It is a tv that is actually worth buying. If you have been eyeing the sony bravia a8h oled television. Well, it has been discounted to a really enticing level on not only amazon but also best buy as well. So, for the 55 inch version, the price has dropped to 1300 dollars, which is essentially the same as the visio oled and on the picture quality front. From what i have seen, the sony will be superior to the visual in many aspects, including black level, including neo. Black handling, including motion, including video processing and upscaling, and certainly accuracy as well and the 65 inch sony a8h, has also been discounted to only 1800. Now i generally don’t think these prices will be beaten even on black friday or during the festive season sales. This is truly rock bottom famous last word, of course, but i think you know if you have been eyeing a sony, a8h oled tv. If you are in the usa, then i think you know this is as good a time as any to buy. I don’t think these prices will get much lower even on black friday and also during the festive season sale now, if you’re on the fence on whether to go for this tv. Let me just quickly recap the strengths and weaknesses of this tv, especially in comparison with the lg, c10 or cx, which is still priced higher at this moment in time. So i think you know if you are a gamer, if you are dead set on hdmi 2.

1, especially for gaming purposes, let’s say if you have placed a pre order for the xbox series x or the ps5, and you want a tv with hdmi 2.1 support. Then it is better that you go for the lg cx or c10 rather than this sony a8h oled tv. This is because the sony a8h only has four hdmi 2.0 b ports, whose only hdmi 2.1 feature is er or enhanced arc. It won’t support vr. It won’t support 4k at 120 frames per second, it won’t support alm, but if you are not a gamer or you are just a casual gamer who don’t really care about all these advanced hdmi 2.1 gaming features, then the sony oled is an extremely solid television. I think you know what is great about sony. Tvs is their motion and from the point of view of the sony. Ah, it continues this trend. I think, among all the oled tvs that i’ve reviewed in 2020. The sony a8h has the best motion in terms of the smoothness and also in terms of the clarity let’s start with the smoothness, the sony ah uses for for pull down to process 24 frames per second movies, and so it will be able to remove that listening. Judder, and certainly in side by side comparisons with the lg, c10 or cx, which uses 5.5 pull down. I personally felt that the 4 4 pull down on the sony. 8 h looked slightly smoother to my eyes, but again you know when trying to access smoothness of motion without venturing into opera effect territory.

It varies from individual to individual, but you know from my point of view, i’m extremely happy with the 24 frames per second native playback of the sony a8h. And if you choose to engage motion interpolation on the sony a8h, it will also result in the least motion. Interpolation artifacts compared with other tv brands, so, for example, let’s say if you engage motion interpolation on lg oled in the years before it may be prone to some stuttering or frame skipping this year. They have improved massively, but i think you know the sony. A8H still has a slight lead in that when you engage motion interpolation it doesn’t incur as much interpolation artifacts in terms of let’s, say sparkling or hallowing around objects that are moving or just random, stuttering or frame skipping. It doesn’t happen on the sony. Sony truly has the class leading motion, and the second bit that i really like about sony tvs is, they are upscaling. I think you know they generally have been accepted to be able to handle low resolution content better than competing tv brands, and i think this is due to their x ray creation, video processing engine that uses a dual database to try and recreate the correct image. You know to present to you on screen and also i really like the smoke gradation feature on sony tvs and the sony ah will have it as well. This is a de conjuring filter that tries to smooth out any in content posterization without reducing fine detail by too much.

But you know, sony tvs also have their own quirks and what i particularly think that the lg c10 did better was in the dolby vision implementation. So if you’re not aware lg oleds use the pv lab adobe vision, implementation, whereas sony tvs use the player, led implementation and with player like implementation, i think you know you are actually depending on the source player, to do much of the tone, mapping and sometimes even Say the tv won’t be sending the correct data to the source player and therefore you get sort of a mismatch in terms of the tool. Mapping and i’ve always felt that the tv lat tone mapping on lg televisions results in a more accurate and more punchy. Adobe vision, presentation, but, from the point of view of let’s, say handling day to day content. I think you know the sony. Tv is a great choice because it is oled, obviously, and therefore it is capable of true blacks, vibrant colors and white viewing angles, and it has the same anti reflective filter that is present on all 2020 oled televisions and among the black freight insertion implementations on the Market, i think the sony 8h did it best. It doesn’t crush shadow detail when you engage bfi, unlike the lg, c10 or cx, and also compared with panasonic tvs that are in europe. It is capable of true 120 hertz at the medium setting, whereas you know with the panasonic oleds, they are only capable of 60 hertz at the medium setting of 120hz bfi.

So hopefully that will give you some sort of idea of how good a deal this is. I think you know if you don’t, really play games and if you are eyeing a sony, oled television anyway, then i think you know it is a very good price. Thirteen hundred dollars for the 55 inch version and eighteen hundred dollars for the 65 inch version is something that we in the uk and europe can only dream of. So so, yes, i think it is an extremely good bargain and if you like to watch more of our tv buying guide videos, i have compiled a playlist here.