So we live in an age right now, where so many of the top phones, the most popular phones, are designed to appeal to the masses, thats the point of them, and so they all end up kind of looking. Basically, the same, all very similar. You know big screen up on the front: a couple cameras on the back a couple: pale colors, nothing too crazy, just a glass slab. So if a startup were to come along and make another average phone, it would probably fit in pretty nice, but there wouldnt really be any reason to switch to it to to buy that one. So what nothing has done is theyve made a pretty unique looking phone. That also happens to have a bunch of cool features surrounding that unique. Look. I think its pretty sick. Now this phone isnt out yet fyi its coming around july 12th, so definitely get subscribed to make sure you see the full review of the entire phone and everything about it when it does come out um, but until then what i am allowed to show you now Is the back of the phone so the ear one earbuds that came from them last year played off of this transparency theme not fully transparent, but definitely with some clear plastic bits that look cool and then reveal some shielding inside thats, strategically placed and painted to look Sweet thats kind of the look this phone also has going on too, but the way that really stands out is with these lights on the back.

So the phone has what i would basically call the ultimate notification led. So the notification led on the back of the phone has been a dying breed lately, you dont see them very much, but when you do, which is rare, its so nice to just have like a subtle little glowing led that just tells you whats going on you. Can tell if you have a new phone call or text message or a new tweet, and this is a sort of a exaggerated all out version of that. So there are just over 900 leds, making up a pattern across the whole back of this phone around the dual cameras around the wireless charging pad in the middle and then some stripes up into the corner and then down by the charging port at the bottom. And they do a great job frosting over them, so the glow really cleanly appears as just a solid, continuous light bar, so they call it the glyph interface and it has a bunch of real functionality. So, first of all, it does light up and pulse for your notifications. It will also light up and glow when your wireless charging or reverse wireless charging, which is neat but theres, also a feature where, when you plug into usbc to charge it lights up that bottom bar and then acts as a progress bar indicator. And, of course, you wouldnt want that to stay lit up all the time, so it turns off, but anytime you want to check on it.

All you got to do is just wiggle the phone a little bit and it lights up again, so you can see how far youve gotten that is dope. The entire glyph interface can light up at once as a fill light for the cameras. These are pretty bright. Leds, normally some lights on the back of a phone, i wouldnt say make much of a difference, but for some sort of close up subjects or in darker rooms, this can actually make a difference versus the normal flash thats. Also on the back of the phone plus, there is a blinking red light on the back here, which is a recording indicator for when youre recording videos, and then nothing has built an entire user interface into the settings that let you control exactly how the lights work. When they turn on and what they light up for so the most impressive part to me for sure is there are 10 built in ringtones and you might not use ringtones that much, but these are cool. They each have a light pattern that lights up to perfectly match the ring tone, and so then you can pair ringtones with certain contacts. So when you see a certain light pattern, even when the phone is muted, you know whos calling you just by looking at it and on launch youll, be able to have different light patterns for notifications from different apps too Music. I imagine they can add more stuff like this through software updates over time, but that is a really interesting, actually new feature in a smartphone.

We dont see that very often so, thats pretty cool now whether itll be enough to actually get people to buy the phone or whether it impresses people who would usually put a case on their phone anyway. That will have to wait until launch to see, but i think it looks pretty sick honestly, it looks like a movie prop in my hand, in certain environments plus im sure theres a clear case coming from nothing. I think now that theres, like renders floating out there. The most common description, ive seen of the look of this phone is like. Oh, it just looks like an iphone 12 with a transparent back which sure you know with the dual cameras and the general shape. You could reduce it to that. If you want to, but also thats pretty cool actually, but actually for what its worth a clear, backed, iphone 12 would look like this, which is a little bit different. So love it or hate it. Nothings phone looks kind of different. So, no matter what happens with the rest of the phone mission accomplished there, i guess the question were left with at this point is: does this work like? Is this uh different enough looking to actually work? Are people going to buy it? Are they going to want to actually switch to this slightly different looking phone over this safe bet, and i guess the answer really is its a real strategy like look at these three phones: theres, a naruto phone, a league of legends phone, a dragon ball, z, phone? All super unique, deep collaborations with custom packaging, custom designs, wallpapers, icon, packs the whole thing they go the extra mile, so this strategy of standing out with a cool features or sweet design is very intentionally to steal away a small amount of the most loyal customers.

Its literally a customer acquisition cost, and maybe if the first run is successful enough, then they can make a slightly more broadly appealing slightly better phone overall that sells more, and if that one works, then they can make an even more broadly appealing phone that sells even More and then even more broadly, appealing and even more until youve made a very broadly appealing phone that sells the most, but that feels like it abandoned your original fan base sound familiar either way. This phone is definitely super different. I think the lights are pretty cool, but well have to see how it goes something to keep an eye on thanks for watching ill catch.