There’S, internet weather support and loads. More can’t wait to see it. So we love to look at apple watch clones here at mmb, tech, tv and today is no different on the desk. We have the iwo16 smartwatch a smartwatch with a bunch of decent upgrades from the previous version that we’ve reviewed on the show. Now, as you know, we have reviewed a few of the iwo ranges on the show and of course, as always, we’ll include the links for them down in the description box below for you to go and check out later on, but in today’s show, as always, we’re Going to delve into the box see what you get we’re going to go through the menus and some of the features that come with the watch uh. There will be some other videos coming out soon as well like how to set up the wi fi and all that sort of stuff so make sure if you haven’t already make sure you hit subscribe and hit the bell. So you do not miss anything. So let’s jump into the boxing and see exactly what you get with it. So, as you can see similar boxing that we’ve had before with all the other id real ranges very, very plain. On the side there wms uh wi fi gps from tws, which is a very, very exciting new feature. That’S come to these and then on the top. You’Ve just got your picture of the watch there.

So when you unbox and take it out, you are greeted by all of the usual uh suspects. Shall we say so in there. Of course you do get your normal instruction manual, which of course covers all of those elements that you need to know kind of connection guides operating guides, all the usual bits and bobs have. I would recommend, have a read of that in the box. Uh, you get, of course, your charging puck, which is just there uh usb 3 and a real fast charging, or, if you adapt, you put it into a fast charger. It becomes a fast charge. Uh charging pump you’ve got the watch itself, which these do come in a bunch of different colors. I got this from aliexpress and you get them in a rain. A mass range of colors, which is fab so we’ll, come to that in just a sec and then on the inside oop. Take that out let’s remove that you do get. Of course, your rubber uh, your silicone bands, which, of course, like all the other idol watches you can buy replacement ones, um on aliexpress, ebay, that sort of stuff um or, if you’ve even been given some of the genuine uh straps. You can use them on the watch as well and they fit on just really really easily. They just slide on and click into place, and they are not going anywhere. I look at that and they are straight in, and that is straight in and locked into place, which is really really good and you can make phone calls.

You can answer phone calls view messages and there will be loads, more features being added uh with the firmware updates that are available um on the watch. It does receive these firmware updates. Now uh. I will be doing a video on how to do that. So either. Look uh: it should either be in the card right above the screen. Now um or you’ll, either be in the comments box below or in the description box as well. So what is new when it comes to the iwo 16? It comes with a bunch of new features, including wi fi, gps, tws, music it’s got song storage on the watch, wireless charging and loads. More now, as just previously mentioned, the watch straps can take original apple watch, uh straps. If you have them lying around the 42 to 44 millimeter straps um or you can purchase these online from aliexpress and stuff uh. You can even use the sport straps sport, loops, uh, leather straps, the lot so let’s boot up the watch and see what it’s like so as you can see when, just before we boot it up, as you can see, let’s take you around now they are you’ve. Probably seen all of the uh igbo watch ranges before, but, as you can see, you’ve got that nice screen there again trying to keep it as close as it can to a lookalike of an apple watch on the side there, which is your power button and usually It’S also your back button.

I do hear a clicky noise. Hopefully that might make the menu zoom in and out you’ve got what looks like. Oh you’ve got your back button just there, which is an active button, a microphone there then on the back. This is your heart rate sensor, which does say: music watch series 6 and we’ll be testing out that as well, and then, of course, these little bits. Just here are your quick release. Catches for when you take your straps out so very very similar i’m sure you’ve, probably seen all these before, but let’s let’s boot it up. So you get greeted by the wms wms menu. Then you get that beautiful, uh song there now the good thing another part of the upgrade with this watches is that you get 3d animation, uh watch faces and that you can get on these as well. So let’s take a little look. So usually you hold on to the screen and then you presented them with the watch faces that you can add on board. So you do get a fair view to sort of get. You started off uh a lot of you you’re, very typical sort of apple watches. Um and it’s nice that you’ve got the uh custom animation stuff on there now uh. But again you can see by the picture quality it’s not too bad. It would have been a shame, though uh. It is a shame, sorry that is not just full face it’s.

So close there’s just that tiny, tiny bit of chin just there just a tiny bit, but nevertheless it is getting there and especially with these massive improvements that it’s already got on it. So let’s jump in and take a good look at the watch. So when you swipe up from the bottom, nothing happens, let’s swipe from the left. Oh look at that, so that must be part of one of the custom faces. Is that you can swap it just like that? Oh also, you can literally change your watch face just by sliding across like that. That is very good. I like that feature, so you don’t need to long press. You can just swipe across if just for convenience, if you wanted to, swap and change it out with a flick of a finger and there you are – and of course, you’ve got 3d animation ones there as well, so let’s go into the menus and the apps and Have a little look, so you press just on the bottom button just here and let’s go through that menu and see exactly what you get on board on it. So, of course you get your remote notifier because of course you get all your normal uh notifications that you would on all the other smart watches you get these on here, find my device that’s on there. Of course you get a dialogue because you can, of course you make phone calls and address books and all that sort of stuff which is really really good an alarm.

You would expect to get an alarm on something like this uh remote capture. So, of course, you can use this as a bluetooth sort of camera app if you will it’ll help control uh the camera up on your device or perhaps, if you’re doing a group shot of someone, you can set the phone off to the side and you can Use that just to control the shutter, which is a always handy, i’ve, used it once or twice uh you’ve got your bluetooth connections. There we’ll set up our uh we’ll set up our bluetooth connection shortly so again. Calendar – and one thing i always say, is with these watches it’s such a shame that you can’t pair it with the normal sort of standard google apps uh, that you have because it’d be really good to have uh google apps on here, but uh google calendar on Here even but never mind, uh now, as mentioned earlier. Of course you can have music on here, but it does also give you the bluetooth music options, so you can and you can control uh music that’s on your device straight from the watch itself, which of course we will test that very very shortly. You’Ve got your settings menu just there. So of course, all the relevant settings that you need so you’ve got your bluetooth, your wi fi brightness adjustment, uh time volume, control vibration, settings uh, lock, screen uh fall monitoring, so you can also turn on fall monitoring as well.

Now that’s been introduced, which is a really especially uh for an apple watch. It’S got sos settings so again, so after it’s turned on press holding you’ll get the sos emergency help. So, of course we know that’s a familiar feature: uh on the apple watch series. Six really nice to see that now on chinese, smart watches, very, very good, uh date and time. Of course, you can change your menu style to one that you’re, probably a bit more familiar with, which is this one that dial doesn’t do anything it doesn’t zoom in or out, which is a shame, but you do get that option there and let’s change that back To audio player, because of course, as mentioned, you can independently download music and put it on here and listen straight from this watch and have it bluetooth straight to your bluetooth, headphones massive improvement. Of course you get all of your sports modes on there uh you get your heart rate, so let’s give it a bit of a test shower let’s, take off my current one. Oh uh and let’s see if we can get a decent sort of reading. So i thought, let me relax my arm a little bit. 62 beats per minute, so it is, it is registering it and, of course, it logs all that within the watch as well uh sports modes. This is the main reason why we get a lot of these watches is because we want to use them for all the sports facilities, so you can log your uh walking indoor walking outdoor, you can run indoor and outdoor, so there’s, some of the sports modes on Possibly with other firmware updates, you might get more options on there.

Sport record so again, i’ll tell you about it on here, it’s, showing you the amount of steps you’re doing. We love a good step count at the minute. How much you slept that’s on there uh recent heart rate, blood pressure, total distance? What so there is a bunch of stuff that’s on here now, as you can see here, this is one of the new additions into it, which is the wi fi. So let’s turn on the wi fi and tap on my list of available networks and let’s connect to that one and connect so again, that’s a really, really good feature. That means that now you can independently uh, run stuff on here, like the weather, apps and all that sort of stuff, so kudos a massive improvement there, including that on there and of course, the weather on there as well. So you can see there is a mass amount, uh that’s already included on here, which is a huge step up from what we’ve had previously with these iwr watches. So, as you would expect, the watch comes with uh, all the apps that that you would expect from it. So, for example, like your sports modes and all that sort of stuff, but, as i mentioned earlier on, the new feature i do like is the fact: it’s got wi, fi, hurrah, that’s, a brilliant addition. Now the watch does have 1g of uh rom storage on board, which is great for having independent music on there right from your wrist, which is again a brilliant new feature.

Another feature is the ability to be able to connect your bluetooth earphones directly to the watch and i’m going to show you how to do it so for that i’m going to need my uh i’ve got some bluetooth airpods. So all you need to do is we’re going to go into the bluetooth settings. So if we go to bluetooth connection i’m, going to put these in pairing mode and search for a new device, let’s turn on bluetooth. So you can already see it’s come up with ryan’s airpods in pairing mode and they’re connected just like that. There you go so now. I can listen to music straight from these on into them. You never had that before with the iwo range, so from the last kind of batch to this you can see all these mass improvements are just brilliant it’s. A massive step up, like i mentioned earlier on, you get the local weather information on the watch as well and, of course, that’s updated. Once you connect the watch to the internet. Now the watch works in partnership with a great app called the wemus app, which is available on both android and ios. Now all the instructions for that are in the little instruction manual that you get but we’re going to try and talk you through it as well and see exactly what you get with it. Let’S get my device now, of course, uh i’ve already got mine sort of queued up ready to go in the background, so i’ve got the wemas out there.

Let’S download that and of course this is the vital app that will make sure you get all the sort of benefits and features from the watch itself. Okay, so that’s, the all downloaded so you’ll get all the usual sort of prompts like you would uh. So, as you can see, it’s got all the sort of tracking elements there, so them sports modes, any sort of sport, fitness mode that you’ve recorded data, will come across to this. Once you pair the watch, so you can see it’s got all your health elements there. You’Ll jump into your sport it’ll tell you graphically how well you’ve done there, but what we need to do is to connect the devices so let’s scan for a device. So you can see he’s trying to find our device there and there it is wms watch tap. I want to pair with it i’m going to allow because we want to allow our contacts to go over and it’s as easy as that it’s connected now one thing with the wi fi settings now when we was doing it on the watch earlier um. If your wi fi router isn’t encrypted it will pair straight away that way. However, if yours is encrypted, you can then using the app go through and put the password in uh to connect it up. So, for example, i’ve got my networks here. I can tap that i’m gon na add the password in so now so now, that’s been managed to add in that information will carry over to the watch itself and i don’t know if you can see in the corner there you can see it’s connected via bluetooth, Headphones are connected and it’s got the little wi fi signal just in the corner there so let’s take a look then through the app to see kind of the extra benefits that you get so uh.

When you go in two, you can go into watch status. Gps, of course you can use the gps settings here and track and map any runs that you do or any cycling anything that you need to go out and about, and do we know, especially during lockdown people have been tracking the runs and stuff this watch. Does it all as well, which is very, very good uh you get out of a you, know, out of range alarms and if you kind of become separated from your devices, synchronization watch settings. You can do that, but local music. This is where you can then sync any local music on here onto your watch so and that’s they’re going to be locally on the device, so once that’s downloaded across we’ll, give it a test and see if that actually works as well, and there we go it’s Downloaded it’s done so let’s see. If, when we go into the music player, we can add songs into there. So let’s see where mine is i’ve gone to my music and there it is let’s click on that. So added that into the playlist. So let’s go back. Let’S turn up and it’s playing so and it’ll play through these as well. It’S also got a speaker on there, which is really really good. So let’s reconnect these back up again just so, it will allow that connection to happen. Uh let’s find it where’s it going. Wms watch there we go so let’s connect that back up again so and then, as mentioned earlier on.

Of course, you do get those firmware system updates, so you know that the watch will uh get continual updates, especially with all the new features that will come out alongside with it, and so with all that in mind overall, what do i think so from having all Of the previous iwr watches on the show, this is a massive step in the right direction in terms of features. In fact, the fact it even has wi fi on board storage. You can connect to earpods just to name a few is brilliant and i’m sure it will be greatly received by you lot out there. Now you can pick up yours from aliexpress and as always on the show i haven’t forgot about you. I have put a link in the description box below for you to go and check out when you have a minute so go and have a look and, as always don’t forget, you can be part of the mmb community and, of course, be one of our members. For just as little as 1.99 a month, you can get early access to the videos. Special members live streams and loads. More and all you need to do is simply click on the join now button and you’re in so go and have a look. And, of course, if you want to check out more videos, read our blogs or even get in touch.