I think the market share of this is around 55. So a lot of people own them theres just something that i cannot get over with the square design and maybe thats me coming from a bit of an og watch background. But um circular, smart watches have always been my thing, and this is the brand new samsung galaxy watch 4 and im loving it so far and, like i said, if youre looking for a watch design, thats a bit more traditional. If you want to watch outside of the apple ecosystem, i think your options are fairly limited and i believe samsung has the second largest market share. So these are some of the most popular android smart watches, and they made a huge improvement to make the upgrade for this year and first off, that is software based. So previously samsung was rocking their own os powered by tizen, which didnt have the best app support and announced this year at google. I o, google and samsung were working together this time with wear os 3 powered by samsung. However, you want to look at it or wear os 3 with one ui skin or samsung skin. Over top, so now youve got access to all the google apps. You can kind of sync that with your smartphone, just like you would over on an iphone. There are a couple extra steps: if you dont own a samsung device, you do need to download samsung, wear samsung health and if you can look past those couple things, the experience now has just gotten so much better youve got access to the google play store.

You can download every app that youre rocking on your android device, finally onto your samsung watch in terms of the physical design, its pretty simple and theres, actually two different options, so you can get either the watch 4 or the watch 4 classic, which does have the Classic rotating bezel, its also 2 mils larger at 42 to 46 mils, but the screen size between the classic and the regular 4 remain the same either 1.2 or 1.4, depending on which size you get. The area where i feel samsung falls really short. Is the customization options and although i am typically someone that wears a silicone band, mostly black ive got that on my apple watch, youre really limited to your options. On the samsung side, i only saw the black silicone at launch, but, for example, on the apple side, you can get hundreds of different silicone band colors. They come velcro, leather, even metal and for the case, design itself. This is a stainless steel option. I believe on the samsung side, youre still limited to just aluminum, so that customization option, which i think people love to spec out. You are sadly limited, like i said on samsung once again. If you can kind of look past that and want a simple smartwatch that kind of focuses on your health, that has a great experience. So this is actually 20 faster than the previous gen there isnt as much stutter or lag navigating through the ui, its rocking samsungs w920 chip, one and a half gigs of ram with 16 gigs of storage.

I think its a solid competitor to the apple watch. Probably the best one that weve seen and usually i put the apple watch on kind of its own pedestal. I know the majority of my friends use one, but i do think the samsung watch 4 poses a serious threat and its not because of the orange face. Although you might think that is slightly a bit of bias health wise, i think this is where the samsung watch shines and it draws on a lot of what already makes the apple watch so successful. So you can complete your rings, its in the shape of a heart on the samsung watch, its got dedicated fitness tiles, which you can swipe through from the right hand side. So you can measure things like bmi, even though its not the most accurate. Technically, you measure that, by placing your two fingers on the two diodes, a little electrical signal runs through to measure the resistance. How quickly that passes through fat and water, not the most scientific but kind of scrolling through weve got sleep analysis. Weve got ecg, you even have a stress test, and this shows i am not stressed at all once again – im not too sure what they use to measure. That probably combination of that bmi and maybe say your heart rate uh. But the best test, i would say, is to do a little workout. Well, actually compare them and well switch to my handy little bench, rack behind me ill crush a set of legs and ill.

Let you know how Music? Yes, Music, oh boy, okay, so just crushed right under 40 minutes of a squat workout, so im squatting around 295 around 10 reps for 10 sets. So i was pushing close to 30 000 pounds in that 40 minutes. It was a tough one. Legs is by far the shittiest workout day, but i find its the best gauge on how well these kind of track your overall workouts and theres a pretty big difference over on the samsung we burned close to 300 calories and over on my apple watch. It was just over 200, so thats, a big big difference and ive heard from some other tech reviewers that the samsung over exaggerates calorie expenditure. But i think the area that theyre not looking at which i think the apple watch still fails to track – is your resting metabolic rate and thats. Actually, the area that youre looking to increase, because after your workout, whether its squatting or youre, playing some sort of sport, that rmr kind of spikes up and decreases throughout the day. And although youre not working out that rmr is whats burning the most calories throughout a given kind of work day, and perhaps the samsung watch is kind of calculating that and building that into its own equation, but thats where i really find calorie tracking tough. I dont think its a realistic viewpoint to lose weight to get in shape. I know its a decent benchmark.

Some people may need that, but the most important thing is actually the workout itself, not calorie counting, and maybe the next most important part. You kind of heard through some of my imessage interruptions you saw in some of the b roll. Your friends are a huge motivation factor. So when i finished my scott workout, my buddy nick said to me: thats dont hurt yourself dont go too hard and i think thats the motivation that a lot of people need and why a lot of people love to work out. So they can challenge their friends. So they feel a bit motivated to kind of crush the next workout. So maybe my advice is get the smartwatch that other people have. Does that make sense that your friends maybe have for someone like myself. I rarely track my strength, workouts and when i play say sports soccer volleyball i cant wear a watch, anyways theyre technically not allowed. Maybe i could strap it to my ankle. So not a lot of my workouts are recorded. Unfortunately, for me personally, it does come down to design and you guys know im always a fan of the circular watch face and im curious, which watch you would end up picking. Is it based off of design? Is it based off of your workouts? Is it solely based of price point? Let me know down below in the comments and if you want to see more workout stuff more integrations into some of these videos, maybe i can help some of you down in the comments with your own workouts.

I also used to be a bit of a personal trainer before this entire youtube career. So im happy to answer any of your questions. Hope you guys enjoy this quick little review and i will catch the rest of you and hopefully my next vid, my next workout.