By now man im a huge fan of the galaxy watch 4 that i got here on my wrist, but theres some major major issues with it. Man thats been bugging me and i think, with this latest update, i think they might have finally fixed it or did they lets go ahead and break it down galaxy watch 4. The floodgates is open cause its time to explore im, knocking down all these doors that you trying to restore well whats. That youre saying you want me to show and tell more well, okay. The galaxy watch for the floodgates is open cause its time to explore im. Knocking down all these doors that you trying to restore well whats, that youre saying you want me to show and tell more well, okay. The watch is amazing to me. Look at it dont! You agree! The head turning 30 degrees im carefree im here, no biggie, giving you all the style and grace change the white face, peep the swag. I walk the slow pace. Ah, i walk the slow pace. Ah, Music check Music. This watch is sleek like sleek im gliding in the next week, two versions here, but one will have to take a backseat lets get into this video. So i can give the fact sheet squad what up squad so recently, man samsung just pushed out another update to fix a couple issues that people were having with the galaxy watch for including myself, like the overheating issue of battery issues, as well as the digital dial.

On the touch screen now these are the three areas that i want to actually focus on in this video that samsung has addressed in this latest update, but did they fix all of them and should you guys actually still buy this watch or not so lets talk About it, all right so lets go ahead and start with the big one man or that gets the elephant in the room, and that is the overheating issue, with the lte models. Only at first i saw yall comments out there in my previous videos, and i was like mine is not doing that im, not seeing overheating issues and im like what the heck is going on. Then i did some further research and i realized that it was only an lte issue, meaning this was an issue yall. That was only happening with the lte models of the galaxy watch 4, where they would actually see these, like overheating messages that would pop up here. On the screen that im showing you guys right now, so i did some more research right and i started recommending to you guys, if you guys have your smartphone nearby, then just turn off the lte on the watch and just use bluetooth only, and that is for A couple reasons: now, one you wont, have the overheating issues, because its not overworking it pinging and looking for the nearest cell towers for signals and connectivity right, and the second reason is this – is going to dramatically increase your battery life and performance.

But after i went ahead and i replied to your comments on my previous video that ill have for you guys down in the description section below, but after i actually reply to yall comments on that i started my set and i thought about it for a second. I said: wait a minute like if yall bought the lte versions and yall spent the extra money on it. Why should yall have to turn off the very feature that you guys end up paying extra money for, like i just felt like that was just a stupid answer on my part, and i cant give samsung a pass on that one at all. So i stand with yall on samsung fixing that issue so like two weeks into having my galaxy watch, for they released the first update to fix some of the minor bugs people like myself was having and to me i noticed people were still having the same issues And still it still didnt fix one of the issues that i had with mine, which were gon na get to here later in this video. So definitely stick around for that one, because that is the one im telling you right now. That is the one that irritates me the most then recently like a couple days ago right. I noticed that they released the latest update and its confirmed that samsung did it. They finally finally fixed the freaking overheating issue that almost pretty much everybody with the lte models was having where, if you guys were to take like lets, say example like a phone call for like 10 minutes, or so it would pop up on your watch that it Is overheating? You would get this whole message, it would disconnect the phone calls and it was just a whole thing now.

Even if you guys are streaming music on spotify, it would even overheat as well which to me that is a biggie, because i feel like having the ability to connect your earbuds up to your watch directly and then be able to stream. Your music using spotify is like a huge selling point to me. If you guys are like outdoor type people who, like running you like jogging uh, walking hiking, all those different type of things like that now ive seen reports that showing proof of people using the galaxy watch for lte versions with phone calls over 30 minutes. Long and theres no overheating issues at all, so i feel like the galaxy watch 4. This is a huge win in my book, so it looks like samsung actually heard our cry and they corrected the issue. Good thing, it was actually a software issue and not a hardware issue, because at that point im telling you right now yall that would have been a whole different, video, all right, yall. So the next issue that they fix yall, that im seeing, is improvements on, and that is the battery life. Now, in my switching from my apple watch to my galaxy watch 4, video that i did where i tested it out for 48 hours and shout out to those of yall man who watched that video, because yall literally ran up the likes in that video man and Uh yall also doing it on this one.

So you know i appreciate yall. I mentioned yall in that video man and i showed that i was actually able to get about two full days of battery life. With my galaxy watch for and a bunch of yall was asking me down in the comments like how was i actually able to do that and i provided you guys some tips and tricks and a whole nother video of just some of the things that i did, That helped, but one thing the recent update did was it actually helped optimize the watch to perform better on the wear os platform, which is helping a whole lot more when it comes to the battery life on just a day to day basis. Now, just with me actually using it since the update, which is the main reason why i didnt just rush out of video or anything like that, because i really wanted to test it out and see for myself. Has it actually increased the battery life day in and day out and yall? I can definitely say man im, seeing improvements for sure on it when im using it on a day to day basis when im actually pushing it to like its limited, not casually use. My watch, but i will say if you guys, are using something like google maps, it will definitely drain the battery a whole lot and honestly, i dont think theres really like any way around this, because it is constantly getting directions and updating that to you guys in Real time, so i would expect the battery to drain when youre doing taxing tasks like that.

Also, if you guys are streaming your spotify music, i did notice that it will drain the battery a lot as well and again, i feel like this is to be expected. Make sure you guys are subbed to the channel, because i am working on a video to showcase to you guys some of my battery saving tips and tricks that you guys can do uh to help save on the battery life to kind of stretch it out for At least two full days for sure all right, yall so now on to the big one man at least its like a big one for me, because this was like a huge selling point for me, because i enjoyed the look of this watch over like the classic Version now, although i still think the classic version is fire, i just like how this one here kind of gives me like movado vibes, but anyway yall enough romanticizing about this watch. Man now the feature that they finally fixed is the digital turndown feature that you guys can see right here on the watch now, if you guys are clueless and have no idea what the heck im talking about basically yall. It is this feature where you guys can just swipe your finger here, and you can just swipe to some of like the different cards, whether you swipe left, then its going to take you to like your latest notifications, and if you swap right its going to take You to your widgets or your watch cards.

You can also use it to increase the volume, if you guys have it connected to like a tv that youre using the controls for from your watch now its a dope feature. Dont get me wrong, but it was the one thing that i didnt like about this watch when i first got it because it was a feature that they sold to me and i was like oh, i want to use this instead of using the physical dial that You get on the classic watch, but when i actually got this watch it didnt work as well, not at all to the point where i just said: forget it yall. I would just use my finger to just swipe, left and right on the screen, then, with the second update that i talked about earlier in this video. They kind of fixed the screen just a little bit to, whereas it would at least recognize my finger, which was a huge huge update for the feature for sure. But then the issue i was facing at that point was it wasnt as accurate? It would literally like it would like skip over what i actually wanted to stop on and it would overshoot the widget. Then i would have to go back and it just became a whole thing. It was just frustrating because i, like the concept of the feature over like a physical dial, that we get on the classic one, which is still dope dont.

Get me wrong. I just prefer the digital one because of the slimmer look and feel that i get with this watch here then, with the latest update that they just gave us yall its, not perfect, but it now recognizes my finger and it will stop on wherever i want. This thing to actually stop on, which is a huge update to any of the previous fixes that they pushed to this watch like now. I actually find myself using this feature more than i was in the past, so im actually glad samsung fixed three of the major things that consumers, like myself, were really struggling with when it came to the galaxy watch 4., because even before these issues were a thing. I still was actually recommending this watch to all of the android users out there to literally buy it, because it is a damn good watch, yall and literally im im putting this on record its my favorite smart watch of the year and im saying this as an Apple user, so that takes any question of me being biased out of the equation from a circular watch face to the amazing display we get on here. Even how fluid it is when it comes to like navigating on this watch, its just its just a damn good watch, yall man that you guys need to consider if you guys are on the fence on like buying a smart watch for your android devices. Now yall was asking me in my last video.

What is the watch face that im actually rocking right now on my watch and how did i actually get it in all of that? Well, go ahead and hit that, like button below and man lets, go ahead and run this video up to a thousand likes and ill drop. My galaxy watch faces video next and ill see yall in the next one squad. Um galaxy watch four hoping its time to explore im knocking down all of these doors. Galaxy watch four open its time to explore im knocking down. All of these doors watch is amazing to me. Look at it dont! You agree head turning odds, make it just 30 degrees, carefree, im wearing it for styling grace change.