Tell you what i like and things that i think potentially could be improved in a future product, because theres certain things that im not so keen on, but well get to all of that Music. So, starting with design. This thing is built really well available in two sizes, either 42 or 44 millimeters, and it has a lovely bright, vibrant amoled display the buttons. On the right hand, side could be slightly firmer on the click but outside of that with its metal and glass construction. Its just really solid the watch face and strap can be customized to suit your preference, as can the top and bottom buttons which are currently set online to google pay and health and well being more on that shortly. The middle button, with its rotating crown, takes you with one click through to all of your important apps and youll notice. Amongst many others, the likes of all the google fit options and the google play store. As this fossil gen 6 is running on googles, wear os, which is, in my opinion, the most complete smartwatch operating system for android smartphones, going right now for most things, but not all well get to that, and you can also pair this watch with iphones. If the apple watch is simply not your thing, a swipe down from the top gives you access to your quick settings. Menu with, amongst others, includes sound battery aeroplane mode, find your phone and a full settings option as well.

A swipe up from the bottom provides you with all of your notifications, which, again because its wear os, you can respond to these directly from your watch by either typing or using voice assistant, which can also be enabled with a press and hold on the central button. To organize daily tasks plan your day or simply find out something like the weather, et cetera, and a prolonged gives you power off and restart options. Swiping right on the home screen also takes you to voice assistant and left, shows, workout modes, weather blood, oxygen level and sleep tracking, alexa voice and quick dial, and i have used this watch to receive calls, and the speaker is really nice and clear and ive apparently Sounded likewise the other end, which is nice. There is also a google fit option in this section, which provides heart rate monitoring amongst many other fitness tracking features which can all be monitored within the google fit app on your phone. You also have a built in wellness. App that can track your activities if you prefer, and the improved heart rate sensor now, apparently works even better in more situations and if youre exercising like i should be doing much more of it but its winter. Its dark, its fine uh youll, be pleased to know that you do have spotify and youtube music offline listening available. Now the warehouse app has a few other setting features that you may find useful, like watch, faces tiles notifications and a tilt to wake, and always on screen toggles as well always on displays on multiple different tech products.

Now are all the raging rightly so it allows you to take a quick glance on this device of the time without actually fully waking the watch, so you can conserve battery and speaking of battery. This brings us on to one of a possible two potential problems with googles: wear os that ive experienced in the past, the first being it can be pretty draining on the watchs batteries and draining on the hardware addressing the battery one first, the fossil gen 6 does. Okay, its not going to give you a week before the need to charge where os simply doesnt allow for that in this small form. Factor and ive been charging this once every sort of one to two days. This is fairly standard for wear os, watches its not great its, not ideal its its just like i said, okay and you will have to be slightly more battery conscious if you are looking to use sleep tracking, for example, which this watch does have. I personally wouldnt want to wear this type of dressy sort of watch to bed um. But if you did go for a more sleep, friendly comfort, customization strap face, etc of this gen 6, then it does have two times faster charging about 80 in 30 minutes. So, potentially you could charge it sort of prior to going to bed, then you can wear it overnight and into the next day, no problem its just, i suppose, about adjusting your routine in terms of the second potential problem of wear os, the uh.

You know the draining nature of the the draining nature of i dont know where im going with this sentence of how draining it can be on the hardware of the watch. We have no real problems here, because the fossil gen 6 is running with qualcomms snapdragon 4100 chip, which offers a 30 increase in performance. So navigating around the ui is really nice and smooth. I wouldnt say the latest watch chips have created a night and day difference for the end user, just yet from previous generations, like perhaps smartphones or computer chips have but theyre heading in the right direction, and this is definitely a high performer in this category of whats. Currently available, the gen 6 has a 3 atm water rating, so youre safe to splash water on it and get caught in the rain, but swimming, for example, is probably not recommended, although again due to design, i probably wouldnt want to with this watch anyway. All in all, i think the fossil gen 6 is a fantastic option if youre looking for all your main smarts but want something thats a little bit more traditional looking and has that touch of elegance and class that make it suitable to rock with a nice suit. For example, ill be doing that when i attend a wedding in the next couple of weeks for a very good friend of mine and ill, let you know over on my other socials how i get on wearing this watch.

To that event, i will leave a link to the fossil gen 6 smart watch in the video description below. If you want more information, you can go and check that out drop a like on the video.