Now the last release was the fossil hybrid HR smartwatch. This unit continues that tradition of not having an e ink screen, but instead having an e ink circular backdrop with real mechanical watch hands and we must say the fossil Gen 6 has never looked more real. This is definitely one of the most non smart watch. Looking smart watches, weve ever seen, SmartWatches traditionally look very techy black squared off curved displays and all that stuff. However, they go the opposite route with this unit. Looking more realistic and classy utilizing genuine leather straps and the shiniest finish I think Ive ever seen so lets go through what all these buttons do and see what it looks like in the real world. This watch is really nice to hold in your hands. It looks super real and I know a lot of people say well. What do you mean real and typically fossil smart watches, which we will just bring in for comparisons sake? Just for a second is this one? This was the traditional hybrid HR and you can see it looks super techy, its squared off and blocky, and it just looks very you know something you would buy at an electronic shop, whereas this looks like something you would buy at a watch store. Im Gon na Leave This right here, for you guys to just peek at every once in a while out of focus, so it has three buttons on it. It has the button on the top which triggers Alexa right out of the gates, and you can select this to be connected with Alexa, but no, you cant do anything on Alexa on this.

You need your phone because you cant say: Alexa turn on lights and this connects to the actual lights that that cant happen. You need your phone to facilitate everything on it, so thats something youre going to have to do, press that to go home and the bottom button will show the notification. So this is going to show when you have any messages when you have any whatsapps coming in ETC. If you long press the top button, what that does is actually turns off the backdrop and thats really cool, because you can go kind of incognito in a way. Its like, I know I dont – have a e ink smart watch. This isnt Electronics, no, no see physical hands. Nice, nice, its a genuine leather, strap so its when you just want to turn off from the electronics of having your well electronic watch, but that kind of defeats the purpose. Because why would you want that when you went as far as to buy this and its? Not cheap, you can long press it again, and that turns everything back on. You see the little shoe for the uh, the steps and you have your heart rate and your your calories burnt and all that and you can trigger this off and on as you see fit just by going like that long pressing. The bottom button does nothing, it just brings you back to the notifications, so theres a little bit of a lost opportunity there.

So if you press this button in the middle, this is where everything happens, and this is an all new design and I like it and I dont like it – I like it because its congruent with the actual curvature of the screen, which is really cool. If you go there its that, if you go there its that its like, you know its its in line, what I dont like is having to utilize the watch mechanism every single time. You want to change something. The mechanism is analog, its automatic, its so instant and its real, its tangible, the screen isnt its digital. So when I push that it actually takes a long time, if I push it twice Im going to do two inputs, you can see how the watch has to say: okay, Im, just gon na wait until the end catches up. Have you selected ring phone? Yes, question! Mark correct condition, then it moves over its a little bit of a downside because yeah, you always kind of have to wait for the inherent slowness of an e ink screen to catch up for the hybrid nature of having the physical hands. So thats a little bit of a downside and it can be a little taxing. For example, if I want to go one two, three four down to work out, one two, three: four: it did it, but you got ta be precise. You got ta be on point and you cant rush it.

If I go O2, oh wait! No, I want to go back. Oh wait. Where am I hold on wait? Okay, thats? Where I ended up, you know you got to play that balancing game with the watch. You got ta fight it a little bit so thats a little bit of a downside. If you click into the settings, you get even more things now, so you can go over here and you can just do not disturb. You can change the notification size of the actual text, the vibration intensity, the heart rate on or off the dial information on or off. The fact that you want to put it on your right or your left wrist and you can check the about which will actually tell you the software version, so you never have to worry about where you are sitting with software updates. You can update via the application. Well, show you that in a second when we get over to that, but we have to go back for now in the main dial area. You can see your notifications, you can configure Alexa, you can configure music controls so on your watch. You can click before up down, left right next song, Etc, and that will obviously go through your phone again. This is not a standalone unit. You cant do anything on this. In and of itself, you have to utilize your phone as it stands this just meters. Your progress and even then it wont, save it and you cant look at your historical referable data without a phone in the way, because youre not going to be able to see it on here you can ring your phone in case.

You actually lose your phone. You can put it there, press that, and it starts ringing your phone like that you can press, stop theres a lot of fancy things the hands do and in fact, if you put it up and down like that, depending on what hand you have it on, you See everything moves away and thats to give you a full 360 degree, look at your screen and the watch hands try to get out of the way as best as possible. For you to see all the pieces of data on the screen see. I dont even know where I am. I pressed a bunch of buttons Im, not trashing it, but that is a reality. You have to always fight those hands now. Luckily they do have a jump. So you can jump down. You dont have to go back through the semi circle of things, which is really cool, and you know what things are easier to find here. So when you go to see, I didnt know which way I was going to go. That was actually a mistake. On my end, but something that requires a learning curve, the timer and stopwatch on the older unit was actually a little bit buried. I like how theyre just two clicks away. You go to the dial. You go down there and thats it. You can start your stopwatch. You can go back home and you actually cant go back to the settings. You have to go back home every time and well just show you one more here which will be see.

I missed it, which will be the timer. So if you go to the timer, you can do plus minus and thatll go up and down respectively, and you go back now. Theres really no way to go back to the settings each time because they would have to have just more buttons on the side and thats, just not something you can do now with this. You have all of your metering at the back and you can do your blood oxygen levels and you can do your heart rate. The older watch only had two cameras. This one has four on a physical constructed layer, its not really written, how much more effective. That is, but they say its improved metering and, for the most part, the more measurable cameras you have the more capability of measuring different metrics, the better, but the only way to find that out is if we go to the application on our phone. The app is free to download and they dont throw anything at you in terms of after the fact purchases you dont need to buy anything else after youll. See that you actually can have multiple devices connected were not going to because thats silly. I dont want one on my left and one on my right, although you could do it so in our little portfolio were going to choose the Nutra, which is the Gen 6 and were already connected so thats. What well go with right there in this? You have a bunch of things you can do.

Thats me, you can look at all that about help and wellness. This is going to be. If you have any questions in my preferences and how to set up Alexa right there, you can also choose a new watch. Face as well so with the watch face editor really skies the limit. You can go text, you can change the preview of the text, you can change the grayscale, you can go over here and you can add different long horned bowls. If you want, you can go over here and change the actual layout of the dial info, not dial like dial a phone, but the dial info. So if I wanted something like this with a little bit of a gradient like that, I want a cactus in the top corner. I want my bowl over there or I can even take a picture of myself and put it front in the screen. I can go over to data and then select the feature. I can add heart rates and dates and calories and active minutes blood, oxygen level, your favorite things. Basically. So if I put the blood oxygen level there and I put battery and I put calories its going to add all those respectively, you can exit out and delete everything or you can say: okay, dokay and its going to apply it to the watch like so once. It writes it over to the watch there you go. I now have my gradient and my terribly placed Cactus up top but thats just an example.

You can watch some things that are specific to the watch itself, like you can go over to their YouTube page. You can shop new arrivals, so yeah they start to throw some things at you and wellness is what youre going to want to look at. We havent been wearing the watch because its just a review sample, but you can check your blood oxygen levels and you can go back as well. You can go back a week. You can go back month, youll get everything charted its quite nice and you can do the same thing with your calories and everything is going to be in these little graphs. You have steps, calories, time, blood, oxygen, sleep Etc and its going to fill up respectively. So, as you wear the watch and gather data, probably for a fossil to use, which you know it comes with the territory of being on the grid, which is totally fine once you can do that, you can actually look back and see how youre resting see what Your heart rates at – and you know what smart watches are a very good way to get these into the hands of consumers and have Alexa listen to you, no Im just kidding, although thats a reality of having you monitor certain things about your health. If you are genuinely interested in getting this to monitor your your heart rate, maybe your heart rates been high. Your whole life and youve never really consistently checked the off one time youre going to get your blood drawn, they say, oh its a little high, but you cant pin that against any historical data.

This is a way to actually do that. Utilizing smart watches! You can go to my preferences and how to set up Alexa right there. You can choose different alarms notification, your preferred units, if you want to metric or imperial, even though only 2.5 countries on the planet use Imperial now and wellness tracking, you can add Auto detection or not, and you know what you dont need the app you can just Use this as a watch, some people like buying this and just having it as a conversation starter its like me with the Fez watch, I dont design anything on The Fez watch. I just wear it because its cool and I like it and it starts conversations and its part of my industry. Yes, the straps are genuine leather. Yes, these actually do something and they do genuinely monitor different metrics about your body, its a really nice watch. Overall, its great the glow lights been upgraded. You can double tap the glow light to turn it off or on, and it has four LEDs now, as opposed to the one or two the previous model had, and it just looked dim its a a great watch. Overall, it has a ton of features and, more importantly, its the latest edition of an e ink Smartwatch from fossil, which is a company that has been doing it for many generations, Alexa on board, Sleek, looking classy design and an all new backdrop makes this. The best hybrid Smart Watch yet and they call it a hybrid because it is supposed to not look like a smart watch while still giving you all of the features expected by one check it out for yourself and you can buy one below for goodereader.