Looking at smart watches now you might think oh smart watch. I need to drop like 300 for a smart watch right well, there’s, two kinds of smart watches. There are smart watches that let you interact directly on the watch, for example, taking a phone call or sending a text message, but there are also simply what they call notification, watches that’s. What i’m looking at today that’s what this is. This is the tinwoo smartwatch t20w and it’s very modest and priced it’s, relatively modest, in functions, but it’s pretty darn cool. Nonetheless, as you can see, it is actually a tiny little computer display it’s a 1.3 inch round touch display. So when i have the display on, i can touch it and i can generate different functions and all sorts of stuff i’ll show you a close up and walk through some of the features, but it gives you 14 different clock faces, it’s a metallic frame, as you Can see i just bring this up again. Just got a notification. I can swipe down here’s a text notification. Obviously it has to pair with your smartphone. You can use it with an android or an ios phone. It has a metallic frame it’s a tpu band. You could put a different band on if you want, because it’s a standard 22 millimeter connector, and it has, when you pair it with your phone gps features for tracking your latest run. It has a heart rate, monitor in fact, you can see on the back.

Well, here’s a photo, but on the back, there’s sensors that occasionally will pop on and they just bounce off your skin and figure out your heart rate. Pretty cool technology actually it’s an exercise monitor it can do sleep tracking, really, most of that, you then have to manage through the tin, woo app and the tinwoo app is okay let’s see if we can get to the home page let’s see let’s go here. I think that gets me there, so you know i can see that so far today, i’ve done 300 steps again give me a minute and i’ll give you a full close up of everything that’s going on. It has a 300 milliamp hour battery, which gives you 20 days of basically standby a week of data collection and a couple of days of using it really intensely. You can put it into always on mode, but i was pretty disappointed that always on mode puts it at its dimmest setting. So really you can’t see it outdoors, but i suppose you could have it in always on dimmest setting and then you can tap and hold, which brings you temporarily to maximum brightness, so that’s. One way to do it, of course, having it on all the time does have the cost on battery life, but, honestly, a lot of people that use smart, watches charge their watch every single night so having something where i could have other than this. Blank display would be nice now, it does have motion sensors in it.

So, theoretically – and i would say probably about 75 of the time – if i have it on my wrist and i lift it up to look at it, then after a second or two, the display does turn on, but not always, and that can be a little frustrating. Finally, it is ip68 waterproof, you can wear it swimming, you can wear it in a shower. It won’t track your swimming. If you use that for exercise and it’s, not a dive watch so don’t go and explore the sunken titanic. With this watch on it’s not going to end well, but generally lots of cool features, it’s a really humble sort of tech, but there’s so much jammed into it. Really, though, let me give you a close up and let’s walk through some of its features. The app is pretty rudimentary, but you can get data like your heart rate. Your distance walked. You can see on this day. A couple of days ago. I walked 5600 steps and there’s a variety of other settings and gps, which gives you the ability to lock or log a map position, and then this also gives you the ability to change some configuration things and you have a find device feature which is really handy. But fundamentally, for the most part, this is really about doing things on the watch itself, so let’s jump back to the watch and i’ll zoom in a lot more and you’ll be able to see what’s going on on the watch face.

So here we are with the watch and there are four basic swipe directions. If you swipe this way, you get information on what you’ve done today in terms of physical activity. You swipe back your act at the face swipe this way and you get to settings and various things you can change and i’ll swipe back now. If i swipe down, then i get notifications and notice. This is one of five. I can go back and then i can swipe up, and that gives me yet more different features and options. So there’s a lot going on and i can push and hold, and that puts it on maximum brightness, which hopefully looks pretty good. And if we go here and go to settings then i can do things like change. If i want to go to always on now, you can see immediately the screen brightness has diminished, but i could try doing that. I could just push the button and so that’s. My default and then i can push and hold and it’ll, make it nice and bright for a couple of seconds. So this is one way that you can use the watch and if we go look at other settings, then you can see let’s see somewhere in here is the different faces, maybe over here no one of the challenges with all these is always trying to figure out The user interface because it’s always on i might not have some options. Let’S see well we’ll go back.

I can go here. I think that’s when you’re poised to do a specific activity, there’s, obviously a stopwatch. You can specify a type of exercise, you’re poised to do, and then you can use that to start it when you’re, ready and let’s see. This is actually how i use these watches you just sort of swipe around and try to figure out what’s going on. This gives me eco, which makes sure i’m having the maximum possible battery life. I can use this to control music, so there’s a lot of different features and, of course, these buttons on the side are helpful, mostly it’s, the top one you’ll find which lets you turn on and off. The actual watch display so there’s the demo and notice on here that i can see my battery charge status. I can see that it’s linked via bluetooth to my phone. It has the weather it’s, not very accurate. I don’t think that my temperature outside is anywhere near 38 degrees and rainy. It does have the right date and it does have the number of steps i’ve taken so far, so pretty cool, but let me jump on camera. Pretty complicated demo there’s a lot of things. This can do but fundamentally it’s a watch that you wear on your wrist and that you turn up you get the time you light up when there’s notifications and give you a slight sort of haptic vibration feedback. So i find that i can just work and do things watch tv and then every so often my wrist vibrates and i look and i’m, like oh text message from someone, so it’s really nice.

It does a lot of notifications, which honestly is a lot of what i think you want with this smart watch now. I should say that charging it’s a little bit tricky. So let me take this off and the challenge with all of these devices is charging because they want to have something that’s waterproof, so they can’t just have a micro usb on the side. But then you end up with these custom connectors. So this is a magnetic cable, it’s included, and you put it on the back and now i can plug it into usb it’s, a usb 3 on the other end, and i can use this to charge the watch. The problem is, if i ever lose this cable. I am completely out of luck. This is a non standard, cable, so it’s not using wireless qi, charging there’s, no override option that lets me plug in usbc, or anything like that. So, like a lot of these watches, the price is fantastic, but there are some built in limitations like the way the charge system works. Honestly, i don’t know i assume you can buy a replacement cable, but if not and if this ever broke or got damaged or you lost it, you really would have kind of a paperweight here. But assuming that doesn’t happen, it’s pretty darn nice. So let’s talk about the price because the price is definitely worth considering, but before we get there i’m going to ask, if you can give me some feedback leave a comment.

What do you wish? I would have covered or shown in this demo i mean. Obviously i could have had a 30 minute demo, which would have been way more than you probably wanted. So give me some feedback. Give me a thumbs up if you found this useful and interesting subscribe to my channel if you’re so inclined always appreciated all right. Great now this is the tinwu smartwatch t20w. It comes in seven different color options and it’s 79.99, except it’s, marked down to 42.49 right now, and not only that there’s. A 20 off coupon, which makes this including the charging cable, makes this watch ready to rock and roll and show up on your doorstep for remarkable 33.99 at amazon.com. Now, if you just want it just for notifications, that’s a pretty screaming deal, even if you don’t use any other feature, but of course, tracking steps and having it pair with your phone and all of these other features are pretty fun.