We just got a brand new watch in from carbonox its supposed to be a really rugged, tough kind of smart watch and uh yeah um. This is the luxe black version still didnt unbox. It and put this down grab the blade were going to open this bad boy up, as you can see here, lets see what its all about get this plastic off of here all right plastic is off now im going to open the box there we go unboxing That part off welcome to your new experience. Are you ready for your lifetime? Smart watch? Okay, this has some information inside of it and inside is the watch. Take this off theres still plastic on here. I believe. Let me take this out of this box. Take the pad off and lets get this off here and there we go so there she is pretty cool watch has two buttons. As you can see here, it has two buttons on the side here, really cool. Looking watch nice rubber band lets get this baby powered up and uh lets see what its all about guys so heres the actual watch in front of the carbonox luxe black, as you can see, hit that power button just to show my screen to turn the watch On and off, youre gon na use the power button, its very simple to use its a very tough and durable watch and um. It definitely stands up. You know to what its supposed to be the most affordable, uh, toughest smart watch on the market, and these only are about 80 or 70 on their website.

I will drop a link in the description below so you can check them out after this video, but its a pretty cool watch ive seen a lot of smart watches from smaller brands, and this is definitely one of the better ones. I must say its pretty cool theres, a lot of different faces as such theres a lot of different options. Um, you have heart rate, monitor blood, oxygen level, whole bunch of cool options, a whole bunch of different faces to change from on the app as well. Now, before using this watch, youre going to want to scan this barcode on the watch like i did and you get the defeat app and ill show you that on my phone, its really simple connects via bluetooth, right to your android device or apple device. And, as you can see here, ill show you my phone, its really simple on the app you open it, you connect it through bluetooth and theres. My watch right there even shows the battery of watch faces notifications, alarms, shutter others upgrade and, as you can see, i go to watch faces here. You have dial 1 dial, 2 dial, 3 dial, 4 dial, 5 dial, 6. theres, actually even more dials. I actually prefer this one. It has the most information on the screen for me that i would use in my daily life and also keeps track of everything else on this app, such as your exercise and stuff like that, which is pretty cool.

All your notifications are stored here to switch them on and off. So you can get phone notifications messages, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, wechat, instagram, skype. I dont know what these apps are. I dont use them um. You can switch off that you can set your alarms here. As you can see so, itll go off on your watch as well. Watch is a nice strong vibration, which is very nice. All indulge is very simple: to use now getting the size out of the way of things you can see here. I have my calipers right. Next to me, im going to go ahead and measure top to bottom thats with the case basically youre. Looking at 12.8 um. Now we can do the actual diameter here, youre gon na see its about 43.3. I would say: 43 millimeters across were really not that big. Definitely has a very large display, though uh the display you know, covers the whole screen, which is very nice to see as a lot of these smart watches. You know they kind of cover. You know only up to here and theres all that black space around it um most. You guys know that anyway, the watch is three atms or 30 meters water resistant, so you can definitely get it wet youre, not gon na have any issues with that. Like i said, this watch is a bit tougher, its meant to last, as you can see by these nice screw lugs here, as you can see, which hold on this rubber band, which is actually really nice with a lot of holes um but yeah anyway.

Getting the size out of the way the watch itself is actually crafted of aerospace, aluminum and titanium as well. Like i stated you do get all your social media notifications it pairs with apple and android. Like i stated um, you also do get plus 20 20 or more sport modes. The weather and temperature is a very nice feature on this watch as well. You do get blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen tracker, which most smart watches usually just have. The heart rate monitor, but this goes a little more. You know you get an oxygen tracker, your blood oxygen level and then also you do get your blood pressure, which is something that most smart watches do not have. So this is definitely good for that. Okay, so it actually functioned the watch itself and its pretty simple. This is your power button, nice buttons here, as you can see, on the side of the case, nice buns, with some good grip on here. The other side of the case has a really nice carved out design, as you can see here very smooth, nothing sharp at all or anything like that, flipping to the case back as you can see here. This is your sensor, and this is your charging thing so youre going to plug your little magnetic charger, ill, show you that and then towards the center of the video very easy to charge. The charge lasts extremely long. This ones been going like 10 days already, so the battery life is amazing on this, its definitely gon na outbeat, any smartwatch that ive seen out there and thats pretty good anyway for this main screen here, as you can see, i have my steps up here.

As you can see, i have my day of the week up here. I have my time my date, my heart rate, and i have my battery power down here, um. So a lot of information on this main screen thats. Why i chose this one im going to swipe over to the right. As you can see, this is your steps or your sports. You swipe up itll store everything here max minimum kilometers. So once you want to start, you want to youre going to want to start that so thatll keep track of your steps during the day, then you have your sleep uh, which you can turn on. Basically, it just counts. How much you sleep and stores it which is pretty cool, and then, of course, you do have your heart rate monitor, which is pretty cool, and this does measure heart rate im, going to throw it on my wrist to show you guys how this one works. As you can see very quick read on this one, its measuring 88 beats per minute, which is um id, say normal to a little tiny bit high, but yeah. It definitely works. As you can see here, i get 88 beats per minute, very clear, with the heart beating. Then we move over a little bit. You have your exercise, you can open a new workout. As you can see here we have football, we have swimming, we have hiking, we have tennis, we have uh golf baseball, you have elliptical, which is running on a machine or the elliptical machines, and you have training.

Then you have rowing, then you have trail run skiing. This is a whole bunch of options, bowling dumbbell and sit ups, which is pretty cool, so this will track all that and everything. Let me just scroll back up. We can swipe over to the next one. Well, but just start starting basketball backs as you can see, basketball go itll, keep the time your steps, your calories burned and your heart rate beat per minute while its on the wrist. Of course, i like the little guy running over here, as you can see, i think, thats pretty cool, so just really really cool um its a lot of stuff. When you want to stop it. Obviously you stop it here. Oops, you stop it here. The exercise is too short to save: okay, now thats canceled, okay, so thats, how you start that, then you have your blood pressure, of course, and what youre going to throw on your wrist lets see if that works and lets see if it works. Wow thats really quick, actually so 117 over 78 thats, pretty quick, ive, never seen one hack, so quick, um, so yeah. It definitely measures your blood pressure, which is pretty cool. Im going to take this off no issues, there thats pretty cool measures, your actual blood pressure, then you go over. Then you have your blood oxygen level instead of using something like this, which they use in most doctors offices and such obviously um these, probably like 30 or 40 bucks.

You can just get it straight off your watches here, as you can see here. I have 97 blood oxygen level. Anything above 94.95 youre good, um ive spoke to a doctor about that. So definitely pretty accurate and ive got the same reading on my actual health device. So it definitely works. Now we head over to the weather. As you can see here, we got 29 degrees celsius which it is today in new york, and it is very sunny out. You see that sun going and its just pretty cool and it keeps through the days as well. 6. 29. 6. 30. 7. 1. 7. 2. 7. 3. All the way up to the fourth, you get the whole week of weather on here, which is really cool. I thought this is one of the nicest applications on here which is really nice. You swipe over again, you click the shutter. Basically, you use this to control your camera um. So basically, when you hit this and you have your camera, open and itll take the actual picture, so you can basically be away from your camera. For example, your cameras on a tripod you hit this. It snaps the photo on your iphone and saves it, which is pretty cool. Then you have your music player. Of course you start your music and stop your music on here when its connected to your iphone. As you can see, this will start playing and you can pause it, which is not bad and thats for that go back to the main screen.

This is your message where theyre stored when you swipe down, as you can see here up and then down. These are your messages, which is pretty cool. Now, if you swipe down from the main in the top of the main screen, youre gon na get a flashlight option, you have your weather stored here, your settings, your brightness. It can go very bright to not so bright ill say about in the middle is good for me, your battery life and your date over here, which is pretty nice. Now the flashlight options kind of like the apple one kind of just puts it up right here. As you can see, on off on off gives you some light if youre in the dark, which is very useful, obviously go back to the main screen here and then i believe we do have all of your apps here, which is pretty cool, so its very easy To uh scroll through it, ive had no issues with the touch touchscreen at all its very nice, its very reactive. You get your heart rate, get your movies, your workouts, your music control over here oxygen running on and off power over here, flashlight messages weather your sleeping cycle, which is pretty cool and then uh yeah. You can swipe back to go back to the main screen. So a lot of useful functions. Basically, everything that youre gon na need to use is on this watch and you know for the price, i think thats very good um.

The actual case construction is very tough and durable. Like its supposed to be. You can see these large lugs over here which reach out pretty. You know thick over here, which is nice, theres, actually real screws holding the band into the watch, which is very nice. This thing is not going to break loose. You can see im really tugging on this thing, and this thing is not going to rip a very nice band as well. Um get two uh safety keepers which are connected for better. You know to keep it. You know better on your wrist, obviously, and the holes on the actual band are very close together, so you get a perfect fit there now its very flexible, its very comfortable grooves on the back. If you sweat, um its not going to do anything bad to your wrist or anything like that, nice thick ends here and it connects nicely so no issues there. Just a really cool design obviously looks very you know sporty um, something you can use, obviously for running um hiking, you know any. You know intense sport, youre gon na be okay with this, when you can throw this thing on the ground. Obviously its not gon na break some other smart watchers would probably break if they, you know, hit a doorknob or something like that. But this one is extremely tough with the materials its actually made out of and such i think its a pretty cool watch im going to go ahead outside and just smash it on the ground, uh just to see the durability of it and lets do that.

As you can see, i used to be a pitcher in baseball and i threw this thing pretty hard and obviously the watch is still good and working and functioning. So obviously you know it can take some, it can take. Some throws drops, and you should be good to go with this one. Now, on my 6.75 inch for a 6.5 inch wrist, the watch fits really compact, its not too heavy, but its not too light. You can see. Those double keepers really keep everything you know in line theres no extra band there, which is nice, you get a nice black buckle as well and across my wrist it fits just end to end, but you have that really nice large display for legibility. Obviously, if youre doing some high intense sport youre going to want to look quick at your watch until the time thats, why we have that larger display here, which is very easy to read at all angles, which i do appreciate so yeah overall guys. I think for the price of this thing and everything youre getting with it, im just going to go ahead and show you the actual charger, its very simple they charge like most, mostly any other smart watch. Now the actual charging is very simple: it comes with a usb charger that can plug into your computer any device, and basically you just stick it on here. Just like this, its pretty good the magnetic resistance there, its not going to come loose or anything like that, and that will charge your watch.

It also does come with a very nice case back protector, which is pretty cool with the instruction manual. So, as you can see here in the box, you also get carbon ox thanks for shopping and, of course this is the app to scam. A nice present is waiting for you. Oh, this is actually a welcome present thats, pretty cool and super important information. Then you get a case back protector, which is a strong kind of plastic, which is pretty cool which goes right on the case back, as you can see here, im sorry, this goes actually on the screen. I see a screen protector, giving it even more resistance. Im gon na go ahead and put this on the watch um after im done with this, i personally like a perfectly clear vision. You know i dont go, you know, do extreme sports and such um, but you know i do occasionally smash my watch into things, which is always useful. Having you know more heavy duty, smart watch, this will go. This will be a screen protector. Just like your iphone comes with those screen, protectors, uh good, to see that actually comes with that which is really nice, but anyway, guys, i think, for the money i think youre getting a pretty good deal, its definitely very functional everything works as it should. I, like the band its very comfortable. I like the case styling its very sporty very doing its something youre going to wear when youre running jogging.

You know youre on the exercise machine, youre lifting weights, its something youre going to use. When you do that or you can just use it use it normally theres, no, no problem with that at all, but yeah. I think its a very well made watch for the money. I definitely can recommend this one. I will drop a link down in the description below, so you can check them out after this video. This is the luxe black version. There are a few different other versions as well, which look really cool, so definitely check them out. Let me know what you guys think down in the comment section below as usual: uh, what smart watches do you own? What do you think of this watch? Let me know guys, and i will speak to you more down there. This has been watch addiction with the carbonox luxe black. I think this is the nicest stealthiest looking one, in my opinion, just a really cool smart watch and youre, not gon na break the bank. You know 70 80 bucks not too bad there guys.