And yes, you have read the title right. This smartwatch cost me nine pounds, uh it’s a z29 smartwatch. It is a slight series, six clone but i’m not expecting much with the smartwatch. But just before i get started, make sure you follow me one of the social medias, as always, post sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notifications. When i upload any video you’ll actually be notified, so the z29 smartwatch it comes in five different colors i purchased this from ali, express it was free shipping because i ordered a few other things from the same seller and yeah. This cost me nine pounds so let’s see what we get inside of the box. Uh. The packaging is a little different. I’M actually liking the packaging, nothing much around it as well. Small watch, bluetooth, headset, i don’t know what kind of headset this is. It’S got a few trademarks and made in china, as is everything else, so let’s open this up. Just before we check out the watch itself, which already comes installed with the watch band. What else do we get inside the box? Pretty basic? You get a two pin magnetic charger with usb wire and also some manuals check that out a couple of different languages, pretty basic paper, and it just talks about things: crap that’s, the qr code there to download the app and that’s the out there it’s rd fit App that’s what you need to download and it doesn’t actually tell you much about the watch itself.

Doesn’T even give you some specifications about the watch, they’ve just copy and pasted this from a pretty basic smartwatch that’s, a different language right there and, yes, that is the manuals pretty useless, so let’s check out the smartwatch nine pound. Smartwatch should be saying so here we have it the reason why i purchased this nine pound smartwatch, because the description in the ad actually said it has the oled display ip67 waterproof, which i think is definitely a false advertising. A 1.78 inch display as well mt k2502c chipset as well, and the battery on standby last 30 days so that’s. What information i got with the smartphone smartwatch when i actually bought it. The reason why i got it mainly because of the price nine pound for the smartwatch can’t go wrong. So let’s take a look at the design. Here we have the watch band already installed, as you can tell it’s a pretty cheap watch band. They do slide out as well, so you can actually change the watch buttons and, like i said it comes in five different colors. The bands are color coordinated. So, whichever watch you choose, the color it’ll have the same watch band so that you slide on and off right there. I think this one’s not going but well let’s, come back in right. There we go so the design you have a crown micro towel and a bottom placement right here, and this bone placement is fake. Everything is done with the crown right here.

Take a look at the back. You’Ve got a few sensors, which i’m pretty sure definitely are fake for nine pound. I don’t think you’re gon na have working accurate health, uh apps, but we’ll see in the video you’ve got text around which actually says watch six different vision, same love, healthy fashion and campaign and you’ve also got a two pin magnetic charger right there. So that’s enough of the design let’s check out the smartwatch, pushing the crown in and you’ve got well you’re greeted with smartwatch any startup tone. You just get a vibration and i’ve got to mention that it has one speaker, the other one is fake, pretty impressive! You can actually see it right there. So straight up. We booted up with the watch face so let’s see how much watch faces. We have it’s. So one of them you can download an app. So you can download watch faces. The crown works that’s a good thing for nine pound that’s, really good. So you’ve got one two three four, five, six, seven, eight nine nine watch faces and i was told in the ad the watch some of the world. The white choices are dynamic as well uh, meaning when you actually click which we’re going to do right now. I don’t know if it works. When you click the watch face, it actually changes check that out. Yes, it is right, so the advertising on this one. Well, one of the advertising advertisements uh with the dynamic watch faces, does actually work so yeah the crown well some of the work, some of them don’t.

As you can see the crown where you can change the watch faces from the crown as well. So this is a really good one. Swiping it down. You’Ve got two shortcuts which have your bluetooth on and off, and also you’re loud and silent, and it actually tells you the day and time as well, swapping about code swiping it to the left. You have split screen, which is a good feature and also passcode and lock screen. So it’s got three good features: split, screen, passcode and also um. The dynamic watch faces, and these apps are the ones that you use before. So you have got social media, which is really good, and that actually tells you the time and date as well. So swiping it up will bring you straight to the menu swiping it to the left same again to the menu. So you got messages and let’s go back to the swipe back to work. Yes, dialer that’s, all right phone book call logs, bluetooth, pedometer and notifications, ecg, so let’s just check if the ecg actually work. So you’ve got your christmas flashing lights right there. It just flashes and you’ve got your heart rate right. There, 86 beats per minute for fresh air, which i definitely thought the we will give a fake reading. So you got sleep, monitor weather, which needs to be connected. Sport uh you’ve got quite a few sport modes which have right there papa what is papa three two one, it vibrates as well.

What does papa do? I have no idea let’s take that back off go back into uh menu. It actually remembers where you were so we’re in sport, heart ray as well so that’s. If this was on it’s just a start and it’s, it gives you a uh, well it’s, just a timer and it’ll give you a measurement so that’s. You can stop it. Whenever you like as well, so you can definitely tell that’s a fake blood pressure. Blurred oxygen, also fake bluetooth, music, going to connect it to your phone uh calendar alarm stopwatch find phone which we’ll check later body temperature, which also said 36 degrees settings. Just before we check take a look at saying you got bluetooth, camera sedan or whatever that is can’t. Pronounce that probably calculator and language. You can change your language, app, download, that’s up qr code to download the app motions. Let’S see what motion it’s got flip to mute, uh flip to you alarm flip to when you can recall turn well, then turn wrist to bright brightness, shake to answer uh voice assists please check. Bluetooth connection got to connect that to your phone first power saving mode you’ve got on and off, which is good, main many cells. You can have four different menu: styles, nine apps, which will show that is the lineup right there. How do we change it? Back now? Nope, not that one i’ve got a different one, so you got a six app which we just showed you i’ve just showed you right there going back up main menu style, smart style and swipe up and down.

So you got them too let’s. Just stick with this. Six arm coming back, you’ve got immunity, fun you’ve got one game on it as well, so that’s another good feature for nine pound. This is an okay smart watch i’m, trying to oh yeah. There we go a bit of a lag, really slow. Take that back off. Uh drink reminder: facebook, social media notifications, twitter and whatsapp and yeah back to menu. So let’s go back into uh, set and see what we can do so bluetooth settings linked up clock. You can change the settings notification, brightness it’s on units. You can change that password. You can put possible on when you like your the smartwatch sound volume display you can change it different languages as well international reset and about, as you can see, z29 and that’s the release time in me, there’s april 30 april yeah. So overall for a nine pound. Smartwatch, it has got one game: split: screen notification, apps from your whatsapp facebook, uh passcode, with lock screen as well; uh, dynamic watch faces, which is really good. Also, the crown actually works. Shame about the button, but for nine pound. What more they expect. That is the smart watch itself. Let’S download the app. If you haven’t already got it and let’s see what other features we can do on the app when it’s connected to the smartwatch right let’s see if we’ve got the app already. Yes, we have, which is this one rd fit click that one uh search your device make sure bluetooth is on first and also on the watch as well.

Swipe it down make sure bluetooth is on yes, it’s, a bit of a lag so searching device, let’s press that and hopefully should get z29 right there. Yes, let’s connect that didn’t repress it that’s a searching device. Yes, so z29 straight away, it’s already connected and it synchronizes all your data from the smartwatch to the smartphone let’s pair yes, and allow notifications – yes, so that’s good. So the thing you can do on the app is take picture, bluetooth, call uh search device and, as you can see, missing watch you found it straight away. Heart rate monitoring. You can put a timer on that whenever you want to do it and it’ll give you a fake result same again with the ecg ecg detection. If you want a fake result, check the out body, temperature dial selection, so here are some of the dials. You can actually choose from which you have some really good ones. You’Ve got your digital ones right there, mario spongebob and all that stuff, but – and you can also customize and add your own watch – faces so that’s. Another good feature for a nine pound, really cheap smartwatch. So that is it. What i need to do now is with all these fake smartwatches you’ve always got to go into bluetooth settings and make sure you connect it twice. The reason being is the second time round is when you receive notifications uh from your phone to the smartwatch.

So hopefully you should get another one: the 29 right there there we go and it’s connected reason being is: when you make a phone call uh, all the information will come from the phone call, the phone to your smart watch as well. So what i’m gon na do is make a quick phone call and let’s see if we get the number or the name and as you can see, you’ve got the name of the phone, but the number on the smartwatch you’ve got a tone right there. So you’ve got a missed call as you can see, and it does say all sorts has give you missed call right. There let’s send a text message and same again: let’s see what we can do. Okay, so you’ve got a text message notification there from also saying subscribe to all sorts, but you can’t reply back on the smartwatch you’ve got to go to your phone right there. Next up is what’s up, so let’s just quickly check, what’s up and let’s, see just trying to here my uh also so what’s up yes here we have it. So do we get a notification on the smart watch and there we go so from all sorts. We got a message: let’s review it. It doesn’t actually tell you from what’s up, but it says sms right there, but let’s go into the notifications of what’s up right there and it doesn’t even come up. There should do anyway.

Let’S, try again so cancel that notification and, as you can see, it is in the notification because by the sms, so that is it. Ladies and gentlemen, a nine pound smartwatch, which has some really good features um. What do you think of it? Let me know in the comment section below, if you want to see me other videos with this nine pound z29 smartwatch. Do.