I need to show you something exclusively understands what we’re saying launch game console Music wow nice kayla. Do you want some tea? Yes, please wow! It’S beautiful! Do you remember when we were there? Have we been there show me my photos of the grand canyon on google photo? Oh, yes, i remember Music switch to discover china. Should we bring our jackets? Do i need a jacket next week in the beijing no jacket required. Love. Show me the video for running change to cinema mode connect to samba. What have you been watching? Turn on jazz hits screen off Music switch off after this program ends: Music Applause, Music Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause. This smart tv from panasonic has 4k ultra hd resolution, which has four times the clarity of a full hd tv. It comes in three sizes, 43, 49 and 55 inch. The hdr feature offers clarity and details in pictures and lets. You see rich colors, even in dark scenes. The ips technology offers a wide 178 degree. Viewing angle that allows you to enjoy life like picture quality with minimal color shift, irrespective of where you watch the tv from the recommended viewing distance of the 43 inch. Tv is four to ten feet while that of the 49 inch tv is 6 12 feet and 55 inch. Tv is 6 to 13 feet, enjoy smart features with the home os operating system, download apps from the apps market to watch movies, tv shows and play games with the easy, mirroring feature you can cast your phone screen onto your tv easily with the netflix button on The remote it is easy to navigate through the online collection of movies.

The tv has three hdmi and two usb ports allowing you to connect multiple devices like a set top box, dvd player and pen drive enjoy cinema, surround sound with the 20 watts box speakers. The tv comes with a brand warranty, free installation and demo. A remote and base stands are included in the box check the product page for attractive, no cost emi and exchange offers and details on schedule delivery. This smart led tv from lg, with ultra hd resolution, comes in four sizes: 43 inch 49 inch 55 inch and 65 inch. The 4k active hdr resolution offers great picture clarity with delicate detail and lifelike color. The ips display provides accurate, color reproduction with finer gradation, with a wide viewing angle you can enjoy from anywhere in the tv the recommended viewing distance for this tv is six to ten feet with built in wi, fi and think ai technology connect to your favorite entertainment Platforms like amazon, prime video download and enjoy apps and games using the lg content, store easily access your photos and videos on your smartphone with cloud photo and video. You can experience hassle, free multitasking, where you can watch tv and browse internet simultaneously. The tv has three hdmi and two usb ports allowing you to connect multiple devices like a setup box, amazon fire, stick, dvd player, etc. Experience theater like sound with dts virtual x 20 watt speakers, connect your headsets, sound, bar, etc wirelessly via bluetooth for an immersive, entertainment experience.

This tv comes with magic, remote and manual included in the box. The lg tv comes with standard brand warranty. It comes with free installation and demo, you can avail emi and exchange options.