Smart watch here got this guy from the arts. It was on sale 49. Then i got another 15 off because i was able to fit it into the bag uh, the other anything you shove them to this bag. You get 15 off on uh, so this thing was ridiculously cheap. It was like six seven bucks for it um. You can see, i already have this off ill get to that in a moment here. Uh. This is a bluetooth, smart watch or the smartwatch intelligent watch, as they say there well get into. What this all has in here lets get that there so first showing it off here. It is supposed to be 1.3 inches, but you can see its theres that square right there. That is the screen itself, and it does actually look pretty nice, but the entire thing is not a screen. Just like this is a touch touchy screen, but not really, because only this little circle right here is actually touch sensitive. The rest of it is not touch sensitive at all, but it actually works, especially for that price uh. So it is course circular. But again the screen itself is square back. Here does have a heart rate sensor, make sure you take off a little bit of plastic. Thats on here get better heart rate: uh heart rate accuracy, uh. You can see this band, this band, just pops on and off. You can see right there. It goes on here its a little bit hard to get on and off uh.

When i think once this band is destroyed, once you uh once you cannot use this band anymore, youre kind of you kind of cannot use the watch anymore, because i cannot imagine finding other bands for this uh, which is a shame um then two. This is where you charge it, so you have to pop this off every time you want to charge this thing up its supposed to last around seven days on charge, but and get back on there put some muscle into it and get on there and it fits In there actually pretty well uh again once this band is destroyed, you are done otherwise its a pretty nice band and stiff it doesnt. You cant do this with it, but its a nice stiff watch band for again for this price. The band itself is probably worth about that, and it looks pretty nice. This actually looks pretty decent and you cannot tell its only a square screen until you turn it on. Even then, you cant really tell its only a square screen uh so getting into it itself. So we have two different watch faces here: touch and hold the circle to change them. Theres, really not much difference between them. They just look a tiny bit different and actually the only difference is one is military time. One is not military time. Now you get your battery life up there, uh. Of course you have your time. Your stops the date for uh, which is actually i dont, know that shes correct right now touch this little circle to scroll through the different screens.

So we have your steps. Your calories burned and then your distance here, your heart rate, uh sp02, im not sure what that other one is touch and hold it. Does that im not exactly sure what this is trying to get you to do or what its trying to do, but yeah uh? Next is the sports screen here you can touch and hold the circle to get to different modes in the sports, so youre walking, which will tell you your calories and the time youve been doing it jump roping, i guess or cardio again calories burned and how long Youve been doing it for and then this would be like kind of like a strength, training one but again calories and time so theyre all the same. You get calories burned or what it thinks youve burned at least, and then the time youve been doing it for messages again touch and hold you actually get into it. Now, just tell your messages: if you have this hooked up to your phone and we have more its kind of your settings in a way uh. What also has your sleep? How long you slept for, if you wore this to bed the weather music controls youre going to have to have it hooked up to your phone, but your different music controls here, its not always the most sensitive on getting touched um each time you touch it, though. Itll go through the next ones, because the screen itself is not touch sensitive and then, when you, whatever you are on, if you want to actually use it, you just touch and hold come on touch and hold the circle.

If it wants to cooperate with you uh, then next we have the camera controls. If you want again from your phone itself, not on here, looking for your phone so find your phone, you can reset the watch. This will download the app which i am scared to do and then long pressed and you can turn off your your watch here uh. So i did not download the app im a bit scared to do it. It has a horrible rating on the google play store and i dont want to mess up well, i want i dont want to get scammed or anything like that, so i did not do it, but you do not have to download the app in order to use This watch, as you just saw here, uh and you can hook this thing up to your phone uh yeah, which again im a little bit scared to do. But you can, if you want to, they can see notifications and weather and control the camera and stuff uh. Again for this, how cheap this thing is: itll be good for just telling time uh but again in order to actually get the correct date. You have to hook it up to your phone or excuse me the correct time and date yeah to hook it up to your phone again im, just a bit scared to do because of how bad that rating is on on the google play store, uh but yeah.

I mean for how much money this thing is is just fine. It is very light. I mean you probably notice this thing on your hand on your arm at all. Uh super duper light uh, you guys. Let me know what you think, especially if you have one of these or something similar, because menards also sells for a bit more money, the tech up smartwatch, which is the one i would recommend if you are going to buy one from there uh. That is this. Guy, basically identical as terms of functionality, uh theyre actually basically the same watch. They just have the same functionality as each other. They just showed it off a little bit different but theyre, basically, the same exact watch, but this one, the the tech up actually has replaceable watch bands and its actually a little bit lighter because of its band uh. These are blue 22 millimeter bands uh. Compared to this one, which are not replaceable uh, that just means if you were to break or damage or whatever lose a watch band youre, not completely screwed of your watch uh then to this also has a little charging cradle with it. So you dont have to pop off the band each time you want to charge it otherwise, basically identical uh, you guys again. Let me know what you think. As always.