Actually, i tried to make the list based on their popularity, quality price, durability, user opinions and more. If you need more information about these products, please check the link in the description section below don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to get future reviews. It’S done let’s dive into the video at number 5 digital sports watch by cake city. The cake city men’s, digital sports watch is one of the favorite sports watches for men who love doing sports. It is elegantly designed in a military outlook and comfortable to wear users. Like the large led screen that shows numbers clearly, even in the dark, also available as a led backlight, that provides a clear display, making it adequate for all kinds of sports and for everyday use. The watch shows military 24 hours time mode and it is shock resistant ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities, such as climbing fishing, golf yoga, badminton, etc. You will definitely love the watch. Multi functionality such as automatic date led display stopwatch shock resistance, alarm and water resistant. Yes, it is water resistant until 164 feet, 50 meters. Definitely you will agree. The cake city watch has its place on our list check out the description for more information about this product and the latest price at number 4. Core. All black watch by suntow the suento watch is one that will never let you down. In any circumstances, no wonder: denzel washington wears an equalizer movie, a very high tech watch.

It is equipped with an altimeter that tracks vertical movement, a compass that directs accurately and a barometer that measures the air pressure. In addition to that, it has the capacity to track the weather and the sun, with operating temperature, minus 20 degrees celsius to plus six degrees celsius, minus five degrees fahrenheit to plus 140f. It also has a storm alarm and displays weather trend graph with preset sunrise sunset for more than 400 places. It may look very sporty, but it goes very well with formal events. This watch is one of the best sports watches for a small wrist at number. Three elegant smart sports watch by ezon this wonderful outdoor smartwatch fits both men and women. You will definitely find it very practical with its integrated pedometer. It can count each step displace the number of steps and exercise in real time and inform exercise status anytime. You wear its other functions, include calories, counter stopwatch calendar bmi index, calculate distance speed, and you can view the previous exercise records up to the last 10 days. Additionally, it is water resistant up to 164 feet 5 atm 50 m and does not require to be charged every day. Such functions make it an ideal watch for both indoor and outdoor sports activities and to add to its appeal. It has been with high quality material that makes it resistant to intense shock and is very comfortable to wear. At the same time, at number two large surface sports watch mocha looking for a modern smartwatch that will stop searching as the moca sports is the one it has a powerful battery with a built in one pc’s county route: 2450 lithium, with 610 milliamp hours, high capacity.

The battery can last up to 33 months under energy saving mode and 14 months under normal use. Moreover, you will love the easy setup. It can be easily connected to the phone just download the app and connect it via 4.0 bluetooth to read real time movement information and may upload data instantly to social media accounts. It supports ios, 7.0 or above version and android 4.3 and that’s. Not all the watch can count the walking step. Distance burned, calories has alarm, setting stopwatch function date and luminous style. The remote camera will allow you to take photos wherever you want call and message your loved ones, using sms facebook, skype, twitter, whattapps, qq and wechat at number one rugged sports watch by garmin, another smartwatch that will amaze you and your loved ones. This deeply rugged watch is very light weighted and comfortable to wear inspired by the us military standard 810g for shock water, rated to 100 meters and thermal resistance, get direction easily with its three axis compass and with multiple navigation satellite systems. Gps, glonass and galileo stay well informed and train better by monitoring your heart rate activity and stress, stay connected by linking your watch to your phone and get notified wherever you are plus the track back features allows you to follow your route back to your starting point. Likewise, better manage your trips by using the garmin explore website and app for planning about its battery. It can last up to 40 hours in ultra track saver mode 14 days in smartwatch mode and up to 14 days in smartwatch mode.

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