Okay, some of the features of this smartwatch is that it does have 1.3 inch ips screen. It does have the sleep, monitor, heart, monitor and also it’s waterproof. You can use it in the rain, swimming or washing the hand and it’s not going to have a problem with that kind of use. The battery is 200 milliamp battery and it will say that it will work for 30 days of standby and 10 days for regular use. Okay, so let’s go ahead and open the box install the app on the phone and see the functions of this smartwatch. Okay, we have the box here: let’s just go ahead and open it. Okay, we have some extra bands, the plastic ones. It comes with the usb cable yeah. This is the cable for charging the watch. So this is the watch here. Let me just peel this off. On the screen, it looks pretty nice pretty high quality premium, it’s very light there’s, a heart rate monitor underneath to track your heart rate, and you also use it for sleep monitor as well and, of course, for uh fitness tracking data as well. I charge the battery installed. The app and i’m just gon na see how we can use this watch easily. So if you tap, it will turn on. You can be. If you go down, it shows you the settings. We have 29 battery, you can go to setting off reset info that’s pretty much it i mean the screen is pretty responsive, but no problem with that.

It does show my heart rate, which is 75 feet per minute, so we have the brightness control and it goes brighter lowest and it goes the highest brightness here i i would say that brightness is pretty good. We have the smartwatch here, selecting that one successfully. Okay, now we have, we can change all the settings, and everything here, heart rate monitor is on call reminder is off. You can turn that on as well. We have sms reminder. You can turn that on as well stationary reminder you choose when you’re sitting for too long you that you know that you can get up and walk raise hand to active displays is already on so every time you actually raise your hand. It will turn on the watch. This is the profile sport mode home. Okay. So when you actually use the watch, if you swipe right, you can see the fitness tracking data. How many calories you burn, how many steps it took and if you go to right it shows you the heart rate, monitor and if you swipe more, it shows you the sleeping data. So how many hours you slept and how was your sleep? We have the weather and training it’s like that one. You can select what type of training are we doing cycling outdoor running, uh, skipping table, tennis, all different ones, mounting different types of fitness activity that we can select here. Let’S say: jumping jacks, so you actually got ta time you with your heart rate, finder and calorie let’s, see.

If i try jumping jack, we actually started with the shake. So we don’t want to do that. We go back yep and it shows the report and you can just use that for any other fitness tracking as well. If you swipe left, you can use the shortcuts for training, hard status, stopwatch weather or messages and other settings very nice watch. The screen quality is decent, also comes with the spare plastic ones as well that’s pretty much it for this video. Thank you guys for watching.