Thank you so much for joining my channel today and today i will be going over a smartwatch that i found on amazon. So i do believe this is a special smartwatch, because it’s the cheapest smartwatch that i found on amazon with built in gps. So most cheap, smart watches like in the i’d say under 100 range uh. They don’t have built in gps. You actually have to use your smartphone’s gps and pair your watch to the smartphone and that’s. The only way that you can track your steps and things like that. It all takes your phone’s gps data, so this watch actually has an inbuilt gps um, as well as some other cool features, which i thought was really good, and this is only 55 bucks. I actually got it for 35 because a few days ago they have like one of those uh 30 off coupons that you see on amazon like right here, um so yeah i’m going to be unboxing this on this video and showing you my first impressions, um. First, off i’m, just going to go through some of the key features so um again, this is the brand is called ganley. It does have 11 sport modes. It has a heart rate, monitor a 1.3 inch screen. You can see your call and app notifications on here. You can’t talk in your phone or respond to these notifications, but you can see your notification and you also get a blood pressure monitor and it is ip67 waterproof and you get a weather app in this watch as well.

Okay – and you also get a barometer and optometer, so you can check the altitude and elevation as well as your distance. You get your music controlling remote camera as well, and this is just telling you about the app and that looks like it’s about it. Those are all of the major features, so i’m gon na get to unboxing it. Okay. So here is the box um on the front. You can just see the ganley branding, it just says: watch on the top, nothing really on the side, so it’s a barcode. Nothing too important. It just says the picture is just used for reference. So i’m gon na this looks like it’s a sleeve there you go, you get smartwatch. Okay, so here is. The watch came out really easily i’m gon na look at that. In a second okay looks like you get a charger as well: let’s see what that charger is like, so it looks like the charger is a clamp. This is the first watch that i’ve seen with a charger like that. It looks like something here, so it doesn’t damage the actual screen, and then there are your prongs to charge and usb type a cable, well, the end of it will go into usb type a and you get one booklet. I mean it’s gon na be in multiple languages. The first one is chinese and there’s everything after that, and shows you how to connect you’re going to need an app called going fit.

That is going to be the app that you download on the play store are on the apple store. This is compatible with android and ios, so let’s get to the actual watch now: okay undo the band. So this is a 44 millimeter watch in terms of like the durant uh in terms of like the perimeter of it on the screen is 1.3 inches. Let me take that sticker off i’ve got some sticker struggles going there. Okay, there we go. Okay, let’s go through the watch. There are your sensors on the back, see that there’s your charging prongs right there it’s compatible with ios and android, tells you again your gaming branding at the bottom. This is a really nice looking band now let’s see if it has the quick release pins so yeah it does have the 22 millimeter quick release pin so you could just take those out and replace it with any bands that you want that are 22 millimeters. Okay, let’s see if it has any juice on it. Okay, it does have some juice on it. Just says: smartwatch: okay, it looks like you have to set it up initially, but before i do that i’m just going to go over the rest of the body of this see. If this band has any branding yeah, it looks like it’s no branding on the actual watch band, so that’s nice. I don’t like a lot of branding on my smart watches, but yeah overall, it looks like it’s a pretty good size and that’s a really comfortable band.

It’S, a decent sized smart watch as well. One thing i don’t like i can tell there is like kind of a bezel you can see around the um perimeter of the actual uh screen of the watch looks like i actually pressed chinese on accident, so i’m gon na have to reset this in, but overall, Looks like the ui is pretty fluid so i’m, going to set everything up and download the app and get back with you in a second okay guys so um. I just set everything up on the watch. It was very easy. It only took me a few minutes, as you can see, um the app is called the going fit app. All you have to do is just go to if you’re, using android just go to your google play store if you’re using apple, just go to your app store and just type in going fit, and this is what the application looks like. Then i hit open okay, so you do have to pair it um that’s. That was pretty simple, it’s pretty straightforward. Once you open up the app but here’s just what the app looks like. So it looks like the front screen. Is your statuses, so i haven’t been anywhere today. I’Ve just been sitting at my desk. I just paired this completely a few minutes ago. You can see. I have zero steps, zero calories and zero miles um. My heart rate 74 beats per minute that tracks itself.

24. 7. and then the blood pressure you have to track that manually and the watch i’m going to show you how to do that sleep. It can track your sleep i’m, probably going to sleep in it tonight, see how accurate it is, and then you can track your weight. Okay, simple enough! Okay, now you can go to me and then um you can choose your nickname. I just chose g for galen. You can set goals here, help frequently ask questions and contact us. Okay, so here is um the device. Here, your device settings um. You could adjust all of these settings on your watch from your phone, so you can choose watch faces. There are tons of them that you can choose from. You can also choose which apps that you want to um get notifications for on your watch um. I chose a few of my favorites, my basic messaging apps and then, like youtube and stuff, like that, you can there’s a do not disturb me. You can adjust that from your phone as well as your watch. You have an alarm clock. Your sanitarianist reminder to show you like how long you’ve been sitting um yeah that’s your vibration, the shock you can keep it backlit for eight seconds, it’s, also adjustable. You could use the turn wrist to turn your screen on keeping that, on heart rate monitoring by default. That is set for 24 hours or actually it’s eight to six so yeah.

There you go and music control control your uh once you’re playing music. You can control it from your watch as well have a remote camera and i did make sure this was updated to the latest firmware and the latest gps. So let’s go to settings um. I did sync it to my google fit you just have to like put in your gmail. To do that. You could. I know strava is another popular fitness app, so you compare it to that um. This was important uh by default. It was set to metrics, so you’ll have to go to settings to update that to imperial if you’re in the u.s you could choose like which map you want to use. I use google maps i’m, not sure what i do. Map is check for updates. You can delete, modify your password and that’s pretty much it on the app but um. I really do like the ui let’s see if it has anything further yeah it’s, pretty basic. It looks like it doesn’t like really have any charts or anything. Oh, when you click on it further, you do get charts so so far, it’s only um tracked my heart rate once so 74, and this checked my blood pressure winch. So that looks pretty average 132 over 73., so yeah that’s, the app okay so now uh to the watch. So first off i’m, just gon na talk about how it actually feels after a few minutes of me, playing with it um.

It feels very plasticky, like you. Can hear it just can’t get around it. It feels a lot cheaper than the other budget watches that i’ve covered on my channel, such as the tin woo and the uh yummy watch like those were also made of plastic, but they had like a different finish to make it feel more premium. This just feels like straight up plastic, like the um original yama watch that i got um like the yummy wash 20 20 had like a plastic type, glossy finish, and then the tin would also have like a metal type finish, even though it was plastic. But this just feels like plastic it’s, not a big deal breaker to me. I still like the weight of it and everything it feels a lot lighter than the other watches just because of that plastic belt as well. The buttons uh the buttons feel a little loose um. I will say that uh, they don’t feel like as sturdy and firm as and clicky as other ones like it’s, pretty clicky, but it just doesn’t feel firm like it feels like. The button is like rotating. In a circle when you press it as well um so yeah now just i’m just going to go over the actual, like ui of the watch um, so the two buttons on the side backs of those buttons that top button. This is only like a home button. So if you’re in let’s just say you’re there, you just click that top button and it always takes you home or you can just press it again to turn off your screen, and you can also press it to turn on your screen.

Just in case you don’t want to use that auto awake gesture and also there is a bottom button that always takes you to your workouts so i’m, just going to go over all of the workouts that this watch supports on indoor running outdoor running riding, climbing marathon Walking spinning yoga football, basketball, badminton and um like a record motion option so just going to click that top button to go home again. I really love the ui of this because it really reminds me like a lot of like the wear os, which is way more expensive than these, like uh, cheaper, um watches so i’m, just gon na swipe down you get a few quick titles like you get a Battery saver mode, that is, to adjust your brightness uh. What i don’t remember what that is for what is that? Oh that’s, like a do not disturb mode, and then you could have a settings option. You have an option to lock it, and if you want your screen locked, you can just press any key to unlock it. So yeah. I really like that about this watch. I, like those quick toggles when you swipe up you get your actual menus. You can only get out of your menu by pressing that home button again but i’m just going to show you what’s in the menu. You have a health option, so we’re just going to show you what’s in there you have a pedometer heart rate.

Blood pressure monitor. So, of course, the pedometer tracks your steps and then the heart rate, of course tracks your heart rate, and this actually does it um. 24. 7.. I showed you on the watch, how you can um adjust it to make it go 24, 7 right out of the box. It goes from 8 a.m, to 6 p.m. And then you have a blood pressure which you have to queue up manually: okay, so that’s the that’s, those settings it looks like you can swipe uh left to get out of everything too. And then your notifications looks like wire. Uh bagno just recently dropped a video. So i’m, just gon na delete all okay and uh you’ll also get notifications like when um like when you receive it, it will vibrate and the notifications come through. I did see that come through. Hopefully someone text me or something just so. I can show you guys that um but let’s go to settings and you have language clock. You could change how you want to see your clock. You have display brightness, you can change how many apps you see on the screens in the menus, and you can change your screen up, screen, timeout time and then reset and about your device. Okay, you also get a music controller. So whenever you queue up music on your phone, you can control the playback from your watch, which is nice. You get a calendar that’s, something i don’t think i’ve seen in one of these cheaper smart watches, calendar that’s, really nice.

You get your breathing, you can set an alarm on your watch. If you want you can set your sedentary reminder, you can find your phone start. Okay, you can hear that my phone just went off in case you lose your phone as long as it’s connected you. Can try to find it that way, remote capture, so you can uh use that fresh camera shutter pressure, so this is the um. This is the pressure is like the altometer and everything um just showing how much air pressure and everything is elevation. Things like that uh altitude, that’s uh, the elevation. You have a compass i’m, not sure what motion is oh that’s, where you, if you um like show like flick your wrist um, your screen will come on that’s. What that means. Um tool get a countdown stopwatch calculator. Confidence and then your altitude and pressure again um you can adjust the themes i’m just going to keep it here, because the other things are harder to see on camera but i’m. Just going to show you let’s do thing four! So yeah you could change the theme of your main menus and then you get a pretty good weather app. I think that’s really nice. You can see the temperature today and then for the next few days as well. So that’s a nice touch and it’s, pretty detailed, tells you the precipitation levels and everything i really like that about this watch. Um now let’s go so when you’re on the home screen.

When you swipe to the left, the screen to your right will show your current heartbeat and then that’s the that’s, the name of the app that you need to download to sync everything that stays there and then there’s your pressures. Again your altitude again and your compass again then your steps and then it takes you back. So when you swipe left it does the thing same thing, but in reverse and that’s about it. On the watch. Um it’s full of features i’ll be doing a full review of this watch. Just to show you guys um if everything actually worked, i’ll be playing with the watch faces, i’ll be changing. The watch faces around to my liking and show you guys what my favorite watch face is eventually, but overall, if this works, i think this will be an absolute steal. I definitely think it will be possibly the best watch under 50 if they can um like permanently move that price under that 55, that they have it at now, i’m really liking the watch so far in terms of the futures and the hardware that it provides the Build quality is the only con in my opinion, but it’s, not that big of a deal so um yeah.–GcpLL7M