. This is the same team that created the pine phone and the pine book pro, and the smart watch runs a free and open source operating system at first when it came out it didnt really interest me, but recently got my attention and i decided to purchase it And take it out for a spin, so lets take a look Music, alright, im going to do an asmr unboxing here when i received the pine time it came in this somewhat eco friendly box, cardboard box, i should say, and then the box within containing the pine Time has some nice detailed information in the back here, showing you the options and features and then inside youll find the charger which connects magnetically. So if you plop the smartwatch on itll, lock itself in place – and here is the pinetime smartwatch itself – looks very similar to the fancier apple smartwatch ive actually worked in a watch store and i can tell that the watch traps are like a sort of cheaper, lower Quality leather but thats, okay, considering that the price of the pine time is very low cost here is the fossil wear os watch that i got in comparison. Obviously, the more expensive one feels a little bit higher quality, but its not too big of a difference. They both weigh about the same. So if you go to the main pine, 64 website and click to view the pine time here, you can get an idea of the features.

So, of course, it runs an open source operating system which is just a smartwatch os, its not based on linux, but its still free and open source software. Its got a 1.3 inch, ips capacitive touchscreen a week, long battery life, and i can agree thats about the battery life im, getting bluetooth 5 heart rate sensor, step counting and we go here. You can see more specifically, it has a 240 by 240 touchscreen and pretty much. It runs any os built on top of the rtoss. The system on chip is a nordic semiconductor ive, never heard of got four megabytes of user storage. So once again it has bluetooth. 5, health tracking, with step counting heart rate, detection, wrist vibration, quick glance via lift to shake all week – 180 mh ampere battery. Then, if you go to the store, you can see that it costs 26.99. I think i had paid the original retail price. I think my total was about 38 or so, but i would say, the range is 25 to 40 for this smartwatch, okay and then to actually sync up your pine time. You can do it one of two ways: you can actually use the pine phone to sync and update to the latest firmware, which is probably the first thing. Youll want to do, youre going to want to download an app called siglo instead of connecting the pine time. First to the bluetooth, you have to just connect it first to the siglo and then that will establish a bluetooth connection with it and then to actually update the firmware.

What youll want to do is youll click, the tag and then the asset, and then you just click update firmware and that will get it updated. It could take about five minutes or so, but once youre updated, youll see that youre on the latest version in this video here it shows version 1.6 im actually up to 1.7. Now now, if youre, an android user youre going to want to download and install f droid and then install an app called gadget bridge, this is what you can use for android to sync up with your pine time, and i think it works better in some ways. Its a little bit more intimidating because it has a bunch of settings and features, but once you get it connected, all you got to do is turn on bluetooth on your phone and then itll detect the infini time here. The one thing with the pine phone is that on the pine phone it didnt properly sync the time, but with this gadget bridge app, it seems to have actually synced it automatically. So i think overall, this app on android works better, but its still nice that there is a dedicated app for the pine phone. You can go through the settings, but by default itll allow notifications, the notifications themselves seem to be somewhat hit or miss. Thankfully, the text message notifications seem to work well, i was getting text messages sent through regular sms and even the one sent through signal, then on signal.

If you adjust the settings for notifications to show the name and the actual content of the message, you can actually see the message on the pine time. Unfortunately, you cant reply on the pine time itself, but i was surprised that that was already working perfectly fine. Alright, so this is the pine time in action and if you swipe from the top down youll, see your message notifications. So this includes text messages received from signal and from just the standard sms. If you swipe from the left to the right, you can see some options, theres the settings option and that has a bunch of options like the display and you can choose and adjust how the display times out here or how long it takes. Then theres the wake up option to choose how you want to activate or turn on the pine time. You can either do a single tap on the touch screen, a double tap and then also do the raised wrist, which is what most smart watches do. So you raise your wrist to look at the time and it lights up, and then you have the time format. Of course i just stick with 12 hour and then you have the watch face which you can change it to this pine time style. Look but im. Just not really vibing with the look, its very bright, yellow and red, and then here in the steps you can set your daily steps goal.

I think it came with 10 000 by default, but im just going to leave it like that. Then you can set the date and then you can set the current time. Then you can look at the battery level, which is at 83 here pts colors here will let you actually adjust the colors of the pine time style interface, which is cool kind of like changing the theme, then, of course you can see which firmware youre at which Is 1.7.2 and then about just more information about the os here and then here you can adjust the brightness level. You can set it to bright, somewhat bright and then full brightness. You can adjust the notifications, vibrate or silent, and then you have this flashlight like app, which i guess is supposed to make it easy to view in the night. Somewhat acts like a flashlight. The notifications for messages will only work if your phone is not active or youre, not using your phone. I noticed that when i was actually playing around with my phone and i would get text messages, i would not get any notifications on my smart watch and, if you swipe from the bottom up, you can see some more options. The first option is more of a stopwatch and then the second one is it actually syncs to your phone in terms of like the music or video that youre playing and you can pause and play it thats pretty neat, then you have a navigation option which i Was not able to get it to work? I was thinking it would show what i was doing on google maps, but it did not.

And then you have the steps counter which, where you can see how many steps youve taken the heart rate monitor, which you can press play to start recording your beats per minute and then this hourglass is a timer. I guess you can set it to give you a notification or to give you a reminder, and then you have this drawing app, which is kind of cool, and it doesnt really do anything. Then you have this game here pong so thats, pretty cool. If you want a game on your pine time, theres options here, another game is this game. I think its traditionally called 2048. You just got to create a really high number. I guess in this im not sure exactly what this does, but it supposedly tracks your steps throughout the day or something like that, and then you have the alarm so you can set an alarm. I dont know if it worked too well because i set one up and it vibrates, but it didnt really wake me up, so i dont know if id actually use that and then to do a quick comparison here on performance. I have the fossil wear os smartwatch on the right and when im navigating through the menus, the speeds are very comparable. I do notice some fps drops on the google smart watch and then i feel like when i press on certain options on the buying time. They load a lot faster than the google smart watch theres, not as noticeable a lag when, when clicking the options here, which is good, considering that the one on the right cost a hundred dollars and then the pine time, of course, costs around thirty dollars.

As you can see, the pine time offers tremendous value. It not only costs a lot cheaper, but it has tremendous battery life, especially if you compare it to something more premium, like the apple watch, which has like about 18 hours worth of battery life and costs. Several hundred dollars, the pine time, looks much better in comparison. In addition, the pine time still offers counting your footsteps. It has a heart rate, monitor it has a steps counter and overall, the performance is very smooth, especially compared to other budget android wear os watches, which cost around 100 or so once again, the pine time looks better in terms of performance, but let me know your Thoughts, do you think the pine time offers a lot of value? Do you think the pine time is missing any key features? Do you see yourself getting this smart watch over other smart watches? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you like, my content, please like share subscribe, and i will see you all next time, if youre enjoying my video, you can subscribe to me on youtube. Peertube follow me on odyssey. You could also support me on libripay, patreon and by shopping at earth.