So if you saw the sponsored tag wherever it’s at um that’s what that means, they sent me this watch for free. I don’t have to return it, but that’s the only thing they did, and i mainly did this uh as a little bit of experience. I never reviewed a watch before that required um me to divulge this information like give a little starting point uh. So i wanted to get experience with people sending me watches since i’ve never had it done before. Aside from watch chris, where he let me borrow his uh, his fake tutor and then i did a little parody review, but this is a serious review. Um it’s not um, edited in any sort of way, it’s completely honest and exactly what i think the brand is called happy watch and it’s more of a novelty brand to watch. So, if you’re looking for a serious timepiece, this is probably not the watch for you. Two things sold me on this and the first being the dial. The artwork behind the dials are very nice and you’ll see in a second, and the second thing that i loved was it had two quartz movements inside. So if you don’t, like quartz moods, this is definitely not the watch for you um. It has two quartz movements and you’ll see what makes it special here in a bit but uh yeah, i’m gon na go ahead. Flip that camera and get this review started all right.

So let’s go ahead and see what happy watch sent in first things. First, they did send in this cool little astronaut and i’m. Assuming you put the watch head on the pillow, i guess you could put leave it on the strap as well and just display it in a really cool way, so that’s pretty cool. Thank you for that, and here is the watch itself. This is the box that it comes in, has happy watch on top limited edition on bottom, and then it says what here uh designed and hand crafted by happy watch shanghai, so that’s pretty cool. It comes in this outer sleeve and comes in this really cool. Happy watch box um, one good thing is their packaging. I like this a lot so let’s go ahead open this up here come on now come on now there we go check that out. That is nice displayed very nicely. So you have the watch head just right here: let’s put that off to the side. Happy watch logo there, some more happy watch branding here. I think this is a user handbook, so it tells you how to set the watch all that fun stuff and this watch actually comes with two different straps. So you have the silicone rubber, strap here. So let’s take a look at that. It’S got like cool little smoke and i believe that’s because of the drag. I think all the watches have different straps like unique ones to the actual design.

So this one goes with the dragon very nicely: a lot of happy, br or happy watch branding everywhere on the back let’s see yeah. We have oh cool little vents that run up and down there happy watch at the bottom. These do come with quick release. Spring bars so that’s nice put that off to the side, and i got the version with the metal strap. So it’s plain brushing no branding on the buckle itself. I don’t think nope uh. We do have the happy watch, logo here and happy watch there on the back side. Nothing looks like it’s just push pins as well, so let me go ahead and put that off the side and bring the watch out all right. So here is the happy watch. Dragon so first things first let’s get into the dimensions. This one is labeled as a 41 millimeter, but taking measurements on the side is actually ‘.1 millimeter and then, from crown to crown it’s 42.9 lug to lug is 46.7 millimeters and the thickness is only about 9.5 millimeters and we do have a 20 mil 20 millimeter Opening here for the lug width, which is good if you have more straps that you want to put this on, go right ahead, and then this does weigh in at 73 grams for the head on the silicone, strap it’s, 90 grams and on the metal band. It’S. 149 grams and this offers 30 meters of water resistance. So on the back of the watch, you have the serial number up here.

Happy watch limited edition. So if you do like one of their designs, don’t hesitate because once they’re sold out, they are sold out and they’re not going to replenish. The stock it’s established 2019 funny face timepieces uh, three meters of water resistant, stainless steel, dual quartz, japanese movement. So, if we’re looking at the front of the watch, this movement actually controls the hour and this controls the minute and they are push pull crowns. Um there’s only one setting, so they don’t have a ghost date position, which is nice. So this one is going to control the minute and as you’re going to see it doesn’t control that side. So you set this to whatever you want. I would probably say set it on the hour just to make it simple and then you’re gon na have to rotate this one. A lot it’s just like any other hour hand um it’s, not as quick as the minute hand, so boom it’s, three o’clock right now. All right with this particular model, we have brushing up top and polishing on the sides. We also have two signed crowns with the happy watch logo, and we also have happy watch written right here in the dragon’s mouth. I i really wish they would not have put so much branding all over the entirety of this watch, but they did, but, as you can see, that dial looks really nice, it’s, layered, bronze and then it’s, i believe hand painted really cool.

This is one thing that sold me on. The watch was saying: hey look, how cool his artwork is and how unique it is. Now this one is the 41 millimeter case option. They do offer a 36 millimeter case option, but i believe the dials stay the same size as just the overall slimness of the case, so there’s another option for you as well let’s go ahead and put this on one of these supplied straps all right here. It is on the silicone, strap pretty cool, not too bad, like i said, it’s like a little fire coming out of the strap itself. It feels soft um, not thick enough, but i mean it. It feels good, maybe with the 36 millimeter option, this would fit a little bit better um. Let me go ahead and do a little wrist shot action right now, i’m wearing my omega seamaster i’m going to review this soon. This is beautiful. I love this thing. I was really worried about that bracelet, but nope. This is actually not too bad. I like this a lot. Let me go ahead and bring in my uh astronaut there and put them on there. So here it is on my seven and a half inch wrist doesn’t feel too bad at all. It feels pretty good. You know one thing i noticed right now: stainless steel buckle black watch. I wish they would made that pvd coated now, not looking at that. I didn’t notice that before, but now, yeah feels good.

Still, though i just wish the uh, the color would have matched but not too bad it’s a thin strap. So i think i’m going to switch it to the metal bracelet, but this’ll probably work better with the 36 millimeter option. So let me go ahead and switch out that uh that band with the metal bracelet one. Second, all right – and here it is on the supplied bracelet. Now we have happy watch on the top of the bracelet and the logo at the bottom. They put a lot of branding on this watch on the clasp there’s, nothing clean clasp, so we have vertical brushing on the bracelet itself, which goes with the vertical brushing on the top of the watch. And then we got that pop of polish on the side. Overall, not too bad. It feels a lot better on the bracelet one negative thing on the bracelet is that there’s no half links so right now, it’s sized up pretty well. For me, it is a little bit loose, but you might not get that perfect fit with this bracelet, but overall it looks really good. It flows really nice i’m, not getting a lot of hair pulling or anything like that. So i wouldn’t worry about it too much. If you didn’t like either the silicone or the metal bracelet, they do offer a vegan leather strap as well. So you get to choose between those three when you order the watch all right now that we just have the watch head in hand, we can take a look at that dial a little bit more closely.

This is a bronze dial. That is, i believe, is hand painted really cool designs. Really nice artwork, i believe, happy watch collabs with a lot of tattoo artists and graffiti artists to make these designs and it really plays with the light very nice one big negative is going to be the lack of bloom, though i i figured with such a cool Design artwork, they can figure out a way to either paint the hands in the luminous material i’ve, seen red, loom before so i’m, really surprised they couldn’t do that here and that’s. One big negative is just the absolute lack of loom and on happy watches website. There are a lot of designs to choose from, i believe, there’s 12 in total, and this is one of the more popular ones, but they have a really a wide selection of unique looking artwork. So if you’re into this style of thing, i would definitely um recommend you check them out at least all right. Let me go ahead and flip that camera and then i’ll give you guys my final thoughts and opinions and there it is the happy watch dragon now. I’M gon na go ahead and give you guys my pros and cons, and let you know if i recommend this watch first off with the cons and the first con is going to be the lack of loom now with as creative as they are with the dial. I thought there was going to be some creativity with the loom as well, but sadly there is not i’m surprised with with as much attention to detail as they did with the dial.

I would thought: hey there, the the the eyes are going to be loomed some way, somehow, maybe a specialty type of loom um, maybe i’ve, never seen red loom before in the flesh. So it had been cool to see uh the eyes lit up a little bit. Give me two minutes of loom that’s fine, but sadly there is no loom. The second con is going to be the 30 meters of water resistance. If you look at the tesso prx, that has a push pull crown and it still has a hundred meters of water resistance, so if they could at least get 50 meters out of this, i would have been happy with it being 30 meters yeah i mean it’s, Not meant to be worn at the beach or anything like that, but still just that extra water resistance would have really gone a long way. The next kind is going to be the amount of branding on the watch from the dial to the bracelet to the silicon. Strap everywhere, i’m. Looking in front of me, there is just happy watch everywhere. I get it. You want to put that brand out there, but maybe less is more in this situation. If you would put happy watch off to the side corner of the dial, not necessarily in the dragon’s mouth, probably would have been a little bit better. But i digress and my last con is going to be that bracelet and it’s a decent bracelet overall.

But there are no half links and it seems like it’s, maybe a little bit too expensive. I think it’s like a 60 or 70 dollar upcharge. So, for those reasons, i’m gon na say i’m gon na put that in the con category, even though it’s actually built pretty nice all right now, let’s move on over to the pros, and the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging and mind you. This is a 200 watch, so here is my seiko box, 220 seiko seiko branded pillow and that’s. It nothing else. Nothing to it. You go to the happy watch and it’s broken up very nicely. You get two straps you have the watch head placed nicely. It seems very well put together, i mean the quality of everything is very good, so that is going to be my first pro and there’s the build quality of the watch. You have dual finishing brushing on top polishing on the bottom: nice stainless steel screwed in case back, you have a pretty decent bracelet nice, silicone rubber, strap, yes, there’s push pull crowns, but there is a sapphire crystal covering it and then there’s the dial. I mean it’s it’s built nice. It feels good. It doesn’t feel like a cheap watch at all and for 200 bucks that’s a that’s, a pretty good deal in my opinion, so speaking of the straps, they all come with quick release spring bars. So if you’re feeling the metal bracelet today and the strap tomorrow and the vegan leather one, the next day, you could effortlessly change them out.

So this is going to be a strap monster for sure and the last pro, and what really sold me on collaborating with happy watch is just the uniqueness of this piece. It comes with a dual quartz register. I don’t think i’ve ever seen that, before all of their artwork is unique and wildly different, you’re gon na find something that you really like to wear on your wrist, which leads me to who is this watch made for it’s not made for me. I would not personally buy this watch, but now that i have it, i might actually wear it out in more casual situations. This is definitely meant for um, a more hip, more modern crowd, uh and and a crown that’s going to be a little bit more flashy with their timepieces and, like i said before, it is a novelty timepiece it’s not meant to compete with the seikos and the Citizens in the same price range it’s not meant to do that at all. So if you’re looking for a watch, that’s completely unconventional and offers really cool artwork. At the same time, i would highly recommend looking into happy watch so i’m going to go ahead and post their website below and that’s the video that’s, the review i’m going to pop up a couple of videos here. So if you want to watch some more of my reviews, more of my content, please do so please subscribe hit. The like button. Do all those things.

I appreciate it.