You know its connecting to the bluetooth and speakers its all happening, but thats what happens when tag hoya in our sphere of luxury watchmaking? Have another crack at the connected watch at the smartwatch and bring the best of swiss watchmaking, ideally to a category that the swiss have traditionally not had much of a role in tag want to change all that and again they have refined their offering with a model That weve reviewed elsewhere, the 42 millimeter on my wrist, which is about to leave and the new edition 4 of the 45 millimeter version, which were going to get into now and the way were going to do that is by comparing it to the edition. 3. 45. Millimeter connected watch lets go firstly, fit and feel: how is this watch physically and how does it feel on the wrist compared to the edition 3? So the addition 4 is the same diameter, its 45 millimeters. However, it is a little thicker at 15 millimeters compared to 13.5, and that is on account of a new function. An altimeter function and also extended battery life is the reasoning that we can come up with for why there is a few extra millimeters of dimension. There is also on this version, a 54 millimeter lug to low, so in terms of how that wears on my seven inch wrist it pretty much goes to the extent of my wrist. Its 85 millimeters in weight as a dlc titanium model is reasonable.

Therefore, its not feeling extra bulky on my wrist, we dont have the lug to lag of the edition 3, but im expecting with a similar lug profile that it is going to be very similar. However, speaking of profile and speaking of case, the edition 4 is a refined proposition. In terms of this watch case, we have a more sleek case profile. We have integrated pushes that are very nicely sort of recessed into the titanium case, and we also have a nice mechanical actuation in terms of the feel of these chronograph style pushes and the way that they operate. It is very nice to press them and feel a satisfying click, as opposed to the wrist feel or the haptics of previous models definitely reminded you that they were a smart watch and not a mechanical watch. Now, in terms of the aesthetics of the edition 4 versus the edition 3, there are definitely some refinements to the case which reduce its its height and reduce its heft on wrist uh. You know slightly sculpturing the sides of the case and recessing. Those uh pushes has made a big difference to the way the watch looks, however, both are said to be inspired by the carrera and, if you know the carrera well, if youve grown up around carreras youre going to glance at this and see exactly what im talking About its the shape of the lugs, its the very round face its there in some of the more subliminal details, but certainly the edition four continues to be inspired by the carrera.

Now, like i said in my review of the 42 millimeter connected watch, i am more of a 42 millimeter and under size watch wearer. However, i can report that this watch on wrist being only 89 grams and in that dlc titanium. It really isnt bothering me with its heft and size, its a very light and comfortable watch and the strap is exceptionally comfortable thats, partly because of the quality of the rubber, and you know, takeaway deployments never really failed to deliver theyre very solid, but also because of A bracelet that can be adjusted infinitely, so there are no holes to align each clasp position to you can adjust it to the micron if to get it exactly right for a fit. So the fit of the watch and the feel of the watch light very well secured very balanced because of that light, titanium and again large on the wrist, but well get to the upside of that in a minute, because certainly the screen of this at 1.’ inches Is very big, very bold, very bright and certainly the best version of the tag boy connected screen by a long way. Moving on to the crown, it is a rubberized crown, but it is larger which makes it easier to manipulate. Now you use the crown for a lot of functions on this watch its for scrolling, its for activating so having it simply larger makes a lot of these functions easier to to use to access to select, okay, the technical side of things whats changed.

Well, we have an oled screen, we have a bluetooth, 5.0 platform in use and we have an altimeter which adds to the barometer heart rate and compass from the previous version. Now my favorite thing about this watch in terms of what else it brings to the table and what it brings in this glorious 1.’ inch oled screen is the workout function now, instead of just telling you what to do and measuring your heart rate, the beauty of This watch is, it gives you guided workouts with an animation theres, nothing worse than doing a really fantastically intentioned workout in really bad form or in a way that that actually isnt maximizing those activities so sit. Ups, push ups, the basics, but also variations of that are depicted on this screen with an animated figure that shows you exactly how to do it so its its, not a small details about so its a small detail. This is quite a big addition for those that are really fitness focused. The wellness part of this watch in terms of the the wellness vertical within the watches functions is well optioned, with lots of options, but certainly the guided workout. So what i saw in the first trailer for the watch ive been looking forward to seeing it in action its pretty awesome. On the practical side, this watch has an all day battery, which is what theyre calling this with, which is 30 improved on edition three. So ive said this before ill say it again.

Battery life is just the bug bear of me and so many devices. The fact that this is improved by 30 is definitely worth noting. Lastly, we have a snapdragon, 4100 plus processor, which im sure means something to somebody all that really means to me is that theres almost zero latency between programs. There is nice, responsive movement from the actuators uh in terms of chronograph pushes in the crown, so its a pretty slick piece of kit in terms of how quickly things happen. How well things move? I dont really have any complaints so far, so there you have it. This is the new edition four of the tag hoya connected watch at 45, millimeters in dlc coated titanium in terms of the the way the the tech is working in terms of what its offering you know, improved battery life, oled screen faster processor, uh, more and more Functionality that is useful for me, the guided workout function is very useful, theyre getting better in the game. What do you think of taghoys connected watches and does this change anything for you? We have had a long story of connected watches over the years.