This one has definitely one of the prettiest designs of all of the smartwatches out there. This one is not too big for women and not too small for men, since this one is only available in one size which is 41 millimeters. Now that also makes it a good companion for workouts if youre smart enough to not get the milanese stainless steel version. Like me and get the silicon strap instead, now before, we start with the video make sure to hit the like button right now and subscribe to my channel. If you are new and like this kind of content, also click the notification bell to never miss out on any new tech reviews and now lets get started. So, like i already said, this watch is only available in the size of 41 millimeters. But therefore we have six different styles to choose from, so we have four different middle knit stainless steel versions. We have one brown, leather and a black silicon, strap of which i think is the most viable option. If youre planning on doing any spots with this one, since we do have a whole bunch of different workout modes to choose from also, i was just wearing this watch on your right wrist instead of your left wrist, since, if youre doing push ups, you see your Hand will bend over and youll most likely push any buttons and that is kind of annoying every once in a while. But besides that the lower and the upper button are customizable, so you can connect these buttons to any of your pre installed.

Apps on your watch. Like my lower button takes me to the nfc payment and the upper one takes me to the wellness app with the middle one you can get to the app menu or by long pressing it. It takes you to the google voice assistant by the way in order to change the apps on your buttons. You have to head over to your settings personalization and click on custom hardware buttons and over here you can change things up whenever you want to as well as this watch has a big 1.26 inch amoled touch display with a resolution of 4 16 by 4 16 Pixel, it is also water. Resistant up to 5 atm has a mic in the speaker. Has the newest snapdragon wear 4 100 plus, so this watch is not lagging at all and its super responsive and the middle button is actually rotatable. So you can swipe through your tiles and apps, with your fingers like you are used to, but you can also turn the button to scroll through apps messages and workouts like in most newer small watches. You can receive all kinds of notifications on your watch that you would normally get on your smartphone. If its snapchat, instagram, whatsapp, missed, calls or emails, you get it all on that little device. You can also answer to the messages that you receive, so you can either use one of the quick reply. Options use the speak to dictate feature that works great.

As long as the background noises arent too loud or you can write your own message on a little keyboard, you have its a little bit difficult every once in a while, since the keyboard really isnt that big and some of you guys probably have some fat fingers Like i do and its a little bit hard to tie, but besides that its a great feature to have on any smartwatch – and i just love it since i already know if its worth pulling out my smartphone from my pocket or not theres – really nothing. The scarring faster 6 does not have so. Overall, we have 8 gigs of internal storage, so we can download all kinds of apps and music right to the watch, so we can actually download spotify and once the watch is connected to our spotify premium account, we can download all kinds of playlists podcasts our favorite Tracks write to the watch and listen to them offline. By the way we cannot only download music, but we can use the watch also for music navigation. So we can go back, a track, skip a track, play and pause and adjust the volume. But you cannot only download spotify to this watch, but you can also download all kinds of apps just open up your google play store and you can start browsing for apps its even separated in different categories. So you can download apps that you already have on your smartphone look for music apps streaming apps board apps.

There are really a lot of apps to explore. I mean there are a bunch of crappy apps, but there are also some apps that are pretty useful. Now one thing that works perfectly with our offline music are the workouts. Overall, you probably have around 100 different workout modes to choose from so you basically have everything covered, starting from running walking and hiking workouts all the way up to some winter sports, cycling, dancing and strength workouts. You can also set some goals and alerts, and you have a built in gps now regarding the built in gps. It is not the greatest to be honest and right here. Ive got a prime example on how good the built in gps really is. As you can see, every time im surrounded by buildings, the gps goes wild and is all over the place. Then in open spaces in the park it is dead, accurate and at the end i ended inside some buildings for some reason right between two streets. So i guess theres nothing more to say for me right here. Next, up, weve got probably one of the most important points on any smartwatch, which is the battery life. Now, just like many other smart watches, the skyline 6 isnt the best smartwatch when it comes down to the battery life. Now over my last couple of days of testing, i got around 24 to 36 hours of battery life on average. Depending on how much i was using it and how many workouts i did, but overall i had all of the half tracking features on.

I had the brightest settings on high and i had the awesome display mode turned on, but luckily we have a few battery saving options to get us a little bit more out of our battery life. We can either decide to turn this watch into a dummy watch and turn on the watch only mode. We have the extended mode, which only turns off a few features in exchange for that we get a few days of battery life, the daily mode that ive been used most of the time, and we have a custom mode in which you can decide in which time Span you want to have your bluetooth turned on and off. You can specifically toggle off features that you do not need and toggle on the features that you need by the way, just like the foster gen 6. This watch charges up super fast. It goes from 0 to 80 in just about 30 minutes, so that kind of makes up for the bad battery life. I guess with the sky 6, you have two dozens of watch face to choose from now. Of course, you can always download some new watch faces from the google play store, but lets stick with the watch face that we get by default. So by long pressing, the home screen you get to your watch faces from over. Here you can swipe, left and right or use the rotatable button to go through all of your watch faces, so you have some basic analog ones, very minimalistic ones, some with a lot of metrics and some goofy ones.

Also some of these watch faces are customizable. So you can actually see what metrics should be displayed. Select some shortcuts for apps change, the colors of the background and the hands, and as far as i can see, all of the watch faces has their own always and display more watch face. So you will never get bored so lets talk about some features. This watch actually has to offer. So you get your standard. 24. 7, heart rate monitoring sleep tracking that tracks your light and deep sleep, as well as your wake time and spo2 track that on attracts during the night or on demand a weather, widget and the usual stuff like an alarm stopwatch timer reading exercises a rather bright flashlight And armrest calls yep, since this watch actually has a built in mic and a speaker. You can call your friends and family right from your watch. You can either punch in the number on the die pad or look for your contacts in the context book by the way, if your smart watch is hooked up to your smartphone and your smartphone is hooked up to your earbuds, you can actually use them to talk To your friends and family, as well as before, we get to the next point, lets talk about the wearer s. Fossil already promised us that this watch will get the whale s3 update. Right now were still running on 2.3, which is fine in my opinion, but whereas is definitely better in many ways.

Now the price of 299 euros might seem a little bit high, but its definitely not overpriced. Now, if you compare the features that we give with the scarring faster 6 and compared to other smart watches like the boston gen 6 or the guys you watch 4, the skyrim doesnt slack behind well faster gen 6 might be a bad example. But i guess you get what i mean by the way ill leave the link to the watch down in the description below just in case. You want to get right to it. Everything you buy over there use one of my links. Amazon pays me a few percentages. Its not more expensive for you and helps me out a little bit by the way regarding to two watches that i just mentioned the false gen 6 and you guys watch for.