unbelievable a lot. A lot of great comments generally from people impressed by it – and i be honest – it was kind of one of those things i just put up because it was so cool and i knew it was limited. Why wouldn’t you kind of put it up there, but again, so many really really. I guess impressed people looking at what it was. Obviously people asking how much it is. Don’T sleep on a banana skin, absolutely love it. I hope you don’t have to send it back. Sadly, that’s happening. Do i need this? No do i want this? Yes, a lot of people tagging each other saying, that’s, fancy look bottom line in response to a smart watch; i’ve not seen anything like it. So i think i think that’s what’s smart about this – that i guess i didn’t really appreciate you know.

Mario has an unbelievable following it’s, a cult following and that’s what they’ve done here is they bring that together and i don’t think they bring the brand down because there’s only two thousand of them and i think if it, if it works, we could see a lot More let’s have a quick look at it. Finally, with the other watch band on let’s see how easy it is to change the watch bands. Now it might be hard to see here but there’s, a very simple click. Interchangeable band. Look how easy that came off! There’S! A little simple click here and it’s off that is actually, that is the easiest watch band i’ve ever changed. I reckon i always forget, which way you meant to put these around but anyway, and it goes on just to simply pull down on the on the clasp and grip it on that’s, really really nice um original watch strap on. Oh actually, i don’t mind that at all don’t mind that at all in fact, kha’zix stands out a bit more. I think that’ll probably be the go for the very odd occasion where you do wear this. I think he might go the red um. Look at that. There he is mario himself in my face every day, if you haven’t, read or seen already my review of the tag connected watch, you get a day’s battery life on these things. You know 16 18 hours, but the reserve power battery life is actually quite extreme.

It goes another 12 hours just on a standard always on watch face, so you don’t really lose the time. You just lose all the smart functionality, so i’ve come accustomed to just letting it run down um in a non smart way and then just charging it at bedtime. Um. I just love what tag have done with the connected. The second generation connected is an outstanding watch on its own. This collaboration ah takes it to a whole new level, beautiful stuff, limited edition very hard to get, but worth a look.